Breast Asymmetry

Asymmetric breasts occur in a lot of women. It is a common condition where one breast is smaller or larger than the other. Women with asymmetrical breasts often have difficulty finding clothing, a bra, or even a swimsuit that fits perfectly. While it’s not something that is life-threatening, it can make women feel self-conscious – but there is a way to address this problem. Corrective breast surgery can create more evenly shaped and sized breasts that can help with their self-confidence.
Before a breast asymmetry procedure, the patient will undergo an initial consultation with a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. The doctor will assess the patient, and provide recommendations to address the issue. Depending on what is required, the surgeon may decide to insert an implant to fill out the smaller breast and match the size of the other, but this might not be necessary and depends on the individual client.

The surgeon will discuss with the patient how the procedure will be carried out. When an implant is to be used, the doctor will determine the shape and size of the asymmetric breast prior to the surgery. He or she will explain the different implant types that are best suited for the case.

Another solution might be to reposition the areola and nipple of the smaller breast to match the other breast. However, it is important to understand that no two breasts are identical. As the saying goes, “they are sisters, not twins”. There will always be slight differences between two breasts. The surgeon will do what he or she can to make the asymmetric breast shape and size to look more alike.

The procedure is normally conducted under a general anaesthetic. The time the surgery takes should be discussed with the patient by the surgeon during the pre-surgery consultation. It is crucial to ask as many questions as possible before the procedure to ensure you understand the whole process.

What happens during recovery

The patient may feel fatigued right after the surgery. It is normal to feel some soreness around the area, and the breasts may feel tender. The surgeon may also prescribe medications to help the patient manage the pain and discomfort. A surgical bra may be worn to support the breast – some surgeons choose not to recommend a surgical support bra – it’s a personal thing.

Rest is highly recommended during the first few days following the surgery. The patient may also feel faint for several days post-procedure, and this is perfectly normal as the body is healing.

Swelling and/or bruising may be seen around the breast. It is recommended that the patient stay home to recuperate for as long as needed (usually at least a week or so). The patient might feel ready to gently return to normal activities a week or more after surgery.

The newly-shaped breast will gradually “settle” into its natural position during the healing process.

Risks and Complications

Asymmetry breast procedures are comparatively safe with extremely rare complications. As with any type of surgery, developing an infection or an adverse reaction to anaesthesia may occur. Such instances are rare, but the surgeon and their team should monitor the patient’s condition and treat the reaction or infection.

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How Big is Big Enough? Jess’ Breast Augmentation Patient Story with Dr Eddy Dona October 2, 2021 - Breast Augmentation Patient Story Jess has been through a total of 4 breast augmentation procedures. Size was a question she asked herself. How big is big enough? She was 21 when she first went in for her first procedure. Growing up she always had a small bust as a B cup. She says of her first breast augmentation procedure she had implants of 350 cc that took her up to a D cup. “At the time I was a bit naïve, I didn’t think there was much difference between a cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon – and if I had known it would have saved a lot of headache”. Explains Jess. “This first surgeon I went to was really, really crap – one of my boobs was a lot higher than the other one and the other one had deflated. So obviously he had to do another surgery, but after that they still just didn’t look right. One was still way higher and this surgeon kept telling me – “they’re not twins, they’re sisters” but they were very far off from even being sisters. Now looking back at the photos- they were terrible. By about 2cm my right one […]
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Chloe's Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty - new nose and breast Chloe’s New Nose and Breasts with Dr Jeremy Hunt April 24, 2021 - Chloe had a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation with Dr Jeremy Hunt in Edgecliff, NSW. Her journey was ultimately successful, however Chloe has some awesome insights that might help others looking at similar procedures. Having a highly regarded surgeon such as Dr Jeremy Hunt played no small part in ensuring Chloe had the outcome she had dreamed of. We asked Chloe some questions about her experience. PSH: What prompted you, or was your motivation to have plastic surgery? Chloe: My nose is something which has bothered me ever since I was in primary school. It was hooked and lacked femininity. I have always been self conscious about it and this sounds very cliche, but I would daydream a lot about what it must be like to be a girl with, not even a perfect nose, just one that wasn’t so overpowering on my face. My breasts were less of a worry for me. I had always thought if I had the chance, I would make them larger, and adjust the asymmetry. They weren’t the driver for having the surgery – my nose was; but since I would be going under the knife anyway, I thought why not. Did your plastic surgery […]
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Are Compression Garments Necessary after Plastic Surgery? – Dr Gavin Sandercoe April 13, 2021 - Postoperative care is crucial to a full recovery after any plastic surgery procedure. Following the surgeon’s instructions will help reduce the risk of complications and ensure you get your desired results. Part of post-surgery care often involves compression garments, which are worn during the recovery period. Not everyone is aware of their importance or even what they do. So, are compression garments necessary after plastic surgery? We asked respected Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Gavin Sandercoe, from Bella Vista in NSW to weigh in on the subject. What are compression garments? A compression garment is a wide, elastic strip of material that hugs a certain body part to apply constant and even pressure. This band comes in various forms to meet the body’s needs for quick recovery. For example, a patient who has undergone a tummy tuck must wear a compression garment that looks like a single band that compresses the abdominal area. Another design for tummy tuck patients looks like a girdle or a pair of briefs. This garment is an important part of the recovery process, and provides numerous benefits to the user. Benefits This garment can help improve your recovery and has various purposes. These are: To […]
Belinda's Breast Augmentation with Dr Scott Turner Belinda’s Breast Augmentation with Dr Scott Turner March 14, 2021 - After a few months of researching doctors for my breast augmentation I decided to have a consult with Dr Scott Turner. From the first contact I had with his office which was with Ghislaine his receptionist I knew I was going to be in the right hands. I had numerous questions about the surgery, fees, implants etc. This was all before actually having met with Dr Turner. When I first met Dr Turner in November last year, I immediately felt comfortable and knew I was in the right place. I had done a bit of research myself online, but as we all know its best to get the answers direct from the someone whose job it is to know all of this. As with any surgery there are always risks involved and therefore I wanted to make sure I was in the most qualified hands I could be. Yes there are cheaper options out there for breast implants, however if you are willing to be cut open and go under the knife, to me its more important to be taken care of by someone who has done the right training and has the proper accreditation and this was the type […]
Jamie's Mummy Makeover Kaiya’s Mummy Makeover Journey with Dr Gavin Sandercoe February 27, 2021 - So often, it’s easy to look at someone else and think they look amazing and should be happy with their body. However, this is not the way it works. We all have to be comfortable in our own skin, and just because someone might be super fit, does not mean they don’t have something they want to change about themselves. For some women having smaller breasts can often cause feelings of self-consciousness, and even if you have a partner who is happy with your body and your boobs you can still want more to feel more “voluptuous” or sexy! Kaiya is a woman who although she has a supportive and loving husband and family had always thought it would be awesome to have some more boobs! Kaiya shares, “I had always been unhappy with my ‘less than an A-cup’ sized breasts. I loved the size that I became when breastfeeding so it was my intention that once I was done having babies and breastfeeding, I would eventually have breast augmentation done. Shortly after my 4th baby’s first birthday I started to get back into my fitness pretty seriously. I was attempting to run 8+kms 3 times a week and doing short sessions […]
Interview with Amelia Amelia has a Breast Augmentation as part of her transition February 23, 2021 - BEFORE THE SURGERY Trish: So I’m here today with Amelia. Amelia is transgender and today is the day that she’s having her breast augmentation so it’s a massive day for her today. So I just want you to introduce to Amelia and she can tell us a little bit about what is happening today. Trish: So, Amelia, are you excited? Amelia: Yes! I’m over the moon. Trish: Fantastic! Amelia: I’m nervous but I’m excited. It’s a long time coming. Trish: Great. So tell us what are you actually having done today? Amelia: So today I’m having a breast augmentation. I’m having 520cc high profile over the muscle – silicone cohesive gel; and I’m also having a little bit of lip filler as well. Trish: How important is this on your journey? Amelia: Oh my goodness, it’s so important. So for me, I’ve been planning to get my boobs done since I was 16, probably like a lot of girls. But for me it’s so important with part of my transition it’s helping me with my confidence. It’s helping me feel more womanly. I’m a curvy girl. And I’ve only got curves on the lower half of my body. I want […]
Amelia's Breast Augmentation Boob Job helps Amelia with her female transition February 18, 2021 - I recently spent the day with one of the funnest, funniest, loveliest, sweetest souls, Amelia, and her amazing boyfriend Josh. Already in such a short time, they’ve both captured a part of my heart. Amelia identifies as a transgender female, as she is currently undergoing her transition from male to female. Her breast augmentation is a huge step for her in her transition. The day started with us contemplating what this surgery meant to Amelia. While some women may not be happy with the size of their breasts, through puberty they have natural breast growth. Although Amelia has always known she was a female trapped in the wrong body, she did not grow breasts like most females do, even after being on hormones for over two years. Because of this, having a breast augmentation was always going to be on the cards for her. Amelia wanted breasts from the time she was 16 years old, she says “like most girls”. I can’t even imagine the frustration in life when you feel the ‘outside’ doesn’t match the ‘inside’. I can only relate to something similar feeling when I sometimes look in the mirror – I feel like I’m still in my […]
Dr Patrick Briggs Post Pregnancy Mummy Makeover with Dr Patrick Briggs – I want my body back! February 9, 2021 - Many Mothers have said “I want my body back” after pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding are usually a wonderful time for a woman. It fulfils her biological drive and the strength of emotions experienced helps confirm her biological identity. The anticipation of pregnancy leads to the joy of childbirth and continues with the incredible feeling of bonding while breastfeeding. For most women this time in their life is one that they remember fondly. Psychologically these powerful feelings of caring for a helpless, joyful and beautiful being offset the changes that may have occurred in the biological journey. I am often asked by women who have not yet had children what will happen to their bodies after the sequence of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Unfortunately this is an almost impossible question to answer, for not only does the individuality of genetics play a very significant role but also other factors will add or detract from the eventual outcome. Some women only have one pregnancy, “carry small” during pregnancy and do not breastfeed. Clearly the physical changes of such an individual will be entirely different from a woman who has multiple pregnancies, tend to make a lot of […]
after surgery care Getting it right the second time around – the importance of after surgery care February 5, 2021 - Jem always wanted more boobs, and when she realised they weren’t going to grow any more than her AA size, at the age of 25 she started to do some research on breast augmentation. One of the first clinics to come up on her internet travels were The Cosmetic Institute (TCI), and Jem booked herself in. Not everything went smoothly though, and she ended up having to have a revision with WA Plastic Surgeon Dr Mark Hanikeri to fix her capsular contraction. Jem shared her story with us about getting it right the second time around – the importance of after surgery care. Jem was excited about finally having her breast augmentation and had a bilateral breast augmentation with TCI. It initially seemed to be fine, but then after an injury her left breast swelled up. She went straight back to TCI to have it checked out. “I sustained an injury to my left breast in Feb 2017 and it literally swelled up overnight like a balloon. I went for scans etc, and was told everything was fine – that the scar tissue capsule had just ruptured and to let it heal. Never once did I speak to my surgeon […]
Mummy Makeover Dr Jeremy Hunt Facebook Live December 7, 2020 - Dr Jeremy Hunt is one of Australia’s most recognised in mummy makeover, experienced and skilled plastic surgeons and we were lucky enough to have him on FB live. For those of you who missed it, here’s the video. If you have any questions regarding Mummy Makeover for Dr Hunt, please contact his clinic.   Further Reading about Dr Jeremy Hunt Mummy Makeover – Breast and Tummy Surgery post pregnancy Mummy Makeover Sydney by Dr Hunt See Before and After Mummy Makeover Sydney Patients Photos Read more Blogs by Dr Jeremy Hunt Chloe’s Patient Story – My New Nose and Breasts with Dr Jeremy Hunt One of these is bigger than the other – Breast Asymmetry with Dr Jeremy Hunt Dr Jeremy Hunt – Rhinoplasty to Improve Appearance and Airway Further Reading Related to Mummy Makeover  Post-Pregnancy Procedures Perth WA Plastic Surgeon | Post Pregnancy Surgery Perth Mummy Makeover in Sydney – Soliman Plastic Surgery Post-Pregnancy Surgeries Melbourne Contact Dr Jeremy Hunt Sydney Plastic Surgeon If you’d like to arrange a consultation with Dr Jeremy Hunt phone 1300 157 200, or email [email protected] To find out more visit  Dr Jeremy Hunt’s website.

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