Breast Reduction Surgery (Reduction Mammoplasty)

Women who choose to have breast reduction surgery usually have extremely large breasts. Often the size of their breasts is out of proportion to the rest of their body. This unbalance can result in back and spinal issues, poor posture, poor body image and often pain.

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure whereby the excess fat, glandular tissue and skin is removed, resulting in smaller and firmer breasts, that are naturally supported by the body. In addition, the procedure helps ensures that the individual has a more symmetrical breast. The outcome of breast reduction surgery is an appropriate and desirable size, shape and symmetry of the breasts. If you want to know about breast reduction cost, just go to the FAQ section where you will find some information about breast reduction cost.

Prior to having the surgery you will be shown photos, showing all of the shapes and sizes of breasts imaginable. You will then go through a consultation with the plastic surgeon of your choice and you can then choose which shape and size is best suited to your body. This is not a decision to be made lightly as these are the breasts you will have ideally for a long time, so it is important to familiarize yourself with what is possible and appropriate for you.

The breast reduction surgery procedure varies with each individual plastic surgeon. Some will make an incision around the nipple and areola. Usually, plastic surgeons follow a specific pattern when removing the fat, skin and glandular tissue of the breast. Depending on the size of the original breast, the surgeon may need to move or reposition the nipple a little higher or lower, depending on the new position of the breasts. If there is a large amount of fatty tissue, the surgeon may decide that it is necessary to remove this excess fat using liposuction, which is a small vacuum procedure. If there is little fatty tissue, the surgeon may decide to remove this with a scalpel.

Once the procedure is complete, the surgeon may feel that it is necessary to insert a small plastic tube into one or both of the breasts. This is placed in order to drain any excess fluid buildup around and inside the breasts. This small tube is used to prevent any complications during the healing process and once the breasts are complication free, the tube will be removed. Some plastic surgeons choose not to use drains.

Some surgeons use a low dose of local anaesthetic so that you do not feel the removal of the tube, however, some do not. These tubes do not require surgery or any invasive procedure to be removed and are usually taken away several days after the surgery, in an outpatient appointment in the plastic surgery clinic. Once the tubes have been removed, these may require a few tiny stitches, which can be done during your appointment. These stitches are usually dissolvable, so you will not have to worry about having them removed.

It is completely normal to have minor scarring after breast reduction surgery however; it usually depends on how different the new breasts are in relation to the position and shape of the your breasts before the surgery. The normal places to find scarring is around the nipple, areola, along the crease of the breast and down the crease of the breast. Follow the instructions given to you by the surgeon and be patient, the scars are usually minimal and the results worth it.

Risks and Complications

Generally, modern day surgery is considered safe.

There are a number of potential complications and risks associated with a breast reduction procedure. These complications and risks can be both physical and mental and need to be considered prior to having the surgery. It is completely normal to be advised about the ‘general anesthetic,’ as this is the law. There are issues that can arise, when under a general anesthetic, these include; suppressed breathing, heart failure and even death. Approximately one-third of patients who receive an anaesthetic during surgery will experience “anaesthesia sickness” or post-operative nausea and vomiting (POVN).

There are also complications and risks that can arise with the procedure itself these include infection, bleeding, bruising, potential loss of feeling all over the breast and the nipple.

Having a breast reduction procedure can also reduce the chance of being able to breast feed, limit movement of your shoulder, neck and arms. Delayed wound healing is another risk and complication and can result in keloid scarring which is where the scar becomes red and raised. This kind of scarring is not aesthetically pleasing and can result in a further surgery to remove the scaring. In addition, if the blood does not manage to get around certain parts of the breast, once the breast has been reduced, this could result in parts of the breasts dying and being lost. You will need to discuss these issues with your surgeon.

There are some factors which can increase the risk of experiencing these complications and these include if the patient smokes, is obese, has poor nutrition and if the individual has undergone any surgery or radiation in the breast area prior to the breast reduction.

Q. Does my insurance cover breast reduction cost of having a breast reduction?

A. If you are going for Breast Reduction surgery, consult your insurance company as most insurance companies will pay your breast reduction cost if you can prove that it is affecting you both physically and mentally.

Q. How long will I have to stay in hospital after the surgery?

A. The normal stay is around 4 days, however if there are any complications, this may result in your hospital stay being increased.

Q. How long does the surgery take?

A. Normally, the surgery will take approximately 2 to 4 hours.

Q. Will I be in pain after the procedure?

A. Normally, individuals will experience discomfort after undergoing this procedure, however the surgeon will prescribe pain relief for you to take home.

Q. How long after the surgery will I need to have my stitches out?

A. Normally, the stitches from your breast reduction procedure will be taken approximately 7 to 10 days after the surgery.

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breast reduction surgeon Breast Reduction Surgeon in Cairns May 27, 2019 - Breast reduction can be an extremely emotional procedure. A woman’s reasons for breast reduction are very personal and usually include self-esteem issues or physical pain. Having larger sized breast can cause back issues, unwanted taunts from strangers and a host of other problems and concerns. Dr Isolde Hertess, Specialist Plastic Surgeon from Cairns Plastic Surgery, says breast reduction can be one of the most rewarding procedures for both patient and breast reduction surgeon and shares with us what you should expect. Breast Reduction to reduce physical pain Dr Hertess says breast reduction is a surgery to reduce psychological pain as well as physical pain. “Neck and back pain, bra strap indentations on the shoulders, and general discomfort are all unfortunate realities for women who have exceptionally large, heavy breasts. Also known as a reduction mammaplasty, a breast reduction helps to create breasts more proportionate to the body.” Dr Hertess says breast reduction is one of the few plastic surgeries that teenagers often want. “Young women may feel self-conscious about large breasts, on top of suffering from extreme neck and back pain. They may feel embarrassed wearing certain clothing or finding clothes that fit well and may hesitate to exercise or […]
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Tikas Breast Reduction Tika’s Breast Reduction, Abdominoplasty and Liposuction April 12, 2019 - Like many breast reduction patients Tika had always had big boobs. She decided 2019 was her year and took the plunge to get a breast reduction. She says it was one of the best things she’s ever done. Tika was one of our beautiful members of our closed Facebook support group and shares her story with us. For a long time I have wanted a breast reduction. I’ve always had big boobs… I remember being at least an E cup when I was 17. After 2 kids (now 10 and 3) and turning 35 this year I decided it was “year of the boob”! In Feb I saw my GP who happily supported my decision to get a BR/BL to help with all the issues I’d had with headaches, backache and shoulder pain – not to mention the issues I had finding clothing to fit. On top I was a 14 mainly because of my boobs, but my frame was more a 10-12. I was also a 14 on the bottom since having my 2nd baby. So, with a supportive hubby and family I went ahead and made an appointment with Dr Nick Moncrieff from Hunter Plastic Surgery, after much […]
Combining Procedures Sharni’s breast reduction and lift, belt lipectomy and mons lift with Dr Matthew Peters April 1, 2019 - My weight loss journey started January 4th, 2017. For the first time in as long as I can remember I stood on the scales. A whopping 98.7kgs was staring me in the eyes. I was distraught, but knew I had to change. I began eating healthier and exercising daily, but the weight wouldn’t budge. Something more drastic had to be done, and I underwent my first life altering experience weight loss surgery. It was a hard battle, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I triumphed with a loss of 45kgs in just over a year. I was left with redundant skin and large severely sagging breasts. After much research I found Dr Matthew Peters from Valley Plastic Surgery. The man who changed my life for the second time. My first appointment was August 15th, 2018. As soon as I met Dr Peters, I knew he’d be my surgeon. He talked me through everything and could do exactly what I wanted. I left beaming. I couldn’t wait to get home to tell my mum, she knew I was excited by how much I talked. I made the call. Surgery booked for October 16th, 2018. From that moment I had […]
Breast Reduction in Perth, with Dr Patrick Briggs January 25, 2019 - Are you looking for a surgeon in WA to do your breast reduction surgery? You might want to check out these amazing before and after pics that Dr Patrick Briggs, Plastic Surgeon based in Perth, WA has shared with us. Having extensive experience in all types of breast surgery Dr Briggs understands how emotional a breast reduction surgery can be and his clinic are experienced and able to answer any and all your questions you might have about Breast Reduction Perth. If you’d like to arrange a consultation with Dr Patrick Briggs, click here. To read more about Dr Briggs check out the real stories and blogs below: Mummy Makeover with Dr Patrick Briggs Laura’s Lift – Breast Lift, Mastopexy TrishTrish is a plastic surgery blogger. She is passionate about wellbeing, health and beauty, and doesn't mind a little bit of 'help' from the amazing cosmetic and beauty procedures that are available today. Trish spends her days talking to women and men who are looking for suggestions and advice on procedures that are available to them. Cutting through the sales pitch and hype, a down-to-earth response on general information is what you will get.
Combining Breast and Body Surgery with Dr Nicholas Moncrieff from Hunter Plastic Surgery January 17, 2019 - You’ll love this Facebook Live with Dr Nicholas Moncrieff from Hunter Plastic Surgery on combining breast and body surgery, held on our closed Facebook Support Forum “Plastic Surgery Support For Aussie Chicks”. There were a heap of questions from the community for Dr Moncrieff, and it was a real insight on what #moncrieffmagic is all about. Questions answered included the following. What do you believe is the best implant available on the market?? What causes rippling in implants ? And what do you usually do to correct the issue? Do all implants to your knowledge take a weird shape when bending over? Or is this cause from excess breast tissue or implants not large enough? I’ve been diagnosed with a post Cesarean Section Neuroma that requires surgical intervention would it be best to: 1)speak to a plastic surgeon about the surgery on its own, 2) incorporate it into an abdominoplasty, 3) continue with Gynecologist for surgical intervention. How long do you recommend you should wait in between surgeries? What is the recovery time before you suggest the second surgery can be performed for those patients needing to break up their procedures into more than one surgery? Group member asking for […]
Breast Reduction – Take a Load Off December 17, 2018 - As many of you know, breast reduction is a procedure close to my heart. My breast reduction journey completely changed my life – not just physically but psychologically and emotionally too. I, more than anyone, understand how big a difference a breast reduction can make to a woman’s life. I also know how important it is to choose a surgeon you trust to not only do great surgery but also be there to answer questions, alleviate fears and support you on your journey. Dr Matthew Peters, Specialist Plastic Surgeon based in Brisbane at Valley Plastic Surgery, is all of these things and is highly experienced in breast reductions. I caught up with him to talk about a breast reduction procedure. Physical symptoms of large breasts Dr Peters says breast reduction does so much more than just to reduce the size of your breasts. It can also help alleviate symptoms often associated with large breast such as: Back pain Shoulder pain including pain from bra straps on the shoulders Neck pain Headaches Poor posture/ hunched shoulders Rashes and infections Difficulty in finding a bra to fit Difficulty finding clothes to fit and/or look good Social anxiety Attracting inappropriate or unwanted attention […]
Dr Nicholas Moncrieff Erin’s Life Changing Breast Reduction with Dr Nicholas Moncrieff from Hunter Plastic Surgery December 13, 2018 - Hi I’m Erin, I’m 24 years old, I’m a lawyer in the Hunter Valley, and having a breast reduction has been a life changing decision for me. Why did you have the surgery? I wanted to have the surgery because I was a G cup at the age of 20 years old. And with such a small and petite frame, it really made me look out of proportion. And it hindered my self-confidence a lot. What was the recovery like? The recovery was quite easy and comfortable. I probably had maybe 2 weeks off work, but again I’m in a profession where I could do light duties. I didn’t feel a lot of pain actually, it was more a little bit of the discomfort in laying on your back for such a long period of time. How do you feel about your results? I’m stoked with my results, this was definitely the best decision I have made of my life so far, it’s made me feel so much for comfortable in my own body and I think it’s a really important thing for men and women to feel 100% confident in their own body and in themselves. Why is confidence important to […]
Does Medicare Cover Breast Reduction or Breast Lift Surgery? December 4, 2018 - What Medicare does and doesn’t cover can get very confusing. Generally, Medicare doesn’t cover any surgery considered “cosmetic”, this can include some breast surgery. However, Medicare may rebate some patients for breast reductions and breast lift surgery if it is deemed medically necessary . We asked Dr Craig Rubinstein from Cosmetic Surgery for Men and Women in Hawthorn Victoria to talk us through the selection criteria and some important things to remember. Medicare criteria for breast reduction and breast lift Dr Rubinstein says perhaps the most important thing to be aware of is that Medicare will only cover you if you can provide documentation and proof (from a plastic surgeon) that your breast reduction and/or lift is to fix breast ptosis or breast deformity. “It may depend on how heavy your ptotic breasts are and how they are affecting your physical health, such as causing back pain or chronic skin infections. More often than not, if you are covered by Medicare and you have Private Health Insurance, they may contribute to the surgery. This is not always the case and depends on your Health Fund and level of cover. We always recommend checking directly with your fund regarding your policy.” […]
Bikini Boobs – the perfect cleavage! December 3, 2018 - I tried on my swimmers yesterday for the first time this summer and spent at least a minute “fixing” my boobs to fit into them and it made me wish I had perky, awesome boobs that looked amazing in bikinis! Straight away I thought of Dr Amira Sanki, Plastic Surgeon in Sydney, who does some amazing breast augmentations and thought I’d ask her what makes the perfect “bikini boobs” – the perfect cleavage! All of us want to feel comfortable in our bodies, especially when we’re more exposed wearing our swimmers or bikinis. With the Australian lifestyle and culture going to the beach or spending the summers by the pool is almost a given, but for those women not happy with their breasts it can be more about covering up, especially for women after pregnancy and childbirth where their breasts are left feeling empty, deflated, sagging or flat. A breast augmentation, lift, reduction or reconstruction can improve or completely transform a woman’s confidence. Dr Sanki says, “The active lifestyles most of us have here in Australia leaves little room for wearing uncomfortable bras and clothing to help support sagging breasts. Breast lift and breast lift with implants are able to […]
Mummy Makeover in Perth with Plastic Surgeon Dr Patrick Briggs November 28, 2018 - Mummy makeovers are a popular choice for women to help get their bodies back into shape after pregnancy and childbirth. The term mummy makeover refers to a combination of a few different procedures to help get a woman’s body back to where it was, if not better than it was, before kids. We chatted to Dr Patrick Briggs, Specialist Plastic Surgeon and one of Perth’s most experienced mummy makeover surgeons, to talk us through what’s involved in a mummy makeover. He also shared some mummy makeover patients’ before and after photos with us. All photos below are patients of Dr Briggs. Make sure you click on each of them to see the full sized photos. What procedures does a mummy makeover include? A mummy makeover is not a one size fits all group of procedures, however it usually includes an Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), Breast Augmentation (breast implants), Breast Mastopexy (breast lift with or without implants) and any other procedure to repair or improve the appearance of a part of the body affected by pregnancy and childbirth such as: Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) Breast Augmentation (breast implants) Breast Mastopexy (breast lift) Breast reduction (with or without lift) Liposuction Labiaplasty (repair function and/or […]
Understanding, compassion, listening – when surgeons go the extra mile… November 28, 2018 - Plastic or cosmetic surgery can be a massively daunting experience. It can be extremely overwhelming and downright scary. For some patients, finding a plastic surgeon they can not only trust to do a good job and get them awesome results but is also caring, considerate and empathetic of their situation is a little harder to find. While it’s an extremely personal decision, making sure you are able to fully communicate and express your concerns is essential in ensuring you get the best results. This can be why some women patients feel more comfortable with a female surgeon. We spoke to Dr Amira Sanki, Sydney Plastic Surgeon, about how she manages patient expectations and how important it is for patients to trust their surgeon. If you google Dr Amira Sanki you’ll find no shortage of raving fans. Perhaps 90% of her patients use the word “amazing” to describe her and all of them describe how she surpassed their expectations. Quite a few call her their friend, and many suggest she changed their life. I’ve chatted with Dr Sanki myself and it’s evident that each and every patient is special to her, and she is without a doubt one of the most […]
The Day the World Was Lifted From My Shoulders November 14, 2018 - For as long as I can remember I have always had “larger than normal” breasts. From the age of 13 – I was a large E cup. I have always been a very sporty person but I felt like my breasts were always in the way and I was always teased at how big they were. My breasts were the last place I lost any weight and they were the first place that gained weighed. As I became older they seemed to become so much larger , much heavier and “drop”. It got to the stage that I was embarrassed to play sport , wear a nice dress and I started losing confidence in myself and my professional career. People would call me Mudgee Mailbags , Nanna Boobs and asked me how long it took me to put on my “scaffolding” of a morning. I started to get indentations in my shoulders, back and shoulder pain and generally I was just miserable. I decided to see a plastic surgeon and investigate a breast reduction. I initially researched on the internet but then I knew of a girl who had the procedure done in recent times and was really happy …… […]
Vanessa's Breast Reduction Sue’s Breast Reduction with Dr Craig Rubinstein at Cosmetic Surgery for Women and Men October 31, 2018 - Sue had always had large breasts and with a bra size of 20HH her breasts were weighing her down, literally. They affected her weight, her ability to find and wear certain clothes, and her lifestyle. After Sue’s sister went to a conference that Dr Craig Rubinstein from CSFWM was attending, Sue finally booked her surgery and had a breast reduction – it’s changed her life in so many ways and she looks awesome. This is her story. If you’d like to read more about Sue’s breast reduction story you can also jump over to the CSFWM website. TrishTrish is a plastic surgery blogger. She is passionate about wellbeing, health and beauty, and doesn't mind a little bit of 'help' from the amazing cosmetic and beauty procedures that are available today. Trish spends her days talking to women and men who are looking for suggestions and advice on procedures that are available to them. Cutting through the sales pitch and hype, a down-to-earth response on general information is what you will get.
Comprehensive Breast Surgery By Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Eddie Cheng August 21, 2018 - As part of our job here at the Hub we’re constantly researching and getting out and meeting new plastic surgeons, most of whom we’ve heard about from happy patients or industry colleagues. Dr Eddie Cheng based in Brisbane QLD is one of these surgeons, and while this FRACS surgeon is fully trained and experienced in all plastic and cosmetic surgeries I chatted to him about why he’s considered one of the best specialist breast surgeons around. Beautiful, natural results Dr Cheng is known for his natural looking results and says he draws from both his reconstructive and cosmetic background to get the most beautiful breasts possible for each patient. “Results are tailored to your physical structure, needs, goals and desires. I work with a supportive team of patient coordinators and plastic surgery nurses, who are highly experienced in managing the complexities of each individual situation.” Dr Cheng is also highly regarded for his ability to listen to and identify what each patient wants and needs and working with them to achieve their own personal goals. He understands that each patient has unique physical characteristics and combines that with his aesthetic eye and technical expertise to ensure each patient reaches their […]
Dr Nicholas Moncrieff, Plastic Surgeon talks all things Breast Surgery July 20, 2018 - For those of you who missed Dr Nicholas Moncrieff’s Facebook live recently, here it is again to watch or read. It’s a wealth of information on not only what Dr Moncrieff and his team at the well respected Hunter Plastic Surgery in Newcastle do, but also on breast augmentation, breast lifts, breast reductions, Vectra imaging and a whole lot more including pricing. Amber: Hi everyone. Dr Moncrieff: Hi everybody. Amber: Hi everyone. Hopefully this is showing up now so maybe if you just write a little comment just so we can see that you’re seeing us and that the live video stream is working. Dr Moncrieff: Yep, here we go, we’ve got one. Amber: We can see that they’re there. So if anyone just wants to comment and just confirm that you can hear us and see us. Dr Moncrieff: Yep. Amber: And then we’ll get started in the next couple of minutes. Dr Moncrieff: Excellent, thanks guys. Amber: Oh yeah, thanks Ashley, thanks Blane, high five, thumbs up so that’s terrific. Thank you very much, oh I can see yes, that quite a few people are joining so thanks Jess, Jess is our practise manager so she’s watching in […]

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