Breast Reduction Surgery (Reduction Mammoplasty)

Women who choose to have breast reduction surgery usually have extremely large breasts. Often the size of their breasts is out of proportion to the rest of their body. This unbalance can result in back and spinal issues, poor posture, poor body image and often pain.

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure whereby the excess fat, glandular tissue and skin is removed, resulting in smaller and firmer breasts, that are naturally supported by the body. In addition, the procedure helps ensures that the individual has a more symmetrical breast. The outcome of breast reduction surgery is an appropriate and desirable size, shape and symmetry of the breasts. If you want to know about breast reduction cost, just go to the FAQ section where you will find some information about breast reduction cost.

Prior to having the surgery you will be shown photos, showing all of the shapes and sizes of breasts imaginable. You will then go through a consultation with the plastic surgeon of your choice and you can then choose which shape and size is best suited to your body. This is not a decision to be made lightly as these are the breasts you will have ideally for a long time, so it is important to familiarize yourself with what is possible and appropriate for you.

The breast reduction surgery procedure varies with each individual plastic surgeon. Some will make an incision around the nipple and areola. Usually, plastic surgeons follow a specific pattern when removing the fat, skin and glandular tissue of the breast. Depending on the size of the original breast, the surgeon may need to move or reposition the nipple a little higher or lower, depending on the new position of the breasts. If there is a large amount of fatty tissue, the surgeon may decide that it is necessary to remove this excess fat using liposuction, which is a small vacuum procedure. If there is little fatty tissue, the surgeon may decide to remove this with a scalpel.

Once the procedure is complete, the surgeon may feel that it is necessary to insert a small plastic tube into one or both of the breasts. This is placed in order to drain any excess fluid buildup around and inside the breasts. This small tube is used to prevent any complications during the healing process and once the breasts are complication free, the tube will be removed. Some plastic surgeons choose not to use drains.

Some surgeons use a low dose of local anaesthetic so that you do not feel the removal of the tube, however, some do not. These tubes do not require surgery or any invasive procedure to be removed and are usually taken away several days after the surgery, in an outpatient appointment in the plastic surgery clinic. Once the tubes have been removed, these may require a few tiny stitches, which can be done during your appointment. These stitches are usually dissolvable, so you will not have to worry about having them removed.

It is completely normal to have minor scarring after breast reduction surgery however; it usually depends on how different the new breasts are in relation to the position and shape of the your breasts before the surgery. The normal places to find scarring is around the nipple, areola, along the crease of the breast and down the crease of the breast. Follow the instructions given to you by the surgeon and be patient, the scars are usually minimal and the results worth it.

Risks and Complications

Generally, modern day surgery is considered safe.

There are a number of potential complications and risks associated with a breast reduction procedure. These complications and risks can be both physical and mental and need to be considered prior to having the surgery. It is completely normal to be advised about the ‘general anesthetic,’ as this is the law. There are issues that can arise, when under a general anesthetic, these include; suppressed breathing, heart failure and even death. Approximately one-third of patients who receive an anaesthetic during surgery will experience “anaesthesia sickness” or post-operative nausea and vomiting (POVN).

There are also complications and risks that can arise with the procedure itself these include infection, bleeding, bruising, potential loss of feeling all over the breast and the nipple.

Having a breast reduction procedure can also reduce the chance of being able to breast feed, limit movement of your shoulder, neck and arms. Delayed wound healing is another risk and complication and can result in keloid scarring which is where the scar becomes red and raised. This kind of scarring is not aesthetically pleasing and can result in a further surgery to remove the scaring. In addition, if the blood does not manage to get around certain parts of the breast, once the breast has been reduced, this could result in parts of the breasts dying and being lost. You will need to discuss these issues with your surgeon.

There are some factors which can increase the risk of experiencing these complications and these include if the patient smokes, is obese, has poor nutrition and if the individual has undergone any surgery or radiation in the breast area prior to the breast reduction.

Q. Does my insurance cover breast reduction cost of having a breast reduction?

A. If you are going for Breast Reduction surgery, consult your insurance company as most insurance companies will pay your breast reduction cost if you can prove that it is affecting you both physically and mentally.

Q. How long will I have to stay in hospital after the surgery?

A. The normal stay is around 4 days, however if there are any complications, this may result in your hospital stay being increased.

Q. How long does the surgery take?

A. Normally, the surgery will take approximately 2 to 4 hours.

Q. Will I be in pain after the procedure?

A. Normally, individuals will experience discomfort after undergoing this procedure, however the surgeon will prescribe pain relief for you to take home.

Q. How long after the surgery will I need to have my stitches out?

A. Normally, the stitches from your breast reduction procedure will be taken approximately 7 to 10 days after the surgery.

breast reduction vs breast lift surgery Celebrity Breast Reduction September 7, 2022 - Best Before and After Breast Reduction Photos of Stars About Breast Reduction Women in Australia have large breasts. So large that they are, in fact, 10th in the world by breast size. Although large breasts are a source of pride and femininity for many women, overly large breasts can cause significant issues. If you experience upper and lower backache, shoulder ache, sore neck or repeated migraines and have large breasts, you may want to consider a breast reduction surgical procedure. Luckily, the Breast Reduction procedure can do wonders for any aches and migraines that you may experience daily if your breasts are too big. Furthermore, bigger breasts tend to become saggy and droopy, and the breasts’ skin can stretch over time, especially after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Some women may also experience asymmetrical breasts where one boob is bigger than the other. In this case, unilateral breast reduction is the best solution for you. Breast reduction surgery can also be used to reshape your areola, making it smaller and more attractive-looking. Many women report having a much more satisfying intimate life after a breast reduction procedure, and they experience less pain and discomfort in their daily lives. With more celebrities being […]
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Breast Reduction Sue’s and Vanessa's Breast Reduction Dr Craig Rubinstein Breast Reduction Results – Sue’s Patient Story October 31, 2021 - Sue had always had large breasts and with a bra size of 20HH her breasts were weighing her down, literally. They affected her weight, her ability to find and wear certain clothes, and her lifestyle. After Sue’s sister went to a conference that Dr Craig Rubinstein from Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery was attending, Sue finally booked her surgery and had a breast reduction – it’s changed her life in so many ways and she looks awesome. This is her story. Further Information about Breast Reduction Surgery for Large Breasts SYDNEY – Breast Reduction Sydney by Dr Jeremy Hunt Specialist Plastic Surgeon Breast Reduction Perth WA by Dr Anh Breast Reduction by Dr. Guy Watts | Plastic Surgeon Perth Breast Reduction Sydney – Soliman Plastic Surgery Breast Reduction Melbourne by Dr Carmen Munteanu FRACS (Plas) To Contact Dr Craig Rubinstein If you’d like more information about breast reduction or any procedures, you can contact Dr Craig Rubinstein at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery  or check out the blogs
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Alison's breast reduction Alison’s Breast Reduction with Dr Graham Sellars August 6, 2021 - Alison says she’s always had larger breasts and even developed osteo-arthritis from the pressure it put on her back. She says it caused huge physical and practical issues most of her life. After years of yoyo dieting and two children, Alison had gastric sleeve surgery in May 2018 and lost a large amount of weight and it was then she finally decided it was time for her breast reduction surgery. Alison found Plastic Surgeon Dr Graham Sellars and hasn’t looked back. Alison is also going to have eye surgery and a tummy tuck, and she wants to share her story to help other patients. If you’d like more information about Dr Graham Sellars you can visit his website or check out the blogs below:         Further Reading about Breast Reduction Breast Reduction Perth WA by Dr Anh Breast Reduction by Dr. Guy Watts | Plastic Surgeon Perth Breast Reduction Sydney – Soliman Plastic Surgery Breast Reduction Melbourne by Dr Carmen Munteanu FRACS (Plas)
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large breasts Wendy’s Breast Reduction Patient Story by Dr Patrick Briggs July 11, 2021 - Wendy’s Patient Journey I have always had large breasts and over the years having giving birth to children, several weight gains and losses and the passing years they had become larger and sagging and extremely uncomfortable. I had issues with my upper back, shoulders and neck and had frequent headaches as a result. I had wanted a breast reduction for years but had never been quite brave enough to follow through. I finally spent several months researching plastic surgeons and decided on Dr Patrick Briggs. Dr Briggs made me feel comfortable immediately. He was professional and pleasant. He explained how he would perform the surgery and also told me of the risks that were possible with any surgery and in particular a breast reduction. The anaesthetist also put my mind at ease and on the day of the surgery there were no nerves, just excitement. The surgery went well and I was discharged from hospital the following morning. To begin with there was discomfort but not nearly as much as I expected and it was relieved with over-the-counter medications. The rest of my recovery went well and within a couple of weeks I was back to normal apart from exercising […]
Sue's Transformation Sue’s Transformation – Sue’s weight loss journey with Dr Craig Rubinstein June 12, 2021 - You might remember Sue from when she shared her breast reduction with Dr Craig Rubinstein with us. Sue continued her journey and she has had further weight loss related procedures and is looking absolutely amazing. Here’s her story in her own words. After my 5kg Breast Reduction in March 2018, my transformation continued. I decided to lose my weight by following the 5:2 Diet & cutting out Carbs & Sugars. So I challenged myself to lose 30kg by the time I had my 6-month consultation with my amazing surgeon Craig Rubinstein at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery in Hawthorn, Victoria. So, I reached my goal weight!! I also gradually lost another few kilos, and after speaking with Michelle at Craig’s rooms she said I would be a candidate for an Abdominoplasty because of my massive weight loss. My starting weight was 104 kg & I now maintain my weight at around 70kg. So I had another consultation with Craig in December 2018 about an Abdominoplasty. I booked for May 2019. When we were coming back from holidays at the beginning of the year I thought, “Why am I waiting so long?” so I then changed Surgery date for 5th March 2019! […]
Steph’s Plastic Surgery Journey – Tummy Tuck, Arm Lift, Breast Reduction and Upper Bleph with Dr Marcus Pyragius June 6, 2021 - I’m continuously being blown away by the journeys that some people go through when having their procedure like Steph’s plastic surgery. It’s not always fun and games, and there’s so many situations where things get worse before they seem to get better. Today I had the pleasure of chatting to Steph who has lupus (an autoimmune disease) and the incredible journey she has been through. It makes us very aware of choosing our surgeons wisely. Steph’s surgeon Dr Marcus Pyragius went above and beyond through the whole experience – you’ll love this real story. Trish Hammond: I’m here with Stephie today and Stephie has got a fantastic story. She, like a lot of us, so she’s been through to hell and back with her weight. Then she’s had plastic surgery after it, so we’re going to have a chat to Steph today. Get her to tell us a little bit about what she went through, and Steph’s surgery with Dr Marcus Pyragius in Adelaide. So I’m really excited that you’re here, so hey Steph. Stephie: Hey. Trish Hammond: Thank you so much for sharing tonight, it’s really, really good ’cause it’s really great to share what you’ve been through with […]
Yvonne's Breast Reduction Surgery Yvonne’s Breast Reduction Surgery With Dr Craig Layt May 24, 2021 - Yvonne’s breast reduction surgery has been lifechanging. Her recovery has been astounding. Yvonne has been big boobed since she was around 18 and her GG’s went up to a H when she had kids. While she has actually thought about having a reduction for many years, it was finally her time to put herself first. Yvonne is extremely honest and candid about all aspects of her breast reduction journey and gives an insight into the lead up, her (short) time in hospital and her recovery. Yvonne had day surgery with Dr Craig Layt, and says it was great to be able to recover at home. Yvonne says it was comforting to talk to other women about their plastic surgery journeys and it definitely helped her on her own. Being able to chat to other women about their preparation, recovery, emotional journey and other aspects of the procedure and what else is involved can be extremely beneficial. If you’d like to join a bunch of supportive women asking and answering questions about their plastic surgery experiences, head to the Plastic Surgery Support Forum for Aussie Chicks private Facebook Group. You’ll love this podcast about Yvonne’s breast reduction surgery with Dr Craig […]
Lisa’s Breast Reduction Surgery Patient Story with Dr Jeremy Hunt May 16, 2021 - Lisa’s Breast Reduction Patient Story I’m a real advocate for breast reduction surgery as I totally know how grateful I am for having had my breast reduction. It’s nice to get up close and personal with people sharing their plastic surgery experiences. I have spoken with lots of plastic surgeons who love doing breast reductions for exactly that reason – patients seem to be so grateful and it’s really life changing for them. Today I get to speak with Lisa* about her breast reduction surgery with Dr Jeremy Hunt, one of Sydney’s leading Plastic Surgeons. Listen to the Interview Trish: Oh. Good morning, podcasters. I’m here today with Lisa. And Lisa just recently had surgery with Dr Jeremy Hunt. We’re gonna find out about her experience today. Thank you Lisa and welcome. Lisa: Hi, thank you for having me. Trish: Our pleasure. Thank you so much for taking the time. So, Lisa you recently had surgery with Dr Jeremy Hunt. Lisa: Yes. Trish: I know you had a great experience. What did you have done? Lisa: I had breast reduction surgery done. I went from a double E or maybe a bit bigger, to a C. Trish: Wow. Wow. You’ve had […]
Rachael's Mummy Makeover Rachael’s Mummy Makeover with Dr Nicholas Moncrieff – a Life Changing Journey May 2, 2021 - I struggle to put into words my experience with the team at HPS and Dr Nicholas Moncrieff, from the very beginning when I made the first contact to now, 4 months post op they have been beyond incredible. I had lost over 40 kilos and was ready to take the next step and explore my surgical options but after two consults with different surgeons in Sydney it felt like it was unachieveable. I walked out of those consults feeling extremely down and had little hope. My friend who had been following Dr Moncrieff’s work suggested I book in to see him and wow am I grateful that I did. I first saw the practice manager Jess and had some pics taken, she immediately made me feel like I wasn’t just a number and that I would definitely be taken care of, then came my appointment with Dr Moncrieff and much to my surprise he was the same, made me feel incredibly comfortable, valued but most of all he listened, he listened to everything I said, he answered my questions and left no stone unturned! I wasted no time and booked my surgery straight away! The lead up was great I […]
Dr Robert Drielsma on the Lollipop Breast Reduction Breast Reduction with the Lollipop Technique by Dr Robert Drielsma April 4, 2021 - Having had a breast reduction myself, I know how appreciative breast reduction patients are. It’s a HUGE weight off your shoulders – literally! Today I learnt something new – I learnt about the lollipop technique and what makes it a great choice for a breast reduction in the right patient. I’d heard the word ‘lollipop’ and ‘anchor’ used when referring to breast reduction techniques, but here’s a great chat about why you’d want one, and why Dr Drielsma should be on your list as a Surgeon. Further Reading about Breast Reduction Breast Reduction Perth WA by Dr Anh Breast Reduction by Dr. Guy Watts | Plastic Surgeon Perth Breast Reduction Sydney – Soliman Plastic Surgery Breast Reduction Melbourne by Dr Carmen Munteanu FRACS (Plas)
Breast Reduction - big boobs Issues with Big Boobs – Dr Mark Hanikeri discusses How a Breast Reduction Can Help March 29, 2021 - Struggling with Big Boobs ? The majority of discussions on cosmetic breast plastic surgery seem to focus on women who want implants or augmentation: types of implants, improved implants or replacement implants. Basically, for those women who want bigger breasts, so they can feel more comfortable with their femininity. What about those of us who struggle with naturally big (in some cases, really big!) breasts though? Those who have spent a lifetime trying to accommodate them and who, as opposed to the majority of breast surgery patients, would prefer not to attract the unwanted attention usually afforded to those with a big bosom! Don’t we deserve the opportunity to feel comfortable with our sense of femininity too? We referred to Dr Mark Hanikeri, Specialist Plastic Surgeon from Western Australia to contribute his knowledge on the benefits of a breast reduction and what other issues can be associated with having breasts too large for our frame. Dr Hanikeri says, “Many women suffer from symptoms that they do not even realise are related to having large breasts. Symptoms include neck ache, back ache, shoulder pain, problems with bra straps which cut into the soft tissues of the shoulders and neck, rash underneath […]
Jeanette's Breast Reduction Jeanette’s Breast Reduction Surgery with Dr Damian Marucci January 20, 2021 - Jeanette’s story is one all too familiar for women who naturally grow larger than average breasts. Whilst many women dream of having bigger breasts, there are those that have them too large. Having really large breasts can cause a range of physical and emotional issues. Jeanette has been brave enough to give us an honest account of her experience and tell it as it really is. Q: Jeanette, what prompted you to have plastic surgery? Neck and Back pain were the physical problems I endured but the deepest and most sinister problems were self-esteem. Meeting new people, going to the shops – anything social – became unbearable. I would grocery shop very early in the morning and be exiting before any crowds started. I would always wear a black knitted vest over my work shirt that was way too big but I felt it covered me and hide the pulled shirt buttons, it didn’t matter how hot the day was my vest stayed on. Going for job interviews was exceptionally difficult; anything out of my normal routine was hard as I felt that everyone was looking at the woman with the huge breasts. They were not looking at my resume, […]
psychological benefits of surgery The Potential Psychological Benefits of Plastic Surgery August 5, 2020 - So, you’re thinking of surgery. Perhaps rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, a facelift, or any other surgery that you choose with the desired outcome of looking better. But what you may or may not realise is the likelihood that you will not only look better, you can potentially feel better about yourself after surgery. We take a look at the potential of psychological benefits of surgery. An in-depth study published by APS (Association for Psychological Science) titled the Psychological Effects of Aesthetic Surgery revealed that there are indeed many potential positive psychological benefits under-going aesthetic surgery. While these benefits are likely, they come with a few caveats, such as the expectations you would have in relation to the outcomes of your surgery. Some of the wide range of benefits identified for those that undergo an elective surgery to address aesthetic concerns include the more obvious benefits, such as an increase in self-esteem and confidence that aesthetic surgery can give you. Some of the other cited benefits vary across a wide range of outcomes, though they are primarily, positive psychologically. These outcomes can include a decrease in social anxiety, a lessening of feelings of depression, an increase in goal attainment, a general sense […]
What Makes Hunter Plastic Surgery Different? What Makes Hunter Plastic Surgery Different? July 26, 2020 - Dr Nicholas Moncrieff is one of Australia’s most well known breast and body focussed Plastic Surgeons. He offers surgery for women only and has his focuses exclusively on breast reductions, augmentations and lifts, along with tummy tucks and body lifting procedures. But what makes Hunter Plastic Surgery different from other options? While based in Newcastle NSW, Dr Moncrieff regularly operates on women from all around Australia, including many women who have seen results on his previous patients in their private Facebook group. Hunter Plastic Surgery – The Five Star Difference Hunter Plastic Surgery say there are five main reasons why their patients are so happy. Specialist Plastic Surgeon – If you want the best results for your breast or body surgery you’ve got to employ the best surgeon for the job. That means a Specialist Plastic Surgeon. Don’t be food by the term “Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon”. Only Specialist Plastic Surgeons complete the extensive training that gives them the knowledge and experience required to get the best results. Breast and Body Experts – Dr Moncrieff and his team at Hunter Plastic Surgery exclusively provide breast and body surgery for women. That’s it. That’s what they do. They focus on these areas […]
Rise in Plastic Surgery Procedures in Australia Dr Craig Rubinstein Confirms Rise in Plastic Surgery Procedures in Australia July 23, 2020 - According to a television interview aired on Channel 7 earlier this week with Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Craig Rubinstein, enquiries for cosmetic surgery have tripled since March this year. This phenomenon has been covered in recent articles here on Plastic Surgery Hub – and it was only confirmed further in Channel Seven’s interview with Dr Rubinstein. Dr Craig Rubinstein confirms rise in plastic surgery procedures in Australia. According to Dr Rubinstein’s comments on the television show, he believes it is a combination of a lot more people working from home, less social time and for those that are looking to improve their bodies, the closures of many gyms was a factor. The ‘Zoom’ Factor Now of course, for many of millions of remote workers, there is also the ‘Zoom factor’. Those of us who are working from home are increasingly seeing ourselves reflected back on our Zoom cameras – and for many of us, we’re not 100 percent happy with what we see. Dr Rubinstein said that for his practice, it is eyelid surgery, nose surgery and facelifts that were the most popular queries. “Patients aren’t spending money on holidays or going out – and if they are now working […]
Liza's Breast Reduction Liza’s Breast Reduction on the Transforming Bodies podcast March 5, 2020 - Liza says she had wanted a breast reduction for as long as she can remember. From early puberty she says her breasts just seemed to get bigger and bigger and it caused problems with her weight, shoulders, back and neck before she finally decided to have a reduction. You can hear about Liza’s Breast Reduction on the Transforming Bodies podcast. Here’s the before and after pics Liza sent to us to share.
Stephanie's Amazing Transformation Stephanie’s Amazing Transformation – Extended Corset Abdo with Dr Ziggy Moradi November 12, 2019 - Listen to Stephanie’s Amazing Transformation – Skin Removal Surgery by Dr Pouria (Ziggy) Moradi Stephanie shares her massive weight loss journey which led to her corset abdominoplasty and breast reduction with Dr Pouria Moradi. Stephanie says it was when her and her husband were trying for a baby that she decided she needed to lose some weight. However, after losing 16kg Stephanie fell pregnant with triplets and put her weight loss on hold. A couple of years after her children were born, Stephanie tried a weight loss program that worked and lost around 60kg. The excess skin that remained and her separated muscles was what led to Stephanie’s amazing transformation. Stephanie talks us through the ups and downs of her journey and how she now helps others to lose weight just like she did. For more information on Dr Pouria Moradi or to see more of his amazing before and afters visit his website.
Vanessa's Breast Reduction Vanessa’s Breast Reduction Patient Story with Dr Craig Rubinstein September 2, 2019 - Vanessa’s recent breast reduction and lift with Dr Craig Rubinstein from Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery. Vanessa says when she went through IVF to have children one of the size effects of the hormones she took during that time was that her breasts grew “gigantic”! Vanessa had around 2kg removed and says her breast reduction surgery was the best decision she ever made. Dr Craig Rubinstein is a highly respected and experienced Australian Plastic Surgeon renowned for his breast work. To see more patient stories for Dr Rubinstein check out the blogs below. To learn more about Dr Rubinstein you can visit his website. Read another Dr Rubinstein Breast Reduction Patient Story         Further Reading about Breast Reduction Breast Reduction Surgery in Melbourne by Dr Jane Paterson Breast Reduction Sydney – Soliman Plastic Surgery Breast Reduction Melbourne by Dr Carmen Munteanu FRACS (Plas) Breast Reduction Perth WA by Dr Anh Breast Reduction by Dr. Guy Watts | Plastic Surgeon Perth Read more Breast Reduction Blog by Craig Rubinstein on PSH What to look for in a Breast Surgeon by Dr Craig Rubinstein Sue’s Breast Reduction Patient Story with Dr Craig Rubinstein Does Medicare Cover Breast Reduction or Breast […]
Mode Plastic Surgery Breast Reduction in Sydney August 26, 2019 - Breast Reduction, also called a Reduction Mammoplasty, can reduce the size of breasts significantly. The procedure can also reduce the size of the darker area around the nipple called the areola. There are several benefits to a breast reduction and we chatted to Dr Shagun Aggarwal from Sydney’s North Shore about the reasons why women come to him for a breast reduction in Sydney. While a breast reduction can reduce the size of the breast, it can also help to give a perkier appearance to the breast and move the nipple to a more youthful, desirable position. Dr Aggarwal says there are several reasons why women have reductions. “They may have pain that is occurring in the back, neck, shoulders or the breasts themselves; heaviness of the breasts that causes bra straps to dig into the shoulders, difficulty sleeping or getting comfortable at night or the need to use arms to lift the breasts. Larger breasts can also cause maceration or rashes of the skin under the breasts, especially in warmer weather or alternatively women seek the procedure to correct the sagging of their breasts, also called breast ptosis.” Dr Aggarwal shared an image from his website to demonstrate breast […]
carleys journey Jasmine’s Breast Reduction with Dr Nicholas Moncrieff August 20, 2019 - Jasmine, a 22 year old nurse from Canberra lost a large amount of weight and her sagging breasts were causing her pain and affecting her self-esteem. After a lot of research, both in her home town of Canberra and nationally around Australia, Jasmine discovered Dr Nicholas Moncrieff, Plastic Surgeon in Newcastle. Jasmine says she’s just so thankful she found him and it was more than worth the trip up to see him. This is her story. Why did you want surgery? Having lost 25kg and I was left with sad saggy breasts causing a lot of back/neck problems as well as a lack of self confidence at 21. Clothes didn’t fit properly and working out was a struggle. How did you do your research? Living in Canberra there weren’t a lot of local options so I expanded my research and looked at Sydney and across Australia. I saw the I’m so glad I found out about Dr Moncrieff on Instagram one morning and convinced my mother to let me have my reduction in Newcastle as I really liked all their before and afters and lots of real women on their page. Was travelling to Newcastle for your surgery easy or […]
Fixing Breast Asymmetry Fixing Breast Asymmetry with Dr Marucci July 24, 2019 - Most women’s breasts are not the same size. One is always a slightly different size or shape than the other. Breast asymmetry refers to when that difference in size is significant or noticeable to the point where it causes embarrassment or difficulty in finding a bra or clothes to fit. Breast asymmetry is a common reason for women undergoing breast surgery and we chatted to Dr Damian Marucci, Plastic Surgeon based in Kogarah Sydney about what’s involved in fixing breast asymmetry – when breasts aren’t the same size. Asymmetrical breasts usually become apparent during puberty or when the patient experiences hormonal changes including pregnancy, but they can also be a result of trauma or cancer treatment where part of the breast is cut out. There are several issues it can cause including: Issues with finding bras and clothes to fit. Some women can have breasts where one is anywhere up to several sizes larger or smaller than the other. Bras don’t come in different cup sizes. Clothes can also be extremely hard to find if you’re trying to hide the fact that your breasts are massively uneven. Imagine trying to hide that in swimwear. Women often solve the problem with […]
Breast Reduction Surgery – Expectations vs. Reality Breast Reduction Surgery – Expectations vs. Reality July 18, 2019 - Breast reduction is a life-changing surgery and according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, it has one of the highest satisfaction rates. Patients with overly large breasts are no strangers to feelings of heaviness, decreased mobility and back, neck and shoulder pain. Psychologically, large breasts can also lead to a negative body image and lower self-esteem in women of all ages. Breast reduction surgery can reduce both the size and the weight of the breasts, ensuring patients feel more comfortable and confident. To ensure you have a positive experience, however, we look at what it’s really like to undergo a breast reduction. Your Expectations vs. the Reality of Breast Reduction Surgery Expectation: The scarring is going to be severe Reality: Scarring is an inevitable part of any cosmetic surgery procedure but this doesn’t mean that it will be severe. One of your surgeon’s main objectives is to keep scarring to a minimum. By choosing the right surgeon for your procedure, your scarring won’t be as visible as you’re imagining it to be. Over and above this, breast reduction patients are more than happy to live with some minor scarring in exchange for a better quality of life. There are […]
breast reduction tummy tuck Before & After questions for breast reduction and tummy tuck with Dr Charles Cope June 11, 2019 - Enjoy this Facebook Live video recording where we have a Before & After questions for breast reduction and tummy tuck with Dr Charles Cope who is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon based in Sydney, NSW. Dr Cope answers all the group questions including the following questions. Q: My boobs are still huge but sagging after breastfeeding 2 kids and I’m thinking about having a reduction, but I don’t want to end up feeling like I’m TOO small, and how do I know I’ll get a good shape? I don’t really want implants… Q: When is a breast reduction covered by Medicare? What if there’s debilitating back and shoulder pain? Q: Are you covered by Medicare if you need a tummy tuck because of muscle separation? What other circumstances might you be covered? Q: Can a mons pubis reduction be done at the same time as a tummy tuck and does it cost extra or is it considered a different procedure? Q: I’ve heard that some surgeons use drains for a tummy tuck and some don’t. Does it depend on the patient? Do you use drains? For every patient? Does it prolong the recovery? Does it affect your ability to wear compression […]
breast reduction surgeon Breast Reduction Surgeon in Cairns May 27, 2019 - Breast reduction can be an extremely emotional procedure. A woman’s reasons for breast reduction are very personal and usually include self-esteem issues or physical pain. Having larger sized breast can cause back issues, unwanted taunts from strangers and a host of other problems and concerns. Dr Isolde Hertess, Specialist Plastic Surgeon from Cairns Plastic Surgery, says breast reduction can be one of the most rewarding procedures for both patient and breast reduction surgeon and shares with us what you should expect. Breast Reduction to reduce physical pain Dr Hertess says breast reduction is a surgery to reduce psychological pain as well as physical pain. “Neck and back pain, bra strap indentations on the shoulders, and general discomfort are all unfortunate realities for women who have exceptionally large, heavy breasts. Also known as a reduction mammaplasty, a breast reduction helps to create breasts more proportionate to the body.” Dr Hertess says breast reduction is one of the few plastic surgeries that teenagers often want. “Young women may feel self-conscious about large breasts, on top of suffering from extreme neck and back pain. They may feel embarrassed wearing certain clothing or finding clothes that fit well and may hesitate to exercise or […]
Weight Loss Excess Skin Your Reconstruction Program – Weight Loss and Excess Skin Procedures Planning April 29, 2019 - For many patients, getting to the point of undergoing plastic surgery is not an easy process or journey. In a lot of cases there is massive weight loss (MWL), pregnancy and childbirth, or years of thinking about it before it actually happens. Losing weight is a massive undertaking and a big step forward in the process, but it’s the plastic surgery that can be the most emotional. Dr Craig Layt, Plastic Surgeon based on the Gold Coast, QLD and Ballina in Northern NSW says it’s important patients recognise they are often not just looking at one plastic surgery procedure (which can in itself be daunting), but should be looked at as a total Reconstruction Program – Weight Loss Excess Skin, that may have a few stages. Stage 1 – Losing weight, or getting healthy For most of us, losing weight is not so easy. In fact, I know one lady who says she’s been on over 200 different diets and has tried to lose weight at least as many times in the last 20 years. I know myself, I’ve probably tried at least ten different diets, and my weight is constantly fluctuating to this day. But for those who do […]

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