Coolsculpting (Cryolipolysis)

There are some stubborn fats in our body, which no matter how much we try to get rid of them by dieting and exercise, they just never go. Then we’re left with two choices, either to live with it, or opt for surgery.

Coolsculpting is a specially-designed procedure for these stubborn fats. It’s made to target the fat cells, to remove only them from the body, achieving what cannot be achieved by diet and/or exercise. Coolsculpting offers quick results.

The way it destroys the fat cells is quite unique. It leads to the cooling of targeted tissues. This exposure to cold brings about the death of the cells present in the subcutaneous fat tissues with no obvious damage to the overlying skin. Coolsculpting is in fact the non-invasive alternative to liposuction.


Coolsculpting produces no burning of the tissues and no damage or shattering of the skin. It achieves its goal via cooling of the fats cells present under the skin. This procedure ensures that only fat cells get frozen while your skin remains fine and healthy.

There are no scalpels, blades, needles or suction hoses, therefore chance of scar formation is nil. The fat cells upon receiving cold temperature get crystallised and die. These fats cells are then naturally eradicated from the body.

Coolsculpting varies from other fat-eliminating procedures in several ways. In liposuction, suction of the fat cells is achieved via an incision. Lipodissolve does the same thing but via injections of fat-melting substances. Another procedure utilises laser energy of low-level creating a pore in the fat cell, and thus evacuates its contents.

Generally, CoolSculpting is carried out by a plastic surgeon. It can also be performed by an experienced dermatologist. It may take a little longer than other procedures, generally 1 to 3 hours. The doctor will mark the area required to undergo treatment. The area will be covered with a gel to protect the skin. Utilizing a hand-held vacuum applicator, the doctor will pull out the surplus skin and underlying fat in between the two cooling sheets. A pulling sensation will be felt by a patient, a chill feeling will also be experienced in the treated area. These sensations will disappear quickly and the region will become numb. Cooling will be last till the predetermined time. The cooling will convert the fat from a liquid to a solid. This will be then eliminated naturally from the body within 2 months.

Dual Coolsculpting (or DualSculpting) is the use of two CoolSculpting machines at the same time. This reduces the time and number of treatments needed.

This procedure is generally safe. It produces no adverse effects on the enzymes of the liver and also has no effect on the cholesterol. CoolSculpting has been specifically developed to remove the targeted fat cells. Over time (normally 2-4 months) you will experience a slow yet steady lessening of the fat layer. CoolSculpting is free of use of any anaesthesia or surgery. It requires no pain-controlling medicines. You will be able to return to your usual routine on the same day.

Risks and Complications

In a few patients, there has been evidence of swelling, bruising, redness or tenderness of the treated area. This is the result of body’s reaction to the procedure. This is normal and requires no treatment. These symptoms are easily resolved on their own. Some people may complain of cramps, discomfort, numbness, itching or tingling at the site of treatment. All these symptoms vanish within a few days of treatment. Only rarely, do some people experience numbness for a longer time. It is also considered a harmless procedure. Bruising sometimes occurs for those people with blood-related disorders. In this context, Coolsculpting is contraindicated for people with bleeding disorder. Coolscuplting is a new technique for reducing bulging tummies, treating bra bulge, inner thighs, muffin top and banana roll.

Q. Who are the ideal candidates for Coolsculpting?

A. Ideal candidates for Coolsculpting are those with visible bumps or bulges. Keep in mind, this procedure is not for all people. It is not planned for cellulite problems not even for obesity and it does not replace liposuction.

Q. When will results appear after Coolsculpting procedure?

A. The results take 3 weeks to become fully noticeable, but the most striking results may take up to 2 months, sometimes longer than 2 months.

Q. Are the results of Coolsculpting long-lasting?

A. Yes, long-lasting as the obstinate fat cells have been abolished.

Q. Is there any discomfort associated with the procedure?

A. Coolsculpting is not associated with any pain during a procedure, however a little discomfort may develop for a short time afterwards.

Q. Will I require more than one Coolsculpting treatment?

A. Perhaps! It depends on the individual requirement. Each treatment decreases the thickness of the fat bulge. If you feel that you want to go for another treatment, then feel free to do do.


Courtesy of Dr Jayson Oates

Courtesy of Dr Jayson Oates

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