DermaFracDermafrac is a micro-channelling treatment, also known as micro-needling or skin needling, that helps to improve the appearance of ageing skin, uneven skin tone and dull lifeless looking skin. It causes gentle injury to the skin which then triggers the body’s natural regeneration response to rejuvenate, hydrate and clarify skin tone.

DermaFrac™ by Genesis Biosystems is an innovative design using stainless steel needle tips that roll across the skin to a precise depth, while also delivering a customised serum with active ingredients for your individual skin concerns. DermaFrac is unique in that it has a vacuum assisted occlusion which maximises the serum’s absorption and effect, while minimising the pain sometimes associated with needling.

The serums are part of the reason for DermaFrac’s success and its ingredients are designed to restore the skin whatever your skin concern is.

Some key ingredients you will see amongst the Dermafrac serums include:

  • Peptides help to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Hyaluronic acid helps protect skin from moisture loss. This specific combination also includes aloe, green and white tea and grape seed antioxidants to calm the skin.
  • Vitamin C guards against free radical damage, give the skin a boost of antioxidants. Skin will appear smooth and glowing.
  • Copper peptides optimize skin rejuvenation and regeneration for firmer, smoother skin and their calming properties soothe skin during and after a procedure.
  • Kojic Acid is a proven, effective ingredient which acts upon melanin-producing cells to assist in evening out skin tone. Kojic Acid also has purifying and detoxifying properties.
  • Salicylic Acid exfoliates, clears clogged pores and purifies the skin. Lactic Acid loosens the bonds between dead skin cells and reduces the formation of whiteheads and blackheads.
Q. Where is DermaFrac suitable for use?

A. DermaFrac is suitable for most areas including full face and neck treatments; around the eyes and lips.

Q. Is DermaFrac suitable for all patients?

A. Although DermaFrac is a controlled and safe treatment, there are some instances where your practitioner should advise you against receiving the treatment. These include: open sores and wounds; HIV/Hepatitis; High doses of blood thinners; Uncontrolled brittle diabetes; Sunburned skin; Dermatitis, fungal infections; Active rosacea or active acne; Skin cancer; raised moles/warts; Keloid scarring; Easily bruised skin. Your skin clinician will provide you with a consent form with extensive list of contra indications prior to having a Dermafrac treatment.

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