Dermocosmetica are a specialised company focused on providing integrated skincare solutions through clinically proven skincare brands designed to treat all dermatological conditions including cosmetic, corrective or therapeutic. Dermocosmetica supply to leading Australian and New Zealand pharmacy, medical and skin care professionals including dermatologists, plastic surgeons and professional aestheticians.

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Dermocosmetica have several exciting products including those featured on Channel 7 News recently – “The DNA breakthrough claiming to wind back the clock for sun damage, wrinkles.”:

PRESCRIBEDsolutions® DNA. This product utilises 2 core products to provide effective DNA repair with a combination of ingredients that reverse DNA damage, excise CPDs (UV damage that causes distortion of DNA) and protect against future damage.

TRIPLE-ACTION Urbane Renewal® Anti-oxidant Serum 27mL – RRP $141.00

Urbane RenewalDNA Repair: The formulation contains a unique complex of ingredients that repairs damaged DNA, including photosomes®,Roxisomes® and Ultrasomes® as well as 7 Anti-oxidants that have been shown to protect against free radicals found in pollutants, smog, cigarette smoke and pesticides. It also contains osmopur, hydrolyzed algin, lepidium sativum sprouts, thermus thermophillus, ergothioneine and hedychium spicatum extract. Lastly creatine has been added to maintain cell energy to speed natural mitochondrial repair.

Cream – No Sugar® TRIPLE-ACTION Anti-Glycation Cream 50mL – RRP $173.00

Cream - No SugarCream – No Sugar® is so luxurious you won’t believe your skin is on a sugar-free diet! Protect skin against ageing while repairing DNA with this hydrating cream. Used primarily in the evening. An ideal cream for older skin types It contains a unique complex of ingredients that repairs damaged DNA, including Photosomes®, Roxisomes® and Ultrasomes®. The Anti-glycation protection comes from carnosine and saccharomyces ferment filtrate, helping to maintain skin suppleness and stimulate elastin production. Lastly, the emollient vehicle with shea butter and the moisturizes cocoa seed butter, sunflower seed oil and soluble collagen provide its humectant properties.

For further information about PRESCRIBEDsolutions® DNA repair skincare including ranging enquiries, orders, clinical papers etc please contact George Kypreos on (03) 9386 3503 or by email on

Dermocosmetica PRESCRIBEDsolutions Skin Care Products Repairing Sun Damage December 21, 2017 - A skincare that actually reverses skin damage. This is exactly what we need, especially here in Australia. PRESCRIBEDsolutions DNA is a new approach to skin care and their products with a special formula and ingredients actually repair sun damage to the skin. In fact, the research and science behind the skincare have been proven so effective in their results that industry professionals are agreeing that this skincare is the way of the future. A recent report on Channel 7 news agrees, and clinics all over the country are moving to stock these products that are a much needed addition to the Australian skin care market. PRESCRIBEDsolutions DNA actually repair the skincare’s DNA that is damaged by overexposure to the sun. This means it reduces or erases: Sunburn Blotches Pigmentation Fine Lines Wrinkles How it helps with Free Radicals and damaged skin The ingredients in the range also protect the skin against the free radicals found in the environment through smog, smoke, pesticides and other pollutants. These products are perfect for older skin already damaged – it can help repair the skin on a cellular level and bring the skin back to a more youthful state as it was before it […]
Dermocosmetica PRESCRIBEDsolutions Awesome Skincare Products Alert!! PRESCRIBEDsolutions DNA November 28, 2017 - You all know that I love a great skincare product. I’ve come across a beautiful range in the last few months that were recently featured on Channel 7 news. Sometimes I feel like I’m in sync with all the latest trends! PRESCRIBEDsolutions DNA, distributed by Dermocosmetica, are the products in question, and they’re one of the best ranges I’ve come across in a while. These skincare products are getting our attention for a reason. They are able to repair skin at a cellular level and repair your damaged DNA. This means you can actually see your skin regenerating and replenishing each and every time you use it and it only improves with time. Antioxidants The secret (not so secret really!) to great skincare is antioxidants. These are the good guys that protect your skin from the bad guys (free radicals) such as pollution, smoke and a range of other nasties your skin comes across in it’s day to day journey out into the world. The PRESCRIBEDsolutions DNA range can help stimulate elastin production which is what keeps your skin tight and supple, and of course any great skin product nourishes your skin, and this one does it wonderfully. Filled with […]
Dermocosmetica Interview Dermocosmetica Video Interview on Retriderm & DNA Repair June 16, 2015 - Trish: So we are here today with George from Dermocosmetica, he’s the Managing Director, and we are talking about a couple of new products that are now on the market. The first one is the Retriderm. Can you tell us a little bit about it, George? George: Sure. Retriderm is one of the hot topicals that just been released. It’s a vitamin A. It’s a pure form of retinol actually in a patented formula which makes it a lot more bioavailable and a lot more effective than your typical retinol products on the market. It’s beauty is that it’s a lot more pleasant on the skin and has a lot less reactions than other types of vitamin A. So compliance and acceptability is great. Trish: So the bioavailability makes it more readily available for the skin. George: Yeah, absolutely. It penetrates better. Being an aqueous suspension as opposed to liquid soluble suspension. It’s a little bit deeper into the skin. And it’s converted a lot more lot efficiently to retinoic acid, so, it gets there thick quicker and it’s just lovely on the skin. You’ve really got to try it. It’s a lovely serum. Trish: Great. And you can only […]


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