DNA Renewal - Clinical High Grade Skin Care

DNA Renewal is considered one of the world’s most sophisticated at-home anti-ageing and anti-cancer skincare solutions. The light but potent formulas are designed for both men and women and features 8 products:

  • DNA Regeneration Serum
  • DNA Intensive Renewal
  • DNA Night Renewal
  • DNA Eye Renewal
  • DNA Restoring Mask
  • DNA Sheer Defense Medium & Light Tint
  • DNA Sheer Defense Non-Tinted
  • DNA Foaming Cleanser
  • DNA Scar Therapy

DNA Renewal is a state of the art skin care system clinically proven to repair and reverse the signs of aging. The products are free of fragrances, parabens and sulfates and have been formulated with the highest levels of active ingredients for optimum performance.

DNA Renewal is based on science with the original research on DNA repair enzymes conducted by Dr Ronald Moy. By replenishing DNA repair enzymes that have been damaged by our environment and bad habits, DNA Renewal is clinically proven to decrease wrinkles and pore size, as well as lift and tighten the skin of the eyes and lower face.

Dr Moy has spent the majority of his life dedicated to understanding the impact of photo damage on skin’s health and ageing. As the master control for all skin functions, healthy DNA is vital to beautiful skin. With aging, the production of DNA Repair Enzymes declines. Skin cell turnover slows down dramatically, cellular repair becomes deficient, and the dermal matrix weakens.

The DNA Renewal range was originally developed to reverse pre-cancers in patients with severely sun damaged skin, however further research found that the DNA repair enzymes used in alliance with growth factors showed dramatic age-reversing results.

With the 2015 Nobel prize in Chemistry being awarded to three leading scientists for their studies in DNA repair, this provides affirmative evidence that DNA is repairable.

For more information or to purchase any of this amazing range of products you can visit the Advanced Cosmeceuticals website here.

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