Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty – the medical term for this procedure – is an operation to remove excess skin around the eye area. Excess skin and bags can not only make you look tired and drained but can also make you look much older then you are – or want to look.

Why have Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty is a specialized surgery, which can help take years off your face. Some people notice over time, that their skin has become saggy with large ‘hoods’ found above their eyes. In addition they may also notice strange pockets of fat stored under the eyes. It is at this stage that individuals then seek the advice of a plastic surgeon.

Blepharoplasty does not only refer to the eyelids, but includes the area around the eyes as well. This procedure helps to remove the excess sagging skin from around the eyes as well as the fatty tissue. This surgery can also be used to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles which are often known as ‘Crows Feet’ which can be found in the corners of the eyes.

There are many benefits to having eyelid surgery. Having a small procedure like this can boost an individual’s confidence and helps to increase their self esteem. This procedure can also help the individual to apply make up in a quick and efficient fashion as well as improve the overall look and ‘freshness’ of the face.

When considering having eyelid surgery, your plastic surgeon will go through the two areas – upper and lower eyelids. The surgeon will then help you to make the decision to have either one of the two surgeries or both at the same time.

Upper eyelid surgery for some can be extremely simple and can consist of just a local anaesthetic and a light sedation. The surgeon will use a light sedation as this means that the recovery time for the procedure will be much quicker than that of a general anaesthetic.

The eyelid surgery begins with a small incision that will be made along the crease of the upper eyelid. As this is a natural crease, it will be invisible to others and just seem like the natural line you have there already.

The next step of this procedure is similar to facelift surgery, where by the surgeon will peel the skin away from the underlying tissue and will then remove any excess fat, tighten up the muscle, then remove any excess skin and seal up the area. Usually, just before the surgeon seals up the area, the skin will be stretched over the area, smoothing out all fine lines and wrinkles.

The surgeon can use two kinds of techniques to seal up the wound. The first technique would be the usual stitches that will be soluble meaning that they will not have to be removed from the area; the other technique is gluing the wound with surgical glue. Surgical glue is an adhesive, which can be used on skin to hold it together before the natural healing process takes over.

The lower eyelid surgery is almost always completed under general anaesthetic. The surgeon will make a simple incision along the lower lash line and remove any excess fatty tissue from underneath the eye, which is commonly known as ‘bags’. The surgeon will then stretch the skin out to remove the lines and wrinkles and the wound will be stitched up.

Risks and Complications

Generally, modern day surgery is considered safe.

There are no procedures which are completely risk free. Complications are rare, however anyone who is thinking about having this surgery must be aware of the risks and complications which may arise.

Undergoing a general anaesthetic can have many risks, which include; slowed heart rate and blood pressure, blood clot in the lungs, blood clot in the legs, heart failure and even death.

Approximately one-third of patients who receive an anaesthetic during surgery will experience “anaesthesia sickness” or post-operative nausea and vomiting (POVN).

The complications that can arise with the procedure itself include:
Possible blurred vision is a complication however this is usually temporary, difficulty moving in opening and closing the eyes, scarring, red eyes, infection, bleeding, dry eyes and asymmetry when healing. Swelling and bruising of the eyelids can also happen as they have been damaged. Occasionally this swelling is due to an infection, which could result in the individual having to go on a short course of antibiotics. If the infection becomes worse and an abscess forms on the eyelid, then you must seek out professional help to either have the abscess removed surgically.

Q. How long will I have to take off work if I am having eyelid surgery?

A. You will only have to take off a matter of days and can get back to normal relatively quickly. Some choose to go back to work a day or so after having the operation and wear dark glasses so no one can see what they have had done. With some individuals, your eyes may appear as if you have been punched as they will be swollen and bruised, so it is suggested to take it easy for at least a few days and avoid strenuous exercise for at least a week.

Q. Is eyelid surgery safe?

A. Yes, eyelid surgery is safe. There have only been minimal reports on cases that have not had a positive outcome.

What does Blepharoplasty cost? What does eyelid surgery cost?

Blepharoplasty refers to eyelid surgery in general, but there are two different procedures – Upper Eyelid Surgery or Lower Eyelid Surgery. You can have one of these procedures done on its own, or you can have them both performed at the same time. Each surgery takes approximately the same time and costs about the same too. Most of the surgeries/clinics we spoke to just added up both of the costs for each of the surgeries if you wanted both done, but some gave a slightly reduced figure if you had both done at the same time.

Upper or Lower (done on its own without the other)
Approximately $1,800 – $5,000

Upper And Lower (performed at the same time)
Approximately $5,000 – $11,000

Blepharoplasty Mendelson Blepharoplasty – Eye Surgery with Dr Bryan Mendelson July 19, 2019 - Ageing can creep up on you, and one of the first and most obvious signs of ageing appear around your eyes. Your upper lid starts to droop and before you know it you’re looking older, tired and your vision can even be affected and you can start to get headaches. Blepharoplasty, or eye surgery, can completely transform your appearance to a more youthful state and can improve your vision. Dr Bryan Mendelson is one of Australia’s most preeminent facial surgeons and is referred to by plastic and facial surgeons all over the world. We chatted to him about how blepharoplasty, when done right, can look completely natural and beautiful. Facial Surgery Gets Deep – Internal Support Facial ageing, including around the eyes, occurs because the muscles and tissues beneath the skin loosen and so simply pulling the skin back will not work to provide a natural or lasting results. Dr Mendelson says, “Tightening the skin is only a temporary solution and is often noticeable and appears “forced”. This is the technique used in the early days of plastic surgery for the masses during the 80’s and into the 90’s. To provide a natural looking, aesthetically pleasing result for eye surgery, […]
Facelift Blepharoplasty Facelift and Blepharoplasty – treat the signs of ageing March 8, 2019 - We all want to age gracefully but what happens when we see signs of ageing on our face and around our eyes? Facelift surgery and blepharoplasty (eye) surgery can help treat the signs of ageing on the face, but how do you know what you really need? A facelift? A blepharoplasty? Maybe you might need both. We chatted to Dr Mark Edinburg, Plastic Surgeon based in Sydney NSW to talk us through it. Who are the best candidates for Facelift Surgery? Dr Edinburg says the best candidates for facelift surgery are those whose facial skin has sagged and who has sagging of the jowls and neck. “Your appearance may be a result of ageing in general or if you’ve experienced significant weight loss, either naturally or via Bariatric/Gastric Bypass Surgery. Facelift Surgery can help to restore a more firm-looking complexion by tightening the loose, draping skin and underlying structures that have all been affected.” Any good surgeon will tell you that no two facelifts are the same. Dr Edinburg says it’s important to remember, “A facelift is not an ‘off the shelf’ surgery. Realising that you are an individual, I tailor your surgery according to what you specifically require in order […]
Blepharoplasty – a Glossary of Terms relating to Eye Surgery you need to know… November 28, 2018 - Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is enjoying a surge in popularity this procedure can transform your appearance from being tired to being rejuvenated and improve your field of vision. However, there are a few words you might like to know related to eye surgery to help you understand what type of eyelid surgery you might need, what your issues or conditions might be called, what the risks are, and what your surgeon is talking about when you go to have a consultation. We asked Dr Naveen Somia, Specialist Plastic Surgeon based in Sydney, highly skilled in blepharoplasty and eyelid surgery to help us out… Amblyopia – also referred to as “lazy eye” patients can be born with this condition or it can develop when one eye has better focus or less vision than the other. Blepharoplasty – repair or reconstruction of the eyelid. Canthoplasty or Canthopexy – procedures used in conjunction with blepharoplasty when the corner of the eyelid needs to be supported and strengthened. Entropion – the lower eyelid turns inwards rubbing against the cornea and causing irritation. Ectropion – the outer eyelid turns or sags outwards exposing the inner eye. Extended Lower Blepharoplasty – Combined with midface lift when […]
eyelid surgery recovery tips What To Expect During Eyelid Surgery Recovery October 12, 2018 - The moment your eyelid surgery has been completed, the healing process will begin. Following your surgery, you will need to rest for about an hour before you are allowed to go home. A cold gel eye mask is usually placed over your eyes to alleviate any discomfort and swelling directly after your surgery. Recovering at Home You will need to give yourself at least 48 hours to recover from your eyelid surgery and a cold compress is recommended to accelerate your recovery. Taking the time to rest will also reduce any bruising and swelling. To reduce the severity of any bruising and swelling that you might experience, your surgeon will use diathermy instruments to perform your procedure. These specialised instruments cauterise the blood vessels as they are cut, which results in less bruising after your surgery. It’s important to follow your surgeon’s post-procedure instructions to ensure a smooth recovery. Eyelid Surgery Recovery Tips Here are a few additional tips that will aid your eyelid surgery approved by top Sydney blepharoplasty specialist, Dr Andre Safvat: 1. Don’t exert yourself. Gravity and fluid will affect your eyelids, which is why it’s important not to do anything strenuous for the first 2 weeks. […]
Facelift and Necklift – When is the right time and is it right for me? October 4, 2018 - Crease lines around your nose, mouth, chin and eyes? Sagging skin and muscles on your face, neck and jawline? These are signs you might be ready for a face and neck lift. Feeling like you’ve aged before your time can affect your self-esteem, happiness and confidence. We had a chat to plastic surgeon Dr Raymond Goh, Specialist Plastic Surgeon based at Valley Plastic Surgery in Brisbane, QLD, well known for his natural looking face and neck lift results, about when a patient should be considering a face and neck lift and how he gets such beautiful results. A facelift and necklift are often performed in conjunction with each other, although they can be stand alone procedures. They are also often performed alongside other facial procedures such as blepharoplasty (eyelid reduction or lift). A facelift and necklift is usually considered to be a more significant operation than other “smaller” facial cosmetic procedures and indeed the recovery time reflects this. These procedures are usually reserved for older patients for whom time has taken its toll. Dr Goh says while he performs facelifts and necklifts on patients of varying ages, “patients are generally in their forties or older when they elect to undergo […]
All your blepharoplasty questions answered – Eye surgery with Dr Naveen Somia July 30, 2018 - Dr Naveen Somia is a highly respected Sydney plastic surgeon and took time out to chat to us about blepharoplasty, or eye surgery and answered all our questions. Trish: Hey, listeners, well I’m here today with Dr. Naveen Somia, and Dr. Somia is a specialist plastic surgeon who’s based in Bondi Junction, and Bella Vista, in Sydney, and today we’re going to have a discussion about blepharoplasty. For those of you that don’t know, blepharoplasty is eyelid surgery. We’re going to actually talk about upper and lower blepharoplasty, which is his specialty. It’s what he does a lot of, and it’s what he knows the ins and outs of. So thank you so much for joining us today. Dr Somia: Thank you, Trish. Trish: So tell us, I know that you do a lot of blepharoplasty surgery. Can you tell us a little bit about upper, well, actually, we’ll start with the upper. So what is upper blepharoplasty surgery? Dr Somia: Upper blepharoplasty surgery is the technical term for upper eyelid surgery. The commonest reason people have upper eyelid surgery is to correct changes that usher with the advancing age. Namely, the most common feature is that the loose amounts […]
Lynn’s Blepharoplasty and Brow Lift with Dr Craig Layt on the Gold Coast July 19, 2018 - Lynne inherited her hooded eyes from her mum and felt she looked tired all the time and was frustrated she couldn’t use eyeliner. She decided to fix the problem and had eye surgery along with a brow lift with Dr Craig Layt on the Gold Coast. She’s not only thrilled with her results but her vision has also improved. Trish: Oh, hey, everyone. So it’s Trish here from Transforming Bodies, Plastic Surgery Stories and today, I’m joined by the lovely Lynn. Now Lynn, has just recently had some surgery with Dr. Craig Layt who’s at The Layt Clinic up in Southport. He also practises in Ballina. And we’re gonna talk to her about a couple of treatments that Lynn’s had. She’s had a blepharoplasty, and also a brow lift. Welcome Lynn. Lynn: Hi. Trish: Thanks so much for joining me today. We finally got together. Lynn: Yeah, finally. Trish: So, tell us, obviously you had your blepharoplasty because of what you had, hooded eyes. So, tell us a bit about that. Lynn: Yeah. My mum also has it. They are really hooded. She’s had it done twice. And so, my eyes were becoming quite hooded. They looked tired all the […]
Steph’s Plastic Surgery Journeys – Tummy Tuck, Arm Lift, Breast Reduction and Upper Blepharoplasty (Eye Surgery) June 6, 2018 - I’m continuously being blown away by the journeys that some people go through when having their plastic surgery. It’s not always fun and games, and there’s so many situations where things get worse before they seem to get better. Today I had the pleasure of chatting to Steph who has lupus (an autoimmune disease) and the incredible journey she has been through. It makes us very aware of choosing our surgeons wisely. Steph’s surgeon Dr Marcus Pyragius went above and beyond through the whole experience – you’ll love this real story. Trish Hammond: I’m here with Stephie today and Stephie has got a fantastic story. She, like a lot of us, so she’s been through to hell and back with her weight. Then she’s had plastic surgery after it, so we’re going to have a chat to Steph today. Get her to tell us a little bit about what she went through, and Steph’s surgery with Dr Marcus Pyragius in Adelaide. So I’m really excited that you’re here, so hey Steph. Stephie: Hey. Trish Hammond: Thank you so much for sharing tonight, it’s really, really good ’cause it’s really great to share what you’ve been through with people who are […]
We talk Blepharoplasty, or Eye Surgery, with Dr Jayson Oates May 18, 2018 - Today I had a great chat with Dr Jayson Oates, ENT Surgeon, where he shared some insight into blepharoplasty surgery, who it’s for, a bit about the process, upper and lower blepharoplasty, how common they are, and a whole lot more. It’s a very common procedure here in Australia, check out this podcast. Trish: Hey podcasters, it’s Trish here again, and today I’m talking with the lovely Dr. Jayson Oates, who is from Academy Face Body in Subiaco in Perth. Dr. Oates is an EMT, and he does lots of surgery on the face, so today we’re going to have a chat about one of the most popular surgeries in Australia, which is the blepharoplasty, which is getting rid of excess skin and sort of fatty tissue around the eyes. Well, I think we’ll find out for sure if that’s exactly what it is, so welcome, Dr. Oates. Dr. Jayson Oates: Hi, Trish, good to be speaking with you again. Trish: Yeah, thanks so much for joining us today. Tell us about a blepharoplasty, is that upper and lower, or like what does blepharoplasty mean? Dr. Jayson Oates: Yeah, so it’s improving the appearance of the eyelids, and it can […]
Blepharoplasty at Panthea Clinics Eyelid Surgery – Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty at Panthea Clinics January 10, 2018 - Are you thinking about having an eye lift? Not sure where to start? We chat to Dr Ross Farhadieh from Panthea Clinics in Sydney and Canberra about natural eye rejuvenation, upper and lower lid blepharoplasty and what’s going to get you the results you want. Dr Farhadieh counts blepharoplasty, or eye surgery, as one of his special areas of interest and has had extensive training in the area. He co-authored a chapter in the renowned Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: Approaches and Techniques textbook on eye rejuvenation. He says patients often don’t realise the importance of a lower bleph, and all too often concentrate on the upper eyelid lift. UPPER OR LOWER EYELIFT, OR BOTH? Upper Blepharoplasty Patients considering an upper eyelid lift often have an overhang over their eyes of excess skin due to ageing. They often complain of having a “tired” look and want to lift the skin to where it sat a few years ago. Droopy eyelids can even cause an impairment of vision and result in wrinkles around the edges of the eyes. Holding the skin above the eyes, or on the forehead, up can show what you might look like after having an upper eyelid lift. […]
Tania's Pinched Bleph Tania talks about her Pinched Bleph (eye surgery) November 21, 2017 - At the recent 40th ASAPS conference in Melbourne I met Tania, who had a really interesting eye surgery called the Pinched Bleph with Dr Jack Zoumaras. It’s like a normal blepharoplasty only less invasive. Tania got some great results. Check out my video interview with her or read her story below. Who did you have your surgery with and what did you have done? Tania: Yes, I recently had a pinch, upper and lower bleph with Dr. Jack Zoumaras in Darling Point from Artiste Plastic Surgery. What is the Pinch Bleph? Basically, well, like it’s just pinching up so basically, it’s not actually going in so your recovery’s quicker and your risk of complications are lower. He doesn’t go as deep so therefore, the risks of bleeding is low, all of that. What was the recovery process like? The recovery was awesome. I had no bruising initially. Obviously, a bit of bruising came up into the surface a couple of days later but at a week post-op, I was back in clinic consulting, seeing patients. What differences have you noticed due to the procedure? Well, I don’t look as tired. I’m able to put on eyeshadow now and you can […]
Benefits of Blepharoplasty Why You Might Need Eye Surgery – The Benefits of a Blepharoplasty October 18, 2017 - We all have those moments when we look in the mirror and see a tired face. But what if it’s not just because you had a bad night’s sleep, but because your eyes are permanently droopy or tired looking? Dr Graham Sellars, Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeon based at the San Clinic in Wahroonga, NSW has 15 years experience in this type of surgery, so we chatted to him about the reasons why patients come to him for an eye surgery and the benefits of a blepharoplasty. Reasons why you might consider a blepharoplasty or eye surgery Dr Sellars says there are several reasons behind his patients’ motivations for wanting eye surgery. Drooping upper eyelid/s (due to age or lifestyle) – also called Ptosis Puffiness or bagginess of the lower eyelids and under the eyes Compromised vision (gravity can pull the eyelids and skin down so far as to affect your eyesight – this can be dangerous especially when driving) Excess skin (again, due to gravity) Reduce or remove wrinkles (crow’s feet) and lines due to ageing Stop irritation caused by overhanging skin. Blepharoplasty can involve an upper eyelid surgery or lower eyelid surgery or both. Dr Sellars says, “The […]
Eye Surgery Success – My Eyes Need a Lift, Zara’s Story October 12, 2017 - Every time Zara looked at photos of herself she felt like she couldn’t see her eyes – only a big overhang where it looked like her eyes were always closed. Zara started looking into the possibility of eye surgery and when she had her consult with Dr Jayson Oates from Academy Face and Body in WA, she knew she’d found her surgeon. Zara shares with us her eye surgery success story. Finding the Right Surgeon Zara says as soon as she sat down with Dr Oates, he explained the procedure to her in detail and she felt as though he understood exactly what it was she hoped to achieve. It was at this consultation that she booked her upper blepharoplasty. “Dr Oates has 20 years of experience. I did not want to have a ‘frightened’ look and my eyes pulled back so much that everybody will know I had it done. As he said ‘my best work will go unnoticed and my surgery will go unnoticed’ – which is exactly the way I wanted it to look – natural – not overdone!” Not only that, Zara says she was booked in for three Hydrafacials to prepare her skin for optimal […]
3rd Triennial Masters Symposium Catching up with Dr George Marcells at the Master’s Symposium – Eye, Face and Brow Surgery October 6, 2017 - It’s always a pleasure to catch up with Dr George Marcells, ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon based in Bondi, Sydney and I was able to grab him for a chat at the Masters Symposium on Blepharoplasty and Facial Rejuvenation in Sydney recently. The symposium was attended by 165 of the who’s who of the world’s best plastic surgeons. All things blepharoplasty and facial rejuvenation, both surgical and non surgical were discussed and our Australian plastic surgeons proved why they are considered some of the best in the world. Dr Marcells agreed, “Folks have been of a very high calibre. And it’s been a lot of relatively new and very interesting information shared between all the specialties.” Dr Marcells agreed that one of the highlights of the conference was Dr Bryan Mendelson, respected Australian Plastic Surgeon, who is a pioneer in the area of facial rejuvenation and understanding of facial anatomy. He said, “Over the past several years, I think even for more than 10 years, he’s (Dr Bryan Mendelson) been following up on studies that show where there’s bony loss around the orbit and eyebrow and mid-face area. And he’s been augmenting those with a coral bone hydroxyapatite that turned […]
Blepharoplasty - Dr Benjamin Burt My chat with Oculoplastic Surgeon Dr Benjamin Burt September 14, 2017 - Oculoplasty is the speciality of working with eyes, and Dr Benjamin Burt from Cosmetic Surgery for Women is one of the best. Working with Cosmetic Surgery for Women in Victoria, Dr Burt gives us some great information about eye surgery, or blepharoplasty, and why it’s important to see a specialist to get the best results. Trish: Oh well, I’m here today with Dr. Benjamin Burt and Dr. Benjamin Burt is something a bit different for us today. We’re going to have a chat to him. He’s an oculoplastic surgeon and he works with Cosmetic Surgery for Women and also Aesthetic Surgery for Men in Hawthorn and Berwick. So welcome! Dr Benjamin Burt: Thanks Trish. Thanks for having me on the programme. Trish: Yeah, I’m really looking forward to having a chat to you. First of all, oculoplastic surgeon, what is that? Dr Benjamin Burt: Well, it’s a great question. It’s a kind of hybrid Trish. Oculoplastic surgeons have done ophthalmic surgery training and they’ve done a lot of training, at least two years but often a lot more, training in plastic surgery just around the eyes, the eye socket, lacrimal system, but particularly the upper and lower lids, forehead, and […]
Blepharoplasty - Eye Surgery Dr Jayson Oates on Blepharoplasty, or Eye Surgery June 7, 2017 - Trish Hammond: Hey, I’m here today with Dr Jayson Oates who’s a Facial Plastic Surgeon. Dr Oates is actually based in Western Australian in Subiaco and he also has a clinic in Crows Nest in Sydney. We’re going to be talking about eyelid surgery for improving headaches and the related quality of life. Thank you so much for joining us today, Dr Oates. Dr Jayson Oates: Hi Trish, nice to be here. Trish Hammond: Lovely. Now, I know that you do lots of blephs and I know an article of yours has been published in the Journal of Facial Plastic Surgery recently. I just want to talk to you about all the benefits, like why having a bleph can actually help. My partner actually does have the really heavy eyelids but it’s not just an aesthetic thing is it? Dr Jayson Oates: Yeah. Well, eyelid surgery is one of the most popular facial plastic surgeries. The eyelids are an area that we see ageing changes the earliest. Especially in the upper eyelid with the hanging skin. It’s not a big procedure, it has a quick recovery, and it makes a really big difference because your eyes are where people look […]
You can't hide your eyes You Can’t Hide Your Eyes May 18, 2017 - You can’t hide your eyes. You can cover up a lot of things but not your eyes. They are a focal point for all social interaction; their shape can change the way your whole face looks, not to mention they are an extremely important part of seeing your way through life. Having surgery on your eyes has to be one of the most important things to get right. Dr Bryan Mendelson, internationally renowned plastic surgeon based in Melbourne, VIC is one of the best. Not only does he mentor other surgeons and speak on the world medical circuit teaching his methods, but he has patients coming from all over the world to have him operate on their eyes. Internal Fixation Technique We know now that just pulling skin doesn’t work to provide long term results for any facial procedure. It’s the same with the eyes. That’s why the “internal fixation” technique is so effective. This is the technique that Dr Mendelson uses and he tells us why. “The aim of upper lid surgery is to bring the skin back to where it was pre-ageing, when there was a nice, clean fold above the eye. Using the technique known as ‘Internal […]
Beautiful Eye Program Beautiful Eye Program with ENRICH April 20, 2017 - ENRICH Dermatology Cosmetic Clinic in Melbourne are experts in eye rejuvenation. They have become so good at addressing the area around the eyes that they have created a program specifically for tightening, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing puffiness, minimising those cheeky dark circles around our eyes and turning back the clock a few years so we look as good as we feel (or better!). Options – Surgical or Non-Surgical ENRICH Clinic offer blepharoplasty, or eye surgery, to lift sagging upper eyelids which can also increase vision, however they also offer a wide range of non-surgical treatments to give you the effect of having a total eye area rejuvenation. “One of our favourite blepharoplasty-type tools is a laser, which works well to tighten skin by addressing both deeper layers and superficial layers. New collagen is generated on the inside tissue, while fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced on the outside. Any pigmentation can also be removed. “Visible tightening and lifting, particularly around the eye area, is one of laser’s greatest advantages. The beauty of laser for blepharoplasty treatments is that treatments continue to improve the area over a six to twelve month period.” Anti-wrinkle injections are also a great […]
Blepharoplasty with Dr Damian Marucci Open Your Eyes and See the Light March 22, 2017 - Did you know that the muscles that control your eyes are the most active muscles in your whole body? We blink approximately 12 times every minute. Seeing takes such a massive effort, around half of our brain needs to be working to make it happen! The muscles around our eyes move every time we blink, smile, laugh, frown, or basically do anything that involves looking and moving. Add to this that the tissue around the eye is some of the thinnest anywhere on the body, it’s no wonder that the skin around the eye is one of the first signs to show ageing. Dr Damian Marucci, plastic surgeon in Kogarah NSW performs a large number of blepharoplasties, or eye-lift surgery, each year, and gave us the following info to gain a better understanding of blepharoplasty and how we can better “open our eyes”. What happens to our eyes as we age? Basically speaking, gravity always wins. There is stretching and loss of support of the tissues around the eyes. This can result in “hooding” of the upper eyelid skin, especially on the outer part of the upper eyelid skin near the temple. This is a classic early sign of ageing. […]
Dr Lionel Chang - Asian Blepharoplasty Dr Lionel Chang – Asian Blepharoplasty: Reasons for Having Eyelid Surgery February 21, 2017 - Lionel Chang: Well, first my name is Lionel Chang, I’m a qualified plastic surgeon, a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. I’m here to talk to you about Asian eyelid surgery which is the most popular operation in Asia because the way most Asian’s eyes looks. They love to have this procedure because it does change their face significantly and make them more attractive. Well, I guess the people view Asian eyelids as a little bit narrower, or slit line. The reason why it’s look like that is because when the eye is open the skin drapes down and covers the top of the eye to make it look narrower. By raising that you’re not only adding feature to the upper eyelid but it makes the eye look bigger and because of that it looks more attractive. That’s why most Asian young women anyway want to have that kind of configuration. Yes, the difference between Asian and Caucasian is not just a single factor, it’s not just the eyelid. People call the Asian the slit eye but in fact there’s a variety of things like hair colour, skin colour, the colour of the eye. Obviously, bone feature is […]
Asian Blepharoplasty Enhance Your Asian Looks With Blepharoplasty by Dr Lionel Chang February 1, 2017 - Asian men and women have distinct and beautiful looks. More commonly, individuals prefer to enhance their appearance through various procedures and surgeries – either as corrective or to improve their beauty. For Asians, common areas for enhancement are their eyes. While living in Chengdu a few years ago, Dr Chang noticed most of his colleagues wanted fuller or larger eyes. With the emergence of celebrities in Asian countries, specifically south Korea, where beauty enhancements such as blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery are part of the pop culture, it is not uncommon to see a spike in demand for plastic surgery. Blepharoplasty is the specialised surgical procedure of removing excess skin and fat in the upper and/or the lower eyelids. Individuals who subject themselves to this procedure have varied reasons in mind why they do it. Generally, individuals undergo blepharoplasty because they want to enhance their looks. Secondly, as people age, the upper and lower eyelids start to sag or droop over the eyes, which may cause blurred vision, a condition that may also be apparent even at an early age for some. Thus, people who fall under this category want to have this surgical enhancement done to improve their vision. Thirdly, […]
Plastic Surgery Packages All Inclusive Plastic Surgery Packages with Dr Patrick Briggs December 27, 2016 - Plastic or cosmetic surgery has been the go-to solution of people who want to improve their looks. You will want to find the best surgeon and location for your desired procedure/s, but it is also important to ensure you know how much you will pay. This is why plastic/cosmetic surgery packages abroad seem to be so attractive. They will give you an all-inclusive package, as well as the idea of a vacation abroad. Check out these all inclusive plastic surgery packages with Dr Patrick Briggs Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon in Western Australia. Not all of these packages, however, come with the quality you expect. Dr. Patrick Briggs, one of Australia’s top cosmetic and plastic surgeons, is popular for his high-quality all-inclusive packages that most local and foreign customers find appealing. Read on to know more about Dr. Briggs’s cosmetic and plastic surgery packages. Who is Dr. Patrick Briggs? Dr. Briggs is a highly reputable plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Australia, as well as many parts of the world. He has received positive reviews from customers who seemed to have built their loyalty to him. This is because of his ability to identify his patients’s problems and relate to them. It […]
Woman dreaming Asian VS Western Plastic Surgery October 13, 2016 - Imagine a culture where plastic surgery was actually encouraged, expected, passed on through generations, and even given as graduation gifts.  Whilst you might automatically think of Hollywood (Hollywood is it’s own little bubble, so we don’t count it!) – there is a society where this is happening on an even grander scale!  One in five South Korean women have had plastic surgery, compared with one in 20 American women.  And, according to the latest figures, Australians spend more on cosmetic procedures per capita than Americans.  But we still don’t compare to South Korea, or the Asians in general.  Why? Does being beautiful mean you’re successful? More than any other ethnic group, Koreans and Asians see being beautiful as being successful.  And their beautiful is not necessarily to look more “western” but to better fit the “universal beauty” look.  What is universally considered beautiful?  It is generally agreed by cultures all over the world that open eyes, a perfectly shaped nose, full lips and a slim, oval shaped face are the characteristics that help to make someone appear more “beautiful”.  Whether this is because of the bombardment of Western media or not, it remains a fact.  And in Asia, or especially […]
Blepharoplasty Mendelson Bright Eyes – Advanced Blepharoplasty with Dr Bryan Mendelson October 10, 2016 - Up until very recently it was thought that tightening the skin was the best method for smoothing out those wrinkles and lines that come with ageing. However this is not necessarily the case. Dr Bryan Mendelson, Plastic Surgeon and internationally recognised authority on facial anatomy and ageing, uses a procedure he calls “Bright Eyes”, or Internal Fixation, being lauded as the most natural and lasting technique around today. Internal Fixation Blepharoplasty has helped thousands of patients restore and refresh the eye area to turn back the clock. The Internal Fixation technique is where the skin is brought back to where it was before it started to sag, creating a more distinct fold above the eye. Not stretching or removing any of your actual surface skin, the skin is gently pulled back to its original position due to the anchoring that occurs underneath the skin. Dr Mendelson says, “The longevity of the Internal Fixation procedure is due to it taking effect beneath the skin, and not on it. Any procedure that pulls or removes excess skin in this area (as all areas on the face), will lead to distortion and short term results, as the skin stretches over time, and is […]
Lids By Design Michelle Kearney, Bella Aesthetics, “Lids By Design” Australian release! July 22, 2016 - Trish: I’m here today with Michelle Kearney from Bella Aesthetics. I’m really excited; there’s an amazing new product that’s just come on the market. It’s called Lids by Design, and it’s for people that have the really heavy eye and don’t want to go down the surgery path, basically. Tell us about it, Michelle. Michelle: It’s pretty exciting, Trish. When I was in the U.S., all of the medi spas were selling this and I thought, “I’ve never seen that before.” I spoke to the women that were having it, and they were so excited; because it’s something that they wear every day, they don’t know they’ve got it on, they can put makeup on top of it, it’s hypoallergenic … It’s just a little strip that they put on top of their eyelids each day and they get an instant eyelid. It looks like they’ve had a bleph; they can put makeup on and they look … They’re just so happy with it. It’s amazing. Trish: It’s perfect for ladies or men that have got a really heavy lid and they … Michelle: Yes, yes. Trish: Just want to open their eyes a bit more. Michelle: Absolutely. When I […]
Interview with Dr Lionel Chang Dr Chang – 30 years experience in Asian Blepharoplasty & Rhinoplasty July 18, 2016 - Trish Hammond: I’m here today with Dr Lionel Chang, and he’s a specialist plastic surgeon based in Burwood, Sydney. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today. We’re just going to have a bit of a chat about Asian blepharoplasty and asian rhinoplasty, and why is it a bit different, because Dr Chang is a specialist in this area. He’s been doing it for many, many years, so thank you. First of all, how long have you been doing Asian rhinoplasty and Asian blepharoplasty? Lionel: Well, more than 30 years let’s say. A long time, yes. Trish Hammond: You’ve done a lot in your time? Lionel: Yes, I have because my training is based… All my teachers… Caucasians. Whereas I’m ethnically Chinese. When I started my practice, a lot of Asian patients approached me to do all these things. I never had training, and I didn’t know how to do it. Nobody was doing it in Australia, so I started off by reading the textbooks, and taught myself how to do it. In the early days, the patients are very forgiving. I made some mistakes, but I learn from my mistakes. Out of that, I […]
Blepharoplasty & Medicare rebates Non-surgical Symposium 2016 – Blepharoplasty & Medicare rebates with Dr Naveen Somia July 3, 2016 - Trish Hammond: I’m here today with Dr Naveen Somia, who’s a specialist plastic surgeon practicing out of Bella Vista New South Wales in Sydney. Naveen: And Bondi Junction. Trish Hammond: And Bondi Junction as well. And Bondi Junction. We’re going to have a bit of a chat about blepharoplasty. It’s one of the procedures that he’s renowned for, and we’re going to sift through a bit of the Medicare information for you as well. Thank you so much for taking the time today. Naveen: Thank you, Trish. Trish Hammond: Tell us a little bit about the blepharoplasty and Medicare. I have a lot of people who contact me. They’ve been to the doctor. They’ve got to go and see someone to get their eyes fixed, and they’re like, who do I go to and what am I going to be covered for? Shed a bit of light for us, would you? Naveen: Yeah. Blepharoplasty, or upper eyelid surgery is viewed as functional if it meets certain stringent criteria. The stringent criteria are such that if the eyelid is malpositioned or there’s an abnormality of the eyelid, or there’s an abnormality of the excess eyelid skin that actually covers some of […]
Working Longer Looking Younger Working Longer, Looking Younger March 17, 2016 - People are living longer than ever before. Australians on average can now expect to live to be approximately 82 years old. Compare that to the average of 48 years in 1890, this has all sorts of consequences, including the fact that people are working longer into their lives – in fact, the official Australian retirement age has now just gone up to 70. In order to compete with younger workers, our older generations have had to find ways to keep up their appearances. It is also well documented in studies that better presented (or more attractive) people find it easier to get, and keep, a job. This leads us to looking at the measures that people will take in order to maintain their polished, or well presented, appearances. Plastic surgery is a massive part of this movement and Dr Patrick Briggs, Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon based in Subiaco in Western Australia, discusses what procedures people are undergoing as part of their need to compete with younger generations. We look at some of the procedures that are considerations for anyone wanting to look more youthful. Face Lift This is the most obvious choice for anyone wanting to turn back the clock […]
Blepharoplasty Blepharoplasty – Is Less More? March 17, 2015 - Historically, eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) targeted the fat pads and the skin excess around the eyes. It was almost a contest to see how much fat could be reduced and how much the skin could be tightened. Whilst this certainly flattened the bulges and tightened the skin there it didn’t necessarily make things look better. Ageing of the upper eyelid can be as much characterised by recession and hollowing as by skin excess and fat bulges. Modern upper blepharoplasty entails a much more conservative excision of skin with accentuation of the eyelid crease and preservation (even a restoration) of the fullness between the upper lid crease and the eyebrow. Young eyes are full eyes. The robust young soft tissues below the eyebrow frame the eye beautifully and provide an attractive appearance. Whilst these fat pads can certainly bulge to excess, only a very conservative reduction is usually required to provide an attractive contour there. Aggressive excision of fat or skin from the upper lid can create a hollow empty look that tends to make the face look more aged and unwell. With the advent of soft tissue injections, experienced injectors can help rejuvenate the upper lid by restoring some of the […]
Dr George Marcells Dr George Marcells – An Interview November 6, 2014 - Dr George Marcells is undisputedly considered a leader in the field of Rhinoplasty and is often consulted by other top plastic surgeons looking to tap into his expertise. President of the AAFPS, he presents regularly at Facial Plastic Surgery conferences both in Australia and overseas, and was recently one of the key players at the Australasian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery’s (AAFPS) The Triennial Masters’ Symposium, focusing on Blepharoplasty and Upper Facial Rejuvenation held in Sydney in September. We were lucky enough to be able to ask Dr Marcells a few questions. You are the leader in the Deep Plane Facelift. Can you give us a brief description of what that is? The deep plane facelift is a highly anatomical lift that places an emphasis on structure to give long lasting, natural results. My aim is to re-contour the neck, jawline and mid-face into a natural, more youthful position. This deep fixation takes the tension off the skin so as not to get a pulled appearance. While the Deep Plane Facelift is heralded as a much more successful and natural looking facelift, are there any candidates for the procedure you would not recommend for this kind of lift? Are there […]

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  1. Hi I’m looking for a surgeon in Sydney who is highly regarded in upper eyelid laser or surgery and what is the better option.

    • Trish

      Hi Bianca
      Here’s a link to Sydney Plastic Surgeons.
      I also know that blepharoplasty procedures are the main procedure that Dr Naveen Somia Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Bella Vista & Bondi Junction performs. Hope that’s helpful for you to start your search.

    • Hi

      Can you let me know the answer as I want to have the same procedure done and not sure who to go to.


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