Face Lift Surgery (Rhytidectomy)

Face Lift Surgery or Rhytidectomy – the medical term for this procedure – is an operation that can have the ability to make an individual appear younger and ‘fresher’ faced. Whether you are a man or a woman, a facelift is available to anyone.

Why have Face Surgery?

Wrinkles, signs of ageing and excess skin are all reasons why individuals seek to have a face lift. The surgery itself is to remove or reduce the amount of skin, which has become stretched over time, and has lost its elasticity.

The usual places where you can find skin like this is under the eyes, around the mouth, under the chin and around the jaw line. The outcome of having facelift surgery is that it reduces fine lines, smoothes out the skin and restores youth back into the skin and the features of the face. This surgery is so popular now, a trend originally started by the rich and famous but is now accessible to most people.

When considering facelift surgery, you must be aware that there are three types. The first is the ‘traditional’ facelift, the second is the ‘minimal access cranial suspension’ (MACS) and the third is keyhole surgery. At your consultation, your surgeon will discuss the positive and negative aspects of each kind of surgery and you will then choose which surgery is best suited for you.

Individuals who undergo this surgery sometimes have other plastic surgery at the same time. The kind of surgery that works well with a facelift can include; neck lifts, liposuction, eyelid surgery and more. Some people who have more than one kind of plastic surgery at a time have reported that this helps make them look 10 years younger.

The traditional facelift surgery has been around for years and consists of an incision being made along your natural hairline. The reason for the incision being made along your hairline is that it will not be visible and is hidden by the natural creases of the face, there will be a little scarring but it will fade over time ensuring no visible marks from the surgery.

After the incision, the surgeon will peel the skin away from the underlying muscle; this must be done with extreme care, as there are a lot of nerves in the face. After the separation, the surgeon will reposition the excess fat and then tighten the skin over the muscles. The skin is then stretched over the face and is then stitched up at the line of the incision. Depending on the individual, surgeons feel that it is necessary to insert a small drain behind the ears in order to prevent any build up of fluid, as this can be extremely uncomfortable.

MACS or minimal-access cranial suspension is similar to the traditional method however, the incision is smaller and the surgeon removes excess fatty tissue from the face in addition to tightening the facial muscles.

The final type of facelift surgery is keyhole surgery and consists of an extremely small incision, the size of a keyhole. The surgeon uses an endoscope to see how much fat needs to be removed and to also see which muscles need to be tightened. This kind of facelift surgery is often used for brow lifts as it provides the same outcome as the traditional facelift it just has less of a recovery time. This kind of facelift also has minimal scaring which can assist the individual recovering within a short time after the procedure.

Risks and Complications

Generally, modern day surgery is considered safe.

As this procedure takes place under a general anaesthetic, there are many risks that come hand in hand with a general anaesthetic and these include; suppressed breathing, blood clot in lung, blood clot in legs, low blood pressure, heart issues, heart failure and even death. Approximately one-third of patients who receive an anaesthetic during surgery will experience “anaesthesia sickness” or post-operative nausea and vomiting (POVN).

The risks and complications associated with the facelift surgery itself include:
Bleeding, the area around the scar can sometimes bleed, this is quite normal however in order to prevent any build up of fluid, the surgeon may choose to insert a small drain to ensure that no build up occurs as this can cause pain.

Haematomas are quite common and are a form of bruising. This will go down after a short amount of time.
Although it is quite unlikely, infection is possible and the surgeon will make sure that your face and scars will be wrapped in sterile bandage as a preventative measure. Infection can be painful and can result in the individual having to take antibiotics and may even mean a short stay in hospital.

Asymmetry is also possible where certain parts of the face heal but others do not. This can also be caused by a buildup of scar tissue under the skin. Skin necrosis is another complication and is where there is a loss of blood flow to an area of skin; this can be caused by the surgery and can result in those parts of the skin.

Q. Can facelift surgery help me to look younger?

A. Yes, facelift surgery can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and produce a smooth, wrinkle free look that can make the individual appear fresh faced and rejuvenated.

Q. How long do the effects of the surgery last?

A. Unless there are dramatic changes to the face caused by weight gain and weight loss, the usual affects of the facelift surgery can last for approximately 10 years. After 10 years, you may want to go back to the plastic surgeon if you so choose.

Q. How long will I have to be out of action for after having the surgery?

A. The recommended amount of time to have off from work can be around two to three weeks after the surgery. It does depend on which surgery you choose. If you have the keyhole, then you may be back to work in less than a week. It also depends on how fast you heal.

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Time For a Facelift When should you have a facelift? How do you know you’re ready? Is there a right time? March 22, 2018 - Dr Bryan Mendelson knows faces. He’s one of the most respected leaders in facial surgery in the world, and he’s based right here in Melbourne, Australia. Author of “In Your Face” and contributor to various of the world’s most referred to medical textbooks, he’s seen thousands of faces and done hundreds of facelifts, blepharoplasties, neck lifts, cheek lifts and every other facial surgery. We wanted to pick Dr Mendelson’s brain to find out when the best time and with what indicators a person should have a facelift. What he says about it makes a lot of sense. It’s all about the timing Dr Mendelson says about half the women he sees have missed the “ideal” time to benefit from facial surgery. Most women (and men!) tend to wait to have a facelift until they can see extremely noticeable signs of ageing on their face… conspicuous wrinkles and fine lines, saggy or lax skin, basically an appearance that is obviously affected by ageing. Unfortunately, having a facelift at this stage is going to be all the more obvious. The longer you leave it, and the older your appearance, the more apparent a facelift will be. Dr Mendelson says, “Patients are usually […]
Fat graft mid face Fat grafts to the Mid-Face August 24, 2017 - When patients are considering facelift surgery we need to firstly ascertain whether the problem is only with the Mid Face being from the temple down to the jawline or Full Face which also includes the neck. In many younger patients the mid face is the main issue as their neck still has quite good tone. There are many techniques used to perform a mid face lift and each surgeon has there own personal preference. In younger patients I prefer to use a premasseteric space lift to raise the tissues off the chewing muscle. I then use a deep plane technique to maintain the internal fixation and then plicate the deep SMAS layer, which, gives a good longterm result for the patient. Fat grafting has become an important part of facial surgery over the last 5-10 years. In the early days of facelift surgery it was thought that everything dropped down, but now there is a real sense that there is a loss of volume and deflation of all facial tissues and this is why facial fillers have now become so important. When we do the elevating in a facelift, we always need to plump out, augment and add volume with […]
No longer fear the facelift I Want To Look Beautiful But Not Different – No Longer Fear the Facelift August 20, 2017 - When it comes to facial aesthetic treatments and surgery most of us want just want to look great for our age (or a few years better!) and beautiful; but not so different that our kids freak out when they see us, or our friends don’t recognise us when we’re on the other side of the street. Renowned Australian Plastic Surgeon Dr Bryan Mendelson is considered one of the world’s most prominent facial plastic surgeons, and he says his patients most commonly expressed sentiment is “I want to look less tired… refreshed but not altered.” We asked Dr Mendelson about how he achieves his sought after natural looking results. It’s All About YOU Our understanding of the face and techniques for facelifts has advanced dramatically in the last 20 years. Plastic and cosmetic surgery, especially on the face, is a fine art and a good surgeon will know just how to “tweak” things to suit you. Dr Mendelson says, “Traditional techniques were based on a one-size-fits-all surgical approach of stretching facial skin over the ageing face. However, facial ageing doesn’t occur on the skin; it’s the result of changes in the position of the facial tissues, and loss of bone projection […]
Blepharoplasty Mendelson Dr Bryan Mendelson – Top Things You Should Know About Facelift Surgery February 22, 2017 - Dr Mendelson: Hello. I’m Bryan Mendelson, a plastic surgeon from Melbourne. It’s a pleasure to be here today to talk with you. PSH: Can you tell us about the difference between a good facelift and a poor facelift? Dr Bryan Mendelson Facelift Surgery Dr Mendelson: The difference between a high-quality facelift and an ordinary facelift, there are several components. One is, and the most important overall thing is that it doesn’t look as though the person’s had a facelift, they just look fresh, well for their age. That’s not so easy to obtain because there is a tendency to overdo pulling, for example. The public think they can always pick a facelift. The reality is nearly all the patients that I do a facelift on will say, “You know what? No one has picked that I’ve had the facelift.” I’ll say, “Well, do they give you a compliment?” “Oh, they will say I’m looking well.” That’s really the best compliment you can have. Now, there are cultural differences in different parts of the world. For example, in Los Angeles, if no one picked you had a facelift you would feel like you didn’t get a good result or Brazil, for […]
Dr Bryan Mendelson Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Great Neck Lift or Lower Facelift February 1, 2017 - You only have to have a look at a few before and after photos of great neck lifts to know it can completely change a person’s appearance. Lots of patients mistakenly think they need a full facelift, when in fact a good neck lift can turn back the clock years. Dr Bryan Mendelson, esteemed plastic surgeon based in Toorak, Melbourne, sees many patients each year who benefit hugely from neck lifts and lower facelifts. He helps us to understand why the neck lift or lower facelift is perhaps one of the most underestimated surgeries you can have if you are looking for a refreshed and more youthful appearance. Jowls, or a lax jawline, is one of the first signs of ageing. Similarly, lines around the nose and mouth also appear before most of us are ready for them (are we EVER ready for them?!) and can make us feel as though we look older than we want to. Smiling, laughing, eating… whilst these are some of the best things about life, they also contribute to downward lines forming, and bring down an otherwise still youthful face. Neck lifts can also be life changing for those without a defined neck. Whether […]
Vie Institute Manning Up for a Facelift September 15, 2016 - Men and facelifts – No longer is facial surgery a female only domain. The tides are changing and more and more men are seeking out facial surgery to keep up with the modern day world where appearance does, for better or for worse, matter. Manly Motivations In this competitive world we are expected to not just be at the top of our game, but to look good as well. Many men are choosing surgical and non-surgical facial treatments to remain competitive and to be more employable in their chosen career. But not everyone has the same motivation. It is totally acceptable these days for everyone to want to look better and to do whatever it takes to achieve that. Regardless of motivation, Dr Mark McGovern from VIE Institute on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland says men are becoming a larger percentage of his facelift patients. “Facelift surgery was once the domain of movie stars and rock stars, but these days facelift surgery for men has become more widely accepted and more commonly performed.” It’s difficult to get exact statistics and figures on cosmetic and plastic surgery in Australia however it is estimated that there has been at least a 20% […]
Forehead Lift What Does Your Forehead Say About You? January 29, 2016 - Your forehead or brow is where a lot of the expression and emotions are held on your face. A lot of our non-verbal communication and interaction happens through the top half of our face, especially around the eyes. When you raise your eyebrows because you are surprised, shocked or exasperated; or bring them together when you are concerned or thinking hard… your forehead, eyes and brows are the areas of the face that do the most work. This means the muscles and skin can age quicker than other parts of the face, causing wrinkles often before they begin to appear anywhere else. If the sagging and drooping of your forehead is bad enough it can even begin to affect your vision by narrowing your eyes. It can also make you look angry or concerned all the time due to the placement of the lines and wrinkles and general looseness of the skin. So, what’s the solution? There’s only so much a great eyebrow shaping can do! A popular surgery to rectify the forehead/brow wrinkle issue is the brow lift, or forehead lift. Dr Jeremy Hunt from Edgecliff in NSW, a specialist craniofacial surgeon with over 15 years experience, says it […]
S-Lift Mini Facelift Not up for a full face lift? What about a mini face lift (or S-Lift / Short-Scar Lift) December 4, 2014 - Having hit the big 50 last year I find myself looking at my facial features as they change and age with the years. I keep thinking “mmmm I’d love a facelift” and then in the next breath I say to myself “nope, you’re way too young”. And anyway, I don’t want it to look like I’ve had a face lift. Maybe I’ll feel differently in 5 to 10 years time, who knows? So I’ve been researching other options to satisfy my desires. Non-surgical face lift? Injectables? Then I discovered the “S-Lift”, which can also be known as the mini face lift, or short-scar lift, and thought it would be great to share as I’m sure there are many people in my shoes. What is an S-Lift? (Mini Face Lift or Short-Scar Lift) The S-Lift gets its name from the smaller ‘S’ shaped incisions made in front of the ear. Through this incision, the surgeon can lift the skin and underlying tissues to give a more youthful appearance. It does not do quite as much as a facelift, especially for very heavy or saggy necks – but it costs less too. It is especially good for the 45 – 55 age […]
Facelift “OMG I need a facelift, how can I get the best one?” My Consultation with Dr Bryan Mendelson October 21, 2014 - Dr Bryan Mendelson is one of the most highly regarded plastic surgeons in Australia. He is renowned for his techniques in neck and facial rejuvenation. Dr Mendelson is invited to seminars and industry events all over the world to discuss his knowledge and expertise in the field. He is regularly enlisted to perform “live surgery” for other plastic surgeons, doctors and industry professionals to demonstrate his procedures and advances that are followed and learned by other surgeons worldwide. It was because of this that I was extremely enthusiastic to have a consultation recently with Dr Mendelson. Having just turned 50, I think something happened to my brain! I don’t know what it is about that number, but I’ve been thinking about a neck and facelift for sometime but never actually moved forward on it, so today is the day. So in I headed with my 2 pages of questions in hand. I wanted to make sure everything I have always wanted to know was covered. I needed to be fully informed before I take the next step – or if I even DO the next step. Thorough and considerate to my particular circumstances, Dr Mendelson asked me about my lifestyle […]

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