Infini MFR - A New Dimension in Beauty

InfiniMFR Microneedle Fractional Technology

  • Microneedle Fractional RF – precise 3D treatments to provide wrinkle and scar reduction and skin tightening
  • 3 Dimensional volumisation for skin tightening, scar remodelling skin rejuvenation and more.

Infini is a new dimension in fractional radio-frequency (RF energy acts on your tissue to induce heat) system by Lutronic. This unique MFR Microneedle Fractional technology creates fractional micro-insertions in the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) by its numerous micro-needles and induces dermal coagulation by radio frequency emission from its needle end. This mechanism stimulates collagen and elastin fibres without potential thermal damage in the epidermis layer.

According to Dr Peter Laniewski, what makes the technology used by the Infini system so unique is its gold-coated insulated microneedles that penetrate the skin sequentially resulting in a more comfortable treatment for the patient. The insulated needles are a key innovation of the INFINI. Unlike older RF devices the Infini delivers the RF precisely creating consistent coagulation zones and therefore predictable results.

With both practitioner use and patient care in mind, this new single device is perfect for all skin types, even tanned and dark skin types!

The MFR Microneedle Fractional RF hand piece using insulated needles creates precise and controllable thickening zones deep within the dermis (the second layer of the skin); with 3-dimensional delivery of energy, maximum skin volumisation is achieved while providing dramatic skin tightening and skin rejuvenation effects.

More importantly Infini offers a more comfortable procedure thanks to the fast action flow needling technology which stages the needles in the skin row-by-row for reduced skin resistance. There is very little thermal damage to the epidermis and the sequential action of the needles also ensures there is less damage and therefore less downtime.

The new depth control also allows for customised treatments of delicate areas, such as cheekbones, forehead and can deliver multiple passes. This depth control is far superior than other modalities as the practitioner knows exactly where the thermal damage will occur.

The Infini from Lutronic is the result of years of research and is ideal for the treatment of;


  • Skin tightening
  • Improves the sight of wrinkles
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Enlarged pores
  • Acne Scarring
  • Excessive sebum secretion
  • Stretch marks
  • Hyperhydrosis (excessive arm pit sweating)


Q. Will the treatment be painful?

A. The Infini was designed purposely to make the procedure more tolerable for patients, thanks to its patented flow needling technology. Each and every person has a different pain threshold however topical anaesthetics will be offered for increased comfort. Compared to other Micro-needle Radio Frequency / Superficial Radio Frequency devices, many have claimed the Infini to be much more comfortable.

Q. How many treatments will I need?

A. Depending on your goals this will have to be discussed with your doctor, but many do see results after just one treatment.

Q. When will I be able to attend my day-to-day routine again?

A. The micro-needles deliver the RF energy precisely, so there is virtually no thermal damage to the epidermis, as a result MFR effectively lowers the risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) in dark skin types. This means you should be able to return to your day-to-day routine straight away. In some cases redness may be experienced up to two days but is easily managed.

Skin Rejuvenation Results with the Infini and LaseMD – a podcast with Dr Steven Weiner June 22, 2018 - I love catching up with Dr Steven Weiner at the Non-Surgical Symposium every year. Dr Weiner has performed more Infini treatments than any other practitioner in the world – he and his patients absolutely love this treatment, but I wanted to talk to Dr Weiner about the results he’s been getting using both the Infini and the LaseMD combined, and the fact that he has patients from all over the world travelling to see him for him to treat their acne scarring. Trish: Hey listeners it’s Trish again from Transforming Bodies, and today I’m here with Dr. Steven Weiner. Dr. Weiner is actually heading up the Aesthetic Clinique, which is a medical clinic dedicated to cosmetic enhancements, with it’s flagship location in Redfish Village in Santa Rosa Beach Florida. Dr. Weiner’s done the most Infini procedures in the entire world. So today we’re gonna talk about the Infini and we’re also gonna talk about the LaseMD as well and as a combined modality. So welcome and thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me again. Dr. Weiner: Well thank you. This is about one year anniversary of our first interview. Trish: Oh I know. I know […]
Dr Steven Weiner - Infini Dr Steven Weiner on the Infini for skin tightening and volume July 28, 2017 - I caught up with Dr Steven Weiner at the Non-Surgical Symposium 2017 on the Gold Coast last month about the Infini for skin tightening. Listen to the podcast, watch the video or read below to find out more. Trish: Alright. Well we’re here today with Dr. Steven Weiner who’s a facial plastic surgeon based in … Steven Weiner: Florida. Trish: Florida in the US of A. Welcome, and thank you so much for being here today. Steven Weiner: Oh yeah. Trish: I just want to ask you about the Infini laser. Would you tell us a bit about it? Steven Weiner: Okay. It’s actually not a laser, but it’s a radio frequency, which is energy. What it’s used for is for skin tightening, for laxity, for wrinkles and particularly good for scars, particularly acne scars. Trish: Okay. So you can use it all over the face and neck? Steven Weiner: Yes. Trish: Alright. Steven Weiner: In fact, you can use it on any part of the body. Trish: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Steven Weiner: I failed to mention it’s also good for sweating. So underarm sweat. It can take care of that in a permanent fashion as well. So you can use […]
Infini Laser Treatment Dr Laniewski’s ‘My Face Clinic’ in Bella Vista showcasing the INFINI Laser July 14, 2016 - Trish: I’m here today with Rhiannon with Dr Peter Laniewski’s clinic in Bella Vista and we’re going to talk about the Infini Skin needling treatment, which I’ve just had done. Rhiannon, what do you love about … What’s so great about the Infini Treatment? Rhiannon: The Infini is great because it basically targets all different skin concerns; from fine lines and wrinkles, to sagging of the skin, scarring, collagen, elastin. It can target eye area as well for bags, anything like that. It’s an all over skin treatment for everyone. Trish: How does it actually work? Rhiannon: Radiofrequency in the Infini Machine basically stimulates new cells and rejuvenation in the skin. As we’re creating micro-channels through the skin, we’re creating a wound that then will then have to heal over about a 2 week period. At that same stage, it’s basically stimulating new collagen cells and elastin to come through with it. The needles in Infini … There’s 100 micro-needles. They’re all gold plated. As they penetrate the skin, they’re all going at the same frequency. You’re not getting an uneven texture on the skin. They all go in at the one stage. We can pick it from 0.5 mil […]
Infini The Infini – A Radio Frequency Device for Skin Tightening and Volume November 5, 2015 - PSH: Hi, I’m here today with Catherine from Advanced Cosmeceuticals and we’re talking about the Infini device which is a radio frequency device for skin tightening and volume. So can you tell us about it. Catherine: Skin tightening and also volume, and very very good for scarring, collagen production. Infini works with 2 modalities. We use radio frequency, and we use micro-needling. The micro-needling has been around for a long time. Now we’re bringing it to another level. So with radio frequency, the radio frequency is only a emitted through insulated needles, which is really important because it means there’s no thermal damage caused on the epidermis but we’re also very very precise because we know exactly where the coagulation of the collagen in the radio frequency happens. And we work on 3 different levels. So we get a really nice tightening effect, but also more volumization. PSH: Ok, so the skin tightens, but the volume increases. Catherine: Increases yes. PSH: Ok perfect. Sounds perfect. Catherine: It’s very very effective on laxity along the jowls, also neck. It’s very hard to treat a neck for tightening so this is – for a lot of people this is a step before […]
Lutronic Infini Infini Success Gathering Momentum April 27, 2015 - When it comes to skin rejuvenation, it seems that there are a hundred new products and devices on the market. One that seems to be gaining a lot of rave reviews and industry hype is the Lutronic INFINI system, being mostly used for the treatment of scarring, wrinkles and fine lines. Not only are the patients giving us the thumbs up, but so are the practitioners. As part of our research and commitment to make sure that the devices and treatments we list on our website are safe and give the results they promise, we spoke to several practitioners using the INFINI in their clinics and all of the comments we received were extremely positive. Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic in Queensland says they are definitely getting patients return for further treatments once they see the results from the first. They are finding that the best results are gained with a minimum of 3 – 4 sessions. Dr Peter Laniewski from Bella Vista in Erina says, “I have seen fantastic results in patients with acne scarring. It is also an excellent treatment for patients who are not quite ready for a face and neck lift. Anyone who would like to address fine […]

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