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No other skincare line will give your clients the immediate clinical results and long-term usability of Jan Marini (JM) products. Founded 20 years ago and still headquartered in Silicon Valley, JM’s anti-inflammatory expertise and sophistication of formulation gives immediate clinical results.

The company has a significant portfolio of proprietary ingredients and formulas including peptides, botanicals and anti-inflammatories, and owns a number of patents. The JM team works closely with leading independent physicians and has had several, peer reviewed clinical studies published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology.


The single solution Skin Care Management System is a 5 step skincare regime designed to treat the majority of skin concerns. By far Jan Marini’s most popular item, it has won the coveted New Beauty award for best Anti-Ageing skincare, 8 years in a row.

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Does Jan Marini test its products on animals?
Jan Marini never tests its products on animals.

Are Jan Marini products tested for safety?
Jan Marini sources ingredients from the same US laboratories which supply university medical research institutes. This means they undergo the strictest possible biosecurity and safety checks. All final products are clinically tested prior to market release.

Can I use Jan Marini products if I’m pregnant or planning to get pregnant?
Most Jan Marini products are fine to use while pregnant. The ones to avoid contain Retinol ie Retinol Plus and Retinol Plus Mask . These are not known to cause problems themselves, but there is still debate about retinol use in pregnancy. We recommend you contact your obstetrician or obstetrics clinic for advice on skincare during pregnancy.

Is Jan Marini product packaging recyclable?
Absolutely! Jan Marini Inc and JMSR Australia Pty Ltd both strive to implement “green business practises” throughout our companies. All packaging is fully recyclable.

Why can’t I buy Jan Marini from department stores?
By necessity, products purchased from a salesperson at a department store are generally very low in activity and will not bring about much change. People whose skin is undergoing change need advice and management of their product regime by qualified and experienced skin clinicians.

What if I have questions about JM?
Please contact your professional consultant or call us on 1800 330 855 or email info@janmariniaustralia.com.au

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Call the Australian head office to find a stockist near you: 1800 330 855


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