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Lycogel® is the first breathable colour corrective foundation treatment that combines cosmetic and skincare technology to promote the healing of damaged or post-procedural skin offering an immediate solution. Lycogel products are designed with a variety of skin types in mind be it for anti-aging, blemishes, pigmentation, sensitive skin, everyday coverage or for post-cosmetic procedures.

Lycogel’s Designer Gel Base features the revolutionary LYCO-Complex – 12 active ingredients that work together to deliver oxygen, moisture and nutrients to our skin. Just like our body, our skin needs to breathe, drink and eat to thrive.

Oxygen literally breathes new life into our skin. It is very healing which is why it is used to help skin recover from burns and other wounds. It also helps to soothe the skin, renew cells, stimulate collagen and elastin and has anti-bacterial qualities.

We all know moisture is your skin’s number one line of defence. It helps to protect your skin from everyday irritants such as pollution, air-conditioning and dry air that all damage your skin, and helps to protect your skin barrier properties.

The nutrients contained in Lycogel’s Designer Gel Base help to keep the skin alive and active. They provide energy and regulate the natural processes in your skin regardless of your skin condition. Nutrients can also stimulate anti-ageing properties and loaded with antioxidants they promote skin repair.

The Lycogel range features 4 products including Lycogel Breathable Camouflage for buildable coverage available in 12 different colours, Breathable Tint for light coverage is available in 4 shades and the Breathable Concealer for maximum coverage of skin imperfections which is available in 3 colours. You can even blend two colours to perfectly match your skin tone. There is also the Lycogel Breathable Balm for those that want the benefits of the Lyco-Complex without the coverage.

Lycogel products have a sun protection of SPF30, except for the balm which is SPF 15 and are water resistant for up to 90 minutes. They are suitable for everyone, those even with the most sensitive or irritated skin or with acne. They can even be applied after surgery or burn wounds to support the healing of your skin. Lycogel products are oil-free so won’t clog your pores and can be removed simply by a gentle cleanser.

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Makeup you can wear after skin treatments and facial surgery July 20, 2018 - One question often asked by patients following facial procedures or treatments is when can they start wearing makeup? It is generally suggested that you don’t apply anything for at least a little while (depending on the treatment or procedure you’ve had) to allow your skin time to recover. However there is one makeup range, Lycogel, that is designed specifically to promote the healing of damaged or post-procedural skin while also helping with a variety of other skin issues. What is Lycogel? Originally developed specifically to be used by patients following cosmetic procedures, this breathable foundation treatment was then discovered to be extremely effective for daily application to deliver a multitude of long-term skin benefits: Anti-ageing Pigmentation Acne/blemishes Sensitive skin How does it do this? Lycogel combines a breathable base with powerful ingredients and vitamins to allow skin to breathe and is formulated with active ingredients that deliver oxygen, moisture, and nutrients to the skin. The benefits: Helps renew skin cells Encourages elastin and collagen production Helps minimise fine lines and wrinkles Keeps skin hydrated Protects the skin from outside factors with spf protection Helps prevent excessive scar formation Packed with antioxidants Promotes skin repair and regeneration Lets skin breathe and […]
Lycogel Lycogel: Breathable Coverage Powered by Science September 15, 2017 - Lycogel is not your run-of-the-mill foundation. Designed to provide corrective benefits, it aids in the healing process of damaged and/or post-procedural skin. It was first developed to be applied after undergoing aesthetic procedures however it was soon realised that people could enjoy the skincare benefits of Lycogel on a daily basis, applying it just like regular foundation. Experts have formulated it to fit different types of complexion, each with its own unique qualities and needs: ageing, blemished, pigmented, and sensitive. Full Coverage and Skin Nourishment Rolled into One Besides providing adequate coverage, Lycogel Breathable Camouflage also nourishes by delivering oxygen, moisture, and other vital nutrients to the skin. These active ingredients deliver skincare benefits while ensuring an even-toned, flawless-looking complexion. What differentiates Lycogel from other products that promise the same benefits? It is the first colour corrective foundation treatment that is designed to help damaged or post-procedural skin heal faster. It lets your skin breathe while effectively covering imperfections. Because it is developed from a combination of cosmetic and skincare technology, it can address different issues associated with any skin type. The Wonders of LYCO-Complex – 12 The advanced LYCO-Complex technology sets Lycogel apart from the rest. A carefully balanced […]
Lycogel Not Just Make-Up, Lycogel helps nourish your skin February 20, 2017 - Women wear makeup for various reasons. Primarily, makeup is applied to enhance a person’s look, and cover unwanted skin problems. It is important to note, however, that not all makeup products are the same. The best ones are designed not only to help you look great, but also to improve your skin. That’s where it’s not just make-up, Lycogel helps nourish your skin. Lycogel uses advanced technology in its cosmetic products to give your skin the best treatment it deserves. This unique make-up range, which was originally formulated for application post-procedure, rapidly grew in popularity to become a makeup range that is now used on a daily basis. Using their makeup products will help nourish your skin, making you look fresh and young – even as you age. Thanks to its revolutionary approach to skin care, Lycogel is definitely a brand to look out for. It can change the way you see makeup products. Lycogel: be beautiful inside and out Users have reported seeing anti-aging benefits that they have never experienced with other products. This is because Lycogel believes that beauty and skin benefits go hand-in-hand. When people buy Lycogel makeup products, they are also investing in their skin. Lycogel […]
Lycogel - Advanced Cosmeceuticals Lycogel breathable colour corrective foundation treatment, Advanced Cosmeceuticals July 4, 2016 - Trish: All right. Well, I’m here today with Dora from Advanced Cosmeceuticals. We’re going to talk about the Lycogel range, which I’ve just discovered now and I’m loving it. Tell us a little bit about it, Dora. Dora: Lycogel is camouflage makeup, which can be used to cover certain defects or discolorations of the skin like birthmarks, but can also use post-procedure as well. Trish: Okay. What’s the difference between this and a mineral makeup? Dora: There’s been many solutions over the years provided for skin specialists to provide a go-to solution for post-procedure. Mineral makeup was the go-to because it was a healthier option, but when we look at skin camouflage like Lycogel, what we’re actually able to do is provide something that’s post-procedure, helping with the wound-healing response and treating the skin at the same time. Trish: Oh and I believe it’s got anti-ageing benefits as well. So, what’s that? Dora: What we have is a LYCO-Complex, which is actually made up of key 12 active ingredients that help with promoting oxygen in the skin, and moisturisation in the skin, as well as nutrition. Amongst those active ingredients, you’ve got antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E, helping to […]

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