Mummy Makeover

Having a child or children can be very rewarding but the aftermath is usually another thing altogether. There are many changes that occur in a woman’s body after giving birth that can be stressful and at times, overwhelming. Most of us may not be blessed with a body that regains its shape exactly as it was before pregnancy and will require a bit of help getting back into shape. Exercise and diets can be one way to go, but for many, the changes may not be reversed in this way. The solution therefore, may be a mummy makeover.

Why have a Mummy Makeover?

A mummy makeover is a great morale booster. Most women like to be admired and talked about in a positive manner.

The process of giving birth will make changes in the body, mostly around the abdominal and breast areas.
Your breasts may be sagging as a result of childbirth and your tummy may refuse to resume its previous shape as a result of stretching.

There may be excess fat around the body and this can also cause the buttocks to sag. The mummy makeover can deal with both your emotional and physical needs.

A mummy makeover is one of the newest and most popular techniques in plastic surgery today. It is made up of a number of procedures leading to one aim which is to have the mother looking as good as possible.


If you are considering a mummy makeover, you will need to consult your doctor who will require your complete medical history. This will help determine if you are a right candidate for the procedure. Your doctor may ask you to first try to achieve the weight you desire through exercising and dieting. You will also have to quit smoking and alcohol at least two weeks before the operation.

It is recommended that you wait a period of six months after your initial consultation before embarking on this procedure. During this time, you can choose to exercise and practice good nutrition to see if the procedure will really be necessary after this period. Your doctor will need to know if you are finished with having children and if you are at a stable weight. The doctor will also need to know what body parts have changed during pregnancy and after giving birth and also whether you have finished breast feeding.

This procedure actually involves a series of procedures to counteract the effects of child birth and help your body resume its initial form or even improve upon it. These procedures can include, breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, buttock lift, liposuction. Breast is not recommended if you are breastfeeding hence the reason you are asked to wait for a period of time after giving birth. When you are pregnant your breasts tend to enlarge to accommodate milk production and at times the weight will take its toll causing the breasts to sag. A breast lift will help put the breasts back into place and give them a firmer appearance. Again, you are advised not to undergo this procedure if you are breastfeeding. As a result of the weight gain, your buttocks may sag and in this case, it may be recommended to have a buttock lift as part of the mummy makeover procedure. This makes you buttocks more firm and shapely. The other procedures you may require would be a tummy tuck and / or liposuction. This will help in the reduction of your stomach removing any excess skin and fat that may have been left behind as a result of the stretching of the stomach muscles and tissues.

Risks and Complications

As with every surgery, there are certain complications that come along with it. The mommy makeover involves a number of procedures and any risks or complications that may occur will be in relation to each individual procedure. In the case of breast surgery or a tummy tuck, one may experience the emergence of ‘dog ears’, which are essentially excess amounts of skin found at the ends of the abdominal or breast incisions. This will require a little surgery to revise if it occurs.

Approximately one-third of patients who receive an anaesthetic during surgery will experience “anaesthesia sickness” or post-operative nausea and vomiting (POVN).

A surgical scar can result in bleeding or in some cases haematoma which is blood clotting under the skin. There may also be infection at the wound area which is not uncommon and can be dealt with by the use of antibiotics. One can also experience poor scarring which would be as a result of poor technique and this can be corrected by a small surgical procedure, preferably performed by another surgeon. One may also experience some numbness in the areas around the incisions. This is not uncommon and will cease after a period of time.

A mommy makeover can be performed one procedure at a time too.

Q. Can I have more children after my mummy makeover?

A. Most doctors will advise you to have a mummy makeover after you are done with having children. In case you get pregnant unexpectedly, you can still give birth, though this will mean that you may have to undergo the procedure again.

Q. When is the most appropriate time to have the operation?

A. In most cases, 6-12 months after giving birth will be appropriate. It is important to get advice from your doctor before proceeding to ensure that you are fully recovered. The doctor will need to ensure that your body has the energy and strength to go through the operation and to also heal fast enough after the operation.

Q. Can I deal with my kids immediately after the operation?

A. You are advised to hire a helper or have a relative looking after you and the kids for a period of two weeks after the procedure. This will allow you to heal properly and avoid any unnecessary complications.

Q. How long will I have to be away from work?

A. If you have a desk job, you will need at least two weeks before resuming work.

A Range of Breast Procedures with Dr Mark Gianoutsos October 22, 2020 - Dr Mark Gianoutsos is one of Australia’s most highly regarded specialist plastic surgeons. Dr Gianoutsos’ qualifications are too long to list here; but suffice to say he is an Examiner in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons from 2011 and Deputy Senior Examiner in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons from 2017. The philosophy of Mark Gianoutsos’ practice is always to treat patients as they would wish to be treated themselves. That is, with expertise, care, professionalism, respect and discretion. It is important that a patient knows that he or she is going to be treated as a unique individual by the surgeon and all members of his team. Breast Procedures with Dr Mark Gianoutsos The aim of any breast procedure is to give a woman’s body better balance and proportion and to feel confident and happy with your choice and your body. Any breast procedure aims to give a better overall proportion to the body, but to also provide a better balance and contour to the breasts themselves. Types of Breast Surgery with Dr Mark Gianoutsos Breast procedures must be carefully tailored to individual wishes, as well as breast and body […]
Bespoke plastic surgery The Bespoke Approach at NorthEast Plastic Surgery September 5, 2020 - NorthEast Plastic Surgery is not an ordinary aesthetic plastic surgery practice. With rooms in both Melbourne and Brisbane, NorthEast Plastic Surgery is the practice of two highly qualified surgeons Dr Sugitha Seneviratne FRACS(Plast) and Dr Patrick Tansley MD FRCS(Eng) FRSC(Plast). You will experience a bespoke approach at NorthEast Plastic Surgery. Mr Tansley is a British specialist plastic surgeon who trained in London and currently holds the Office of President of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS). Dr Seneviratne is an Australian trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon and is a longstanding consultant plastic surgeon at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Senior Clinical Lecturer in the Department of Surgery, Royal Melbourne Hospital, University of Melbourne. A Winning Combination Whilst combining the very best of their British and Australian surgical backgrounds and experience, they provide a male and female plastic surgical perspective to patient care. Their expertise encompasses plastic and reconstructive surgery including microsurgery and aesthetic plastic surgery of the face and body which comprise Mr Tansley’s and Dr Seneviratne’s special interests. Along with their experienced nurses supported by nurse practitioner and qualified nurse assistant, dermal therapy staff and dedicated cosmetic surgery staff, NorthEast Plastic Surgery and NorthEast MediClinic provide bespoke cosmetic […]
Bespoke Mummy Makeover The Bespoke Mummy Makeover August 5, 2020 - Talking about the bespoke mummy makeover, Dr Craig Layt is an Australian plastic surgeon who has done the ‘mummy makeover’ procedure on hundreds of patients. Based on the Gold Coast, Dr Layt is highly credentialed in all areas of Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery and is dedicated to the highest standard of patient care and the achievement of excellent results. The ‘Mummy Makeover’ is a term which has been widely used throughout plastic surgery and media circles referring to combined surgical treatments for women after having children, most often focused on restoring the breasts and abdomen following pregnancy and breastfeeding. The Effects of Childbearing on the Body Pregnancy and breastfeeding can stretch the skin of the abdomen and the breasts causing laxity of skin. Sometimes the abdominal muscle also suffers from ‘separation’. Breastfeeding can also result in a ‘deflated’ appearance of the breasts. Some mothers may experience an enlargement and saggy appearance of the breast tissue after child rearing, with the nipple placed significantly lower and pointing downwards. Some women may also wish to add liposuction to their thighs or ‘love handles’ as part of their Mummy Makeover. Other mothers may also wish to proceed with a labiaplasty which is […]
Vogue Vogue Beauty and Anti-Ageing Event – Infinity Medispa named Best Medispa NSW November 18, 2019 - Dr Charles Cope, Plastic Surgeon and founder of Infinity Medispa, recently attended the Vogue Beauty and Anti-Ageing Event in Sydney to speak about Mummy Makeovers, breast and abdominoplasty surgery, how to choose your surgeon and the benefits of going to a specialist plastic surgeon for any plastic or cosmetic surgery. We caught up with Dr Cope to talk about the event and how Infinity had a special mention as one of Vogue’s A-List Medispas in their Cosmetic Enhancement Guide. The Vogue Beauty and Anti-Ageing Event held last month is a must-attend for Sydney’s social elite and their gift bags alone are enough to want to attend. All attendees had the opportunity to enjoy a range of beauty treatments and makeovers, but were also able to learn about the latest treatments and industry advances when it comes to staying beautiful. Dr Cope was one of the specialists invited to talk about the importance of choosing the right surgeon or practitioner to perform any treatments or surgery. “I felt it was important to stress the importance of choosing the right surgeon, the differences between a plastic and cosmetic surgeon, the benefits of going to an experienced, fully qualified specialist plastic surgeon and […]
Weight Loss Excess Skin Your Reconstruction Program – Weight Loss and Excess Skin Procedures Planning April 29, 2019 - For many patients, getting to the point of undergoing plastic surgery is not an easy process or journey. In a lot of cases there is massive weight loss (MWL), pregnancy and childbirth, or years of thinking about it before it actually happens. Losing weight is a massive undertaking and a big step forward in the process, but it’s the plastic surgery that can be the most emotional. Dr Craig Layt, Plastic Surgeon based on the Gold Coast, QLD and Ballina in Northern NSW says it’s important patients recognise they are often not just looking at one plastic surgery procedure (which can in itself be daunting), but should be looked at as a total Reconstruction Program – Weight Loss Excess Skin, that may have a few stages. Stage 1 – Losing weight, or getting healthy For most of us, losing weight is not so easy. In fact, I know one lady who says she’s been on over 200 different diets and has tried to lose weight at least as many times in the last 20 years. I know myself, I’ve probably tried at least ten different diets, and my weight is constantly fluctuating to this day. But for those who do […]
breast reduction surgeon The Patient Experience – Mummy Makeovers and How They Change Your Life February 14, 2019 - Most mothers will tell you that having a child grow in your belly feels almost alien, as though your body has been taken over and it will never be the same again. Some women bounce back after childbirth, especially those who are younger and already super fit, but most of us don’t, and probably won’t ever… without help. Mummy makeovers are a wonderful option for those women wanting their body, their confidence and their life back. Dr Isolde Hertess from Cairns Plastic Surgery in Far North Queensland spoke to us about what the patient can expect from a mummy makeover and how to manage the emotions that come with it. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can leave your belly stretched with the abdominal muscles separated and causing all sorts of issues such as incontinence; your breasts enlarged but then sucked dry and left sagging and misshapen; and your emotional state exhausted, drained and overwhelmed by the changes and new responsibilities you now have. The reason why a mummy makeover can be such an emotional journey is because it’s finally putting YOU first. Dr Hertess says, “Mainstream media has placed unrealistic pressure on new mothers to bounce back quickly following birth. But think […]
Combining Breast and Body Surgery with Dr Nicholas Moncrieff from Hunter Plastic Surgery January 17, 2019 - You’ll love this Facebook Live with Dr Nicholas Moncrieff from Hunter Plastic Surgery on combining breast and body surgery, held on our closed Facebook Support Forum “Plastic Surgery Support For Aussie Chicks”. There were a heap of questions from the community for Dr Moncrieff, and it was a real insight on what #moncrieffmagic is all about. Questions answered included the following. What do you believe is the best implant available on the market?? What causes rippling in implants ? And what do you usually do to correct the issue? Do all implants to your knowledge take a weird shape when bending over? Or is this cause from excess breast tissue or implants not large enough? I’ve been diagnosed with a post Cesarean Section Neuroma that requires surgical intervention would it be best to: 1)speak to a plastic surgeon about the surgery on its own, 2) incorporate it into an abdominoplasty, 3) continue with Gynecologist for surgical intervention. How long do you recommend you should wait in between surgeries? What is the recovery time before you suggest the second surgery can be performed for those patients needing to break up their procedures into more than one surgery? Group member asking for […]
Dr Jeremy Hunt talks Mummy Makeover, FB Live December 7, 2018 - Dr Jeremy Hunt is one of Australia’s most recognised, experienced and skilled plastic surgeons and we were lucky enough to have him on FB live on our closed FB group last Tuesday. For those of you who missed it, here’s the video. If you have any questions regarding Mummy Makeover for Dr Hunt, just leave them in the comments below!
Mummy Makeover in Perth with Plastic Surgeon Dr Patrick Briggs November 28, 2018 - * UPDATE – Dr Patrick Briggs is now based in Melbourne at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery * Mummy makeovers are a popular choice for women to help get their bodies back into shape after pregnancy and childbirth. The term mummy makeover refers to a combination of a few different procedures to help get a woman’s body back to where it was, if not better than it was, before kids. We chatted to Dr Patrick Briggs, Specialist Plastic Surgeon and one of Perth’s most experienced mummy makeover surgeons, to talk us through what’s involved in a mummy makeover. He also shared some mummy makeover patients’ before and after photos with us. All photos below are patients of Dr Briggs. Make sure you click on each of them to see the full sized photos. What procedures does a mummy makeover include? A mummy makeover is not a one size fits all group of procedures, however it usually includes an Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), Breast Augmentation (breast implants), Breast Mastopexy (breast lift with or without implants) and any other procedure to repair or improve the appearance of a part of the body affected by pregnancy and childbirth such as: Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) Breast Augmentation […]
Understanding, compassion, listening – when surgeons go the extra mile… November 28, 2018 - Plastic or cosmetic surgery can be a massively daunting experience. It can be extremely overwhelming and downright scary. For some patients, finding a plastic surgeon they can not only trust to do a good job and get them awesome results but is also caring, considerate and empathetic of their situation is a little harder to find. While it’s an extremely personal decision, making sure you are able to fully communicate and express your concerns is essential in ensuring you get the best results. This can be why some women patients feel more comfortable with a female surgeon. We spoke to Dr Amira Sanki, Sydney Plastic Surgeon, about how she manages patient expectations and how important it is for patients to trust their surgeon. If you google Dr Amira Sanki you’ll find no shortage of raving fans. Perhaps 90% of her patients use the word “amazing” to describe her and all of them describe how she surpassed their expectations. Quite a few call her their friend, and many suggest she changed their life. I’ve chatted with Dr Sanki myself and it’s evident that each and every patient is special to her, and she is without a doubt one of the most […]
Mummy Makeover with Dr Craig Layt October 2, 2018 - For those of you who missed our recent Facebook Live session on our closed Facebook Group “Plastic Surgery Support Forum for Aussie Chicks” with Dr Craig Layt on Mummy Makeover here it is. This was an extremely informative session and is definitely a great source of info for any ladies considering any mummy makeover procedures. Dr Layt is a highly experienced plastic surgeon based on the Gold Coast in QLD and the Far North Coast of NSW and gets some fantastic results; and he was so kind as to answer all our/your questions! To read more about Dr Layt check out his listing.
Sometimes we just need a bit of a lift – Breast Lift or Mastopexy September 24, 2018 - Whether it’s from genetics, age, or breastfeeding, having droopy boobs can not only affect the clothes we wear, but our confidence and physical comfort. Breasts that have lost their perkiness can cause us to cover up and wish that they would just hold themselves up without having to fit them into the right bra – which can be a struggle within itself. Hold onto your titties ladies because there is a solution. We had a chat to specialist plastic surgeon Dr Raymond Goh, based in Brisbane, about how a breast lift works. A breast lift, also called a mastopexy, is a procedure to bring your girls up to where you want them to be without implants or a reduction (although having a breast lift at the same time as a reduction and/or augmentation is quite common too). Dr Goh says, “This procedure is to raise and reshape sagging breasts. As a woman ages, skin loses some elasticity which can cause the breasts to lose their natural shape and firmness. This procedure is designed to elevate the breasts and give them a more youthful appearance. A breast lift may also be completed in conjunction with breast enlargement surgery (augmentation).” There are […]
The fight for Abdominoplasty to be made available under Medicare for Postpartum Women March 2, 2018 - In 2016 the government had a major overhaul of the Medicare schedule removing any procedures that were seen as purely cosmetic. This included abdominoplasty for postpartum women for whom it was decided that there was no medical proof that an abdominoplasty was for reconstructive or functional purposes. However, this is not true at all. Abdominoplasty is just as necessary for women who have been through childbirth than for massive weight loss patients needing excess skin removal for whom the Medicare cover is still available. In fact, we here at the Hub were so riled up by these changes excluding postpartem mothers that at the end of 2016 we prepared a petition that was signed by over 3,000 of you that was basically ignored by our government. However, in an exciting development, respected Canberra plastic surgeon Alastair Taylor has released a study with extensive research that proves the importance of an abdominoplasty to some women after childbirth, and he wants the government to pay attention.
Mummy Makeover - Dr Mark McGovern Looking for a Mummy Makeover in Queensland? November 27, 2017 - Mummy Makeovers are one of the most commonly asked for procedures and this is certainly the case for Plastic Surgeon, Dr Mark McGovern from the VIE Institute in QLD. Dr McGovern performs heaps of Mummy Makeovers and we always advise you to choose a surgeon who is highly experienced and appropriately trained in the procedure you are having. If you’re looking for a Mummy Makeover in Queensland Dr McGovern should definitely be on your consult list. Dr McGovern says he performs various procedures under the banner of a Mummy Makeover and that the procedures are tailored to the results that the individual patient wants. Some of the surgeries include: Breast surgery – unfortunately after breastfeeding breasts get saggy. Sometimes a lift will help, other times a woman will opt for implants as well. This is the most common procedure included in a mummy makeover. Abdominoplasty – stubborn pockets of fat tend to take up residence in a woman’s abdomen or tummy area after children, that no matter how much exercise she does, just won’t budge. Not only that but often the abdominal muscles have separated which can be fixed with an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. Another common procedure for mums. […]
Dr Rebecca Whyten Dr Rebecca Wyten from Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery in Hawthorn – “No question is a silly question” November 13, 2017 - I had the opportunity to chat with Dr Rebecca Wyten, Specialist Plastic Surgeon from Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery in Hawthorn VIC at the recent 40th ASAPS conference. She’s sought after for breast surgery, abdominoplasty and all things mummy makeover. Check out my video interview with her by clicking on the image. PSH: Is there a variation of people you treat in regards to gender, or is it primarily women? Dr Rebecca Wyten: The majority of the people that see me are women that have had children, and they get to that sort of stage where they’ve worked really hard to get back to their sort of post-baby bodies, and they just can’t shift any more fat, or they’ve got all this extra loose skin, and so they come to me really quite self-conscious about how they feel. They’ll get comments at the gym, you know, “Don’t do that because you’re pregnant,” when they’re not, or they’ll be exercising … I had a lovely lady that was a crossfit trainer and she just said when she lies forward all her skin falls forward. A lot of these women have done everything they can to make themselves as fit as possible, but […]
Mr Allan Kalus Thank you Mr Allan Kalus & the Avenue Plastic Surgery Team June 9, 2016 - We received such a wonderful review from one of our readers for Dr Allan Kalus that we wanted to share it as a blog for you.  Here it is, kept just as we received it: I recently underwent a Mummy Makeover with Mr Allan Kalus (Plastic Surgeon) at Avenue Private Hospital in Windsor, Melbourne. Procedure involved: 1) tummy tuck with muscle repair, 2) breast augmentation, 3) liposuction. Initial consult: I found Allan to be very warm, knowledgeable, and understanding of WHY I was wanting to undertake these procedures (I just wanted to be in proportion, and repair the damage caused by 2 pregnancies). His website is extremely helpful. The open letter that he provides on there is so informative, that you pretty much know what you want before you even see him. While I was pretty confident of what I wanted when I arrived, he offered me some other alternatives that were less invasive and less expensive. This reassured me that he was interested in getting me results that I would be happy with, rather than just recommending the most expensive option. I couldn’t find much in the way of reviews on line for Mr Kalus, but I decided that […]
Dr Patrick Briggs Where did my body go? February 9, 2015 - * UPDATE – Dr Patrick Briggs is now based in Melbourne at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery * Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding are usually a wonderful time for a woman. It fulfils her biological drive and the strength of emotions experienced helps confirm her biological identity. The anticipation of pregnancy leads to the joy of childbirth and continues with the incredible feeling of bonding while breastfeeding. For most women this time in their life is one that they remember fondly. Psychologically these powerful feelings of caring for a helpless, joyful and beautiful being offset the changes that may have occurred in the biological journey. I am often asked by women who have not yet had children what will happen to their bodies after the sequence of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Unfortunately this is an almost impossible question to answer, for not only does the individuality of genetics play a very significant role but also other factors will add or detract from the eventual outcome. Some women only have one pregnancy, “carry small” during pregnancy and do not breastfeed. Clearly the physical changes of such an individual will be entirely different from a woman who has multiple pregnancies, tend to make a […]
Mummy Makeovers Mummies for Cosmetic Surgery: Mummy Makeovers October 30, 2014 - There are targeted “mummy categories” for food, fashion, literature, entertainment, and believe it or not, even cosmetic surgery. Inside cosmetic surgery clinics, it is more commonly known as “mummy makeovers”. Mummy makeovers refer to a series of cosmetic surgery procedures targeted towards mothers who would like to restore their pre-pregnancy bodies. Normally conducted in a single-session surgery mummy makeovers include tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and liposuction. It can also include stretch mark removal and skin tightening. According to the New Beauty website, mummy makeovers are ideal for mothers who have had at least six months to a year of recovery period after birth, and whose weight has stabilised. Interested mummies should have also stopped breastfeeding if they intend to undergo breast augmentation. However, mummy makeovers are not for mothers who are still planning on having more children, as pregnancy will alter the results of a cosmetic surgery. According to a 2011 article on the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) website, a survey revealed that 62 percent of surveyed mothers would not mind getting a mummy makeover especially if cost was not an issue. The same article revealed that there is an upward trend in the number of women availing […]
Mommy Makeovers Mommy Makeovers, Trending Cosmetic Surgeries August 25, 2014 - Pregnancy and childbirth are a great experience for women; however, it takes its toll on the mother’s body. It damages the skin and cells after delivery. But, women do not have to panic about getting out of shape as there are mommy makeovers to help them regain their look. Mommy makeover consists of tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast lift and liposuction. Mommy makeover will restore the body to the pre-baby body. These cosmetic procedures help boost a woman’s confidence, help in rejuvenating her appearance. It helps in repair of the muscle and skin damage, which occurs during pregnancy and delivery. These makeovers have been recently gained its popularity. A growing number of women are undergoing mommy makeovers-plastic surgery procedures that restore their post pregnancy bodies to fit body repairing the damage done during pregnancy and delivery. Why are Mommy Makeovers in Demand? Cosmetic surgeries which were once only the rich could afford are now available to everyone. These procedures aim at maximizing individual’s beauty rather than creating a standard aesthetic. This makeover does not transform you into a glam doll; it just transforms you into a refreshed and fit version of you that you were before becoming a mommy. Many […]
Mommy Makeover - Quick Recovery Steps Mommy Makeover – Quick Recovery Steps May 27, 2014 - Mommy Makeover procedures are growing well-known in the field of plastic surgery. More and more mothers around the world are choosing to have it to gain back the body they once had before pregnancy. Mommy Makeover consist of more than one plastic surgery procedure, namely, tummy tuck, breast lift, liposuction, and butt lift. This means that more parts of the body are being reconstructed as compared to other singular procedures. Because of this, it is clear that the recovery steps from Mommy Makeovers are extended in terms of time and effort.  Here are some things to keep in mind for a faster recovery after a Mommy Makeover procedure: 1. Limit your movement for the first two weeks.  For the first two weeks after the surgery, it is advised to limit your body from moving too much. Excessive movement can hinder in having a faster recovery time. It can cause swelling of the body which interferes with having scar formation for a faster wound healing.  2. Refrain from lifting more than 5 pounds for the first three weeks. Since Mommy Makeovers include breast augmentation, lifting your arms again and again can slow down the recovery time. It can also cause your breast to […]
I need a boob job, can Medicare help? I need a boob job, can Medicare help? February 27, 2014 - I need a boob job, can Medicare Help? If you are considering a breast augmentation this is something you may be interested to know; many cosmetic procedures (in which some breast procedures are included) have a Medicare rebate when performed by a specialist Plastic surgeon. Even if you don’t have private health insurance the Medicare rebate is available to you when the breast procedure is performed by a Specialist Plastic Surgeon. And here’s one loophole; If you have private health insurance and are after a little mummy makeover plus you have a child under the age of 7, Medicare will provide you with a rebate. But not all procedures are covered by a Medicare rebate for example if you are looking for a breast augmentation for aesthetic reasons you will probably find that no insurance company will cover any of the cost. However if you need breast reconstruction procedures for any of the following make sure you check the Medicare rebates listed below, as Medicare may cover 75% (which is usually the hospital stay). Bilateral Breast Reduction (Item no. 45520) – Medicare Rebate is $675.35 (1 side) Tubular Breast Reconstruction (Item no. 45559) – Medicare Rebate is $852.60 (1 side) […]
Jess Mummy Makeover My Mummy Makeover April 1, 2013 - Standing on the beach with my family during the Christmas holidays, looking around at all the beautiful beach bodies, I felt a sudden wave hit me. A lingering feeling I had for many years, finally caught up with me. I realized I was missing out on truly living my best happiest life because in the back of my mind I was always self-conscious about the way I looked. I was fed up with  my  long drawn out breast – the kind that you could wrap around your neck for a scarf – and a tummy with stretch marks from side to side and top to bottom, covering my whole abdominal area, further more I was a little chubby. This is it! I thought. I needed to do something about it, so I could get on with life and be happy. I started out going to the gym and seeing a personal trainer as well as eating super healthy. Not only did this make me look better it really did help my emotional attitude too. Despite feeling a lot better about my health, the skinnier I got the worst my breast and stretch marks looked. After many years of toiling with […]

Dr Jeremy Hunt on Mummy Makeover – Real Patient Story

Dr Ross Farhadieh on Mummy Makeover – The Procedure Explained

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  1. Avatar

    Hi I would like to know how I go about applying for a mummy make over I am a mother of my 3 year old son. We live in Adelaide SA,
    Kind Regards
    Tayara Mayman

    • Trish

      Hi Tayara
      You need to see a Specialist Plastic Surgeon for a physical consultation. You will need a referral from your GP first. If there are any medicare rebates you may be entitled to, the surgeon will advise at your consultation.
      Here’s a link to Adelaide Plastic Surgeons – hope that helps.

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    Hi just enquiring about mummy package and getting information regarding options. I live in Brisbane with a 6 year old and 2 year old. And payment options including Medicare ect

  3. Avatar

    I have spine problems from an accident ive tryed different things to loss the weight. I have croncie back depressing to be bigger an cant loss it of your stomach an breast. Will medicare pay for this thank you

    • Trish

      Hi Jo
      You should speak with your GP about this, they will be able to give you a correct answer according to your personal situation.
      Hope that helps.

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    More info on mummy make over please.

    I am a mother of 4… no more kids

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    Last year I had WLS ad have now lost 70kg the effects of my weight loss is devastating, I have dropping?sagging excess skin on my tummy, butt and inner thighs and my boobs are just sagging skin. Please help point me in the right direction as to what I will need to remedy these embarrassing problems. Please tell me what to do so I can do it as soon as possible.

    • Trish

      Hi – you might want to join our closed Facebook group
      “Plastic Surgery Support Forum For Aussie Chicks”
      there’s 3 questions to answer first.

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    Hi, what procedure would I be looking at for saggy thighs, inner thigh and butt?

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    Hello I am a single mother of 3 lil boys youngest is 4 how do I go about getting a Medicare rebate please ?
    And also
    Do I need to be on health insurance?thankyou

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