TESLA CHAIR is a women’s health application for the correction and reversal of urinary incontinence. Using a treatment method called Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS), the TESLA CHAIR can be used on both women and men and is effective for any type of urinary or faecal incontinence, but is also used to assist in a faster rehabilitation after surgery or birth, sexual dysfunction or chronic pain in the patient’s pelvis or lower back.

FMS treatment uses a magnetic field to penetrate into the deeper biological tissues without skin contact. It can pass through clothes, tissue and bone and therefore reach otherwise inaccessible tissue. The pulsed magnetic field triggers the pelvic floor muscles to contract and the TESLA CHAIR helps to increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscles to provide long-term treatment of incontinence and other issues associated with weakened pelvic floor muscles including:

  • Stress and urge incontinence
  • Faecal incontinence
  • Sexual dysfunctions
  • Chronic pain in the pelvis or lower back
  • Postpartum rehabilitation
  • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation after sports injuries
  • Pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation after surgery
  • Chronic prostatitis
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Problems due to poor circulation.

The magnetic stimulation effect leads to increased strength and endurance of the sphincter and pelvic floor muscles. The therapy has also shown positive effects on sexual relations, erections, the ability to achieve orgasm and the active contracting of the groin and gluteal muscles.

  • No patient preparation is required.
  • The patient remains fully clothed.
  • Comfortable treatment chair.
  • Non-invasive, painless, no downtime or side effects.
  • The patient will have an awareness of muscle contractions making it easier to learn muscle strengthening techniques.
  • The patient can have one or several sessions depending on the therapy plan determined by their doctor.
  • Easy to operate device for the physician, with 4 channels including the chair with seat, back applicator and 2 handheld applicators.


  1. Avatar

    As a patient who has these chairs in NSW- Northern beaches?

    • Trish

      Did you hear back via email yet?

      • Avatar

        No I didn’t yet.

        • Trish

          Just forwarded your details to the distributor to put you in touch đŸ™‚

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    Hi is treatment available in Melbourne Victoria? Thank you.

    • Trish

      I have 2 myself!

  3. Avatar

    Is there one near Hervey Bay or even Brisbane in Queensland?

  4. Avatar

    Hhmmm interested to speak to distributer

  5. Avatar

    Is there one in Newcastle?

  6. Avatar

    Is the Tesla chair available in Newcastle?

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