Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Tummy tuck surgery or Abdominoplasty – the medical term for this procedure – is an operation that flattens the abdomen by way of removal of excess skin and fat, and the tightening of the muscles in the abdominal wall.

A tummy tuck can be ideal for a number of individuals for a number of reasons. These reasons can include the after-effects of pregnancy, ageing or extreme weight loss. Any of these can cause skin in the tummy area to become weak and lose its elasticity, leaving excess skin to sag and look unattractive.

Why have a Tummy Tuck?

Toning the body using exercise is a sensible and necessary component of any body sculpting and or general fitness regime. Unfortunately however, if excess and sagging skin exists then in order to have it removed it will be necessary to seek the help of a professional such as a plastic surgeon. A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty will be required in order to achieve a flat, sag free, smooth abdominal area.

Due to the increase in obesity amongst the population, there has also been an increase in the number of individuals who have firstly gained a lot of weight and then lose that weight, leaving them with sagging excess skin. This sagging skin requires a tummy tuck in order to achieve a satisfactory look. A tummy tuck is designed to tighten the muscle wall and the skin so that they fit you snuggly. As with any procedure, the best and safest results are achieved if the patient is within their healthy weight range.

Having tummy tuck surgery is extremely common and is performed all over the world. It is also increasingly common to combine tummy tuck surgery with another plastic surgery such as liposuction or breast surgery. Tummy tuck procedures are also undergone by many men; again, often performed in conjunction with other surgeries such as pectoral implants or chest reduction procedures.

Tummy tuck surgery roughly takes around two hours and is completed under a general anaesthetic. It is a reasonably serious procedure and requires some research and consideration. Generally you can expect to stay in hospital for two or three nights followed by at least 10 days rest at home. Prior to the procedure, the surgeon will request a consultation, which is where the surgeon will look at your abdominal area and mark the areas with a pen where they will remove the skin. The plastic surgeon will also go through where the scars will be in order for you to be prepared. In this consultation, you will decide which areas of the abdomen needs more work than others and go through how much skin needs to be removed in order to achieve the desired results.

Upon arrival to the clinic and before the procedure you will be required to have a blood test and some other regular tests to ensure that it is safe for you to have a general anaesthetic. The surgeon will then go through the procedure again to make sure you are clear and happy with what needs to be done. The surgeon will then discuss with you all of the risks that can occur whilst you are under the general anaesthetic.

Once you are under anaesthetic, the surgeon will make an incision across the base of the abdomen, from one hip to the other in order to remove the overstretched skin. The muscle under the skin will also be repaired with permanent stitches that are not visible. The reason for repairing the muscle under the skin is to create a foundation of tight, repositioned muscle for the skin to stretch over. The surgeon will then stitch along the original incision line and remove the excess skin.

Risks and Complications

Generally modern day surgery is considered safe. Approximately one-third of patients who receive an anaesthetic during surgery will experience “anaesthesia sickness” or post-operative nausea and vomiting (POVN).

There are risks and complications associated with all surgeries. There are also risks involved for undergoing a general anaesthetic and these can include; suppressed breathing, deep vein thrombosis (blood clot in leg), blood clot in lung respiratory complications, heart problems, heart failure and even death.

The risks and complications associated with the tummy tuck surgery can include:

Infection is a risk that can affect patients who have just had tummy tuck surgery. Also, as a preventative measure, most tummy tuck patients require a drain to be inserted in order to prevent a seroma from forming which is a collection of fluid around the wound which can cause pain and possibly infection.

Haematoma is another complication that can form after the surgery and can result in the blood having to be drained. The majority of bruising will calm down after a period of time.

Another risk and complication is pain, as the surgery is extremely invasive this can result in pain, the surgeon will prescribe the relative painkillers to help.

Q. Is there any swelling after the surgery?

A. Yes, it is completely normal to experience some swelling after the surgery. This is a sign of the body trying to heal itself. This can obscure what you see after the surgery, as it will look like the tummy tuck has made little difference. Over a short period of time, the swelling will go down and you will start seeing the benefits of the tummy tuck.

Q. How long will the tummy tuck last for?

A. The tummy tuck will last for many years. However, if you do get pregnant or have an excessive weight gain, this can cause the skin to stretch out again and therefore will require another tummy tuck. However, if this does not happen, then the affects of the tummy tuck are relatively permanent.

Q. How long should I take off work?

A. The recovery process is relative to the individual however, the time usually required to take off work will be between two to three weeks. However, for some individuals the healing process can take longer with some patients requiring more than a month off work.

What does Abdominoplasty cost? What does a tummy tuck cost?

As with almost any plastic surgery, the cost depends on the surgeon and hospital you choose. It can also vary depending on the amount of hours the surgeon anticipates your particular surgery to take. Make sure you ask your surgeon if his cost estimate includes the hospital stay, anaesthetist and any pre and post surgery appointments and care.

Approximately $6,000 to $16,000

Tummy Tucks – The Facts May 18, 2018 - A tummy tuck, otherwise known as an abdominoplasty, is a procedure most often undertaken by women after having children, or after massive weight loss. Either of these circumstances often leaves you with excess skin that can only be removed via surgery. In the case of women after childbirth it can also help repair muscle separation and improve bladder weakness. There are a few things to know about tummy tucks if you are considering having the surgery and with the help of Dr Mark Edinburg, one of Sydney’s leading Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeons. Here is a list of Tummy Tucks – The Facts. 1. There is more than one tummy tuck procedure A tummy tuck procedure is not just a one size fits all procedure. There are different techniques depending on what your individual requirements are. A full tummy tuck or abdominoplasty will remove excess skin and fat. This will help to flatten the abdominal line and I will also repair muscle separation, if present (often necessary after childbirth). To explain in more detail about what is involved in this procedure we asked Dr Edinburg. He said, “During full tummy tuck surgery, an incision is made from hip to hip […]
Samantha’s Breast Augmentation, Extended Tummy Tuck and Revision Surgery with Dr Marcus Pyragius May 1, 2018 - Today I spoke with Samantha who has lost a phenomenal 57kg’s and started her plastic surgery journey. She’d had previous surgery with a different doctor, and decided to have a revision and more surgery with Dr Marcus Pyragius. She shares her journey with us …… Trish Hammond: Great, well I’m here today and I’m talking with Samantha today, and Samantha has recently had surgery with Dr Marcus Pyragius, who’s based in Adelaide. Can I call you Sam? Samantha: Sam is fine. Trish Hammond: Awesome. Sam, so what’d you have done? Samantha: I had a breast lift done by a different surgeon and I wasn’t happy with that result so I saw five different surgeons here in Adelaide, decided to go with Marcus so I had a breast augmentation and an extended tummy tuck and some scar revisions from my previous surgery as well. Trish Hammond: Awesome, so a breast reduction, with a lift or without a lift? Samantha: Yup so a breast reduction and a lift, I’ve lost 57 kilos. Trish Hammond: How many? Samantha: 57 kilos. Trish Hammond: Congratulations you. Samantha: Thank you. I actually thought that I’d be happy with small boobs … Trish Hammond: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Samantha: […]
I have Lupus and had an abdominoplasty OMG here’s what happened … thank gawd for my surgeon! April 27, 2018 - Sometimes we can do all the right things and things can still go wrong. Our bodies all react differently to different things. Cindy suffers from an autoimmune disease – Lupus – here she shares her journey with us, and talks about the exceptional service she received whilst she was over 3000km’s away from her family. Trish: Hey, everyone. I’m here tonight with Cindy. Now, Cindy recently had some plastic surgery with Dr Marcus Pyragius. We’re really keen to share her story because sometimes things don’t go perfectly, so it’s really nice to hear someone’s story whose journey wasn’t quite so easy. Welcome, Cindy. Cindy: Hi. Trish: Hi. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Cindy: No worries, Trish. Trish: So you’ve had some plastic surgery, so tell us a bit about your journey. What did you actually have done, and where are you from? Give us a bit of a background. Cindy: I am from Queensland. I travelled to Adelaide to see Marcus back in August last year, after doing about a year’s worth of research for surgeons around Australia. We only have one in our town. I wasn’t a hundred percent satisfied there, so I went […]
Functional abdominoplasty – when a tummy tuck is more than just about aesthetics… March 23, 2018 - Abdominoplasty for women after having children is often a lot more than just getting rid of some belly fat or skin that doesn’t budge no matter how much exercise you do. Forget about the fact that our skin is stretched past the point of no return… think trying to squeeze a beach ball (full of air) to fit into a condom and you might get some sort of indication as to what our bellies go through when we carry a child. There’s also a lot more going on on the inside of our bodies as well. The muscles in our abdomens stretch, lengthen and separate, our backs bend and adjust to carry the extra weight that lasts for months and our vaginas… well, let’s just say that anyone who’s had a vaginal delivery will know the amount of stretching and misshaping that goes on down there. Abdominoplasty for postpartum women was removed from the Medicare schedule in 2016 much to the disappointment and astonishment of women and plastic surgeons all over Australia. There has been a renewed momentum and energy to the fight to have it reinstated into the schedule recently, so we thought we’d take a closer look at […]
The fight for Abdominoplasty to be made available under Medicare for Postpartum Women March 2, 2018 - In 2016 the government had a major overhaul of the Medicare schedule removing any procedures that were seen as purely cosmetic. This included abdominoplasty for postpartum women for whom it was decided that there was no medical proof that an abdominoplasty was for reconstructive or functional purposes. However, this is not true at all. Abdominoplasty is just as necessary for women who have been through childbirth than for massive weight loss patients needing excess skin removal for whom the Medicare cover is still available. In fact, we here at the Hub were so riled up by these changes excluding postpartem mothers that at the end of 2016 we prepared a petition that was signed by over 3,000 of you that was basically ignored by our government. However, in an exciting development, respected Canberra plastic surgeon Alastair Taylor has released a study with extensive research that proves the importance of an abdominoplasty to some women after childbirth, and he wants the government to pay attention.
Dr Patrick Tansley - Mummy Makeover Mummy Makeover – Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck at NorthEast Plastic Surgery January 17, 2018 - Earlier in 2017, this 39 year old lady who breast fed 3 children (one delivered by caesarean section) and had experienced significant fluctuations in weight presented for consideration of aesthetic breast and abdominal surgery – a classic ‘mummy makeover’. She described her 12-14DD breasts as saggy, empty and droopy ‘deflated water balloons’ which were causing neck and shoulder pain. She was also troubled by excess abdominal skin and a ‘muffin top’. She wished to have her stretch marks addressed and achieve natural, full and correctly positioned breasts along with a flat tummy and shaped waistline. At preoperative assessment, she had asymmetric ptotic (droopy), heavy breasts with stretch marks and excess abdominal skin above and below the umbilicus also with stretch marks, flank fat and separation (divarication) of the abdominal wall musculature. She was counselled at NorthEast Plastic Surgery to consider surgery comprising a variety of breast surgical options in conjunction with abdominoplasty and flank liposuction. The relative risks and benefits of each were carefully detailed and appropriate investigations undertaken. At surgery, a vertical scar (lollipop) approach was used to undertake asymmetrical bilateral breast reduction, along with full abdominoplasty, repair of the ‘six-pack’ muscles and flank liposuction. She made an uneventful […]
Dr Rebecca Whyten Dr Rebecca Whyten from Cosmetic Surgery for Women and Men in Hawthorn – “No question is a silly question” November 13, 2017 - I had the opportunity to chat with Dr Rebecca Whyten, Specialist Plastic Surgeon from Cosmetic Surgery for Women in Hawthorn VIC at the recent 40th ASAPS conference. She’s sought after for breast surgery, abdominoplasty and all things mummy makeover. Check out my video interview with her by clicking on the image. PSH: Is there a variation of people you treat in regards to gender, or is it primarily women? Dr Rebecca Whyten: The majority of the people that see me are women that have had children, and they get to that sort of stage where they’ve worked really hard to get back to their sort of post-baby bodies, and they just can’t shift any more fat, or they’ve got all this extra loose skin, and so they come to me really quite self-conscious about how they feel. They’ll get comments at the gym, you know, “Don’t do that because you’re pregnant,” when they’re not, or they’ll be exercising … I had a lovely lady that was a crossfit trainer and she just said when she lies forward all her skin falls forward. A lot of these women have done everything they can to make themselves as fit as possible, but […]
Nadia Abdominoplasty Nadia’s Abdominoplasty Story – After Having Twins! August 1, 2017 - Having kids puts our bodies to the test in so many ways. Many of us can only imagine what it would be like to carry 2 or more children, but Nadia shares her story about having twins, gaining weight, losing it again, and why she ended up having an abdominoplasty with Dr Craig Rubinstein from Cosmetic Surgery for Women in Melbourne. Her amazing results are an inspiration to other Mums who have had undesired weight changes after pregnancy To read her story about her experience click here and to check out her video click on the link below. Part of Nadia’s success is testament to the skill of her surgeon, Dr Craig Rubinstein, who dedicates his practice to breast surgery and abdominoplasty for women. “The real work is what the patient does BEFORE their surgery,” says the Support Team at Cosmetic Surgery for Women, “as losing weight is not an easy thing for busy Mums.” If you want more information on losing weight before you consider surgery, attend the “Weight Loss Wednesday” special event on the 6th of September at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing in Hawthorn East (Melbourne).   TrishTrish is a plastic surgery blogger. She is passionate about wellbeing, health and beauty, […]
Are Compression Garments Necessary after Plastic Surgery? April 13, 2017 - Postoperative care is crucial to a full recovery after any plastic surgery procedure. Following the surgeon’s instructions will help reduce the risk of complications and ensure you get your desired results. Part of post-surgery care often involves compression garments, which are worn during the recovery period. Not everyone is aware of their importance or even what they do. So, are compression garments necessary after plastic surgery? We asked respected Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Gavin Sandercoe, from Bella Vista in NSW to weigh in on the subject. What are compression garments? A compression garment is a wide, elastic strip of material that hugs a certain body part to apply constant and even pressure. This band comes in various forms to meet the body’s needs for quick recovery. For example, a patient who has undergone a tummy tuck must wear a compression garment that looks like a single band that compresses the abdominal area. Another design for tummy tuck patients looks like a girdle or a pair of briefs. This garment is an important part of the recovery process, and provides numerous benefits to the user. Benefits This garment can help improve your recovery and has various purposes. These are: To […]
Shae's Tummy Tuck - Before & After All I want for Christmas is Bikinis – The Difference Between a Not-so-good Surgeon and a Great Surgeon, Shae’s Story April 4, 2017 - Shae is 36yrs old and has three kids ranging from 8 to 12yrs old. They were all big babies – over 4kgs (9lbs) each! – and Shae weighed in at 108kg when she had her youngest. With some hard work she managed to drop down to 70kg, but no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t budge the huge amount of skin overhang. She tried personal training, dieting… she felt like she’d done it all. Shae had never worn bikinis, “I’d never had the body for that”, she used to believe, and with her confidence getting less and less, she decided enough was enough. It was time to look into having plastic surgery. Shae decided to see two surgeons. She booked in with her first surgeon, which was NOT a great experience for her – “He was potentially the most (disrespectful) person I’d ever met in my life. He pinched my skin around my body so hard that I had red marks. He said I was never, ever going to be happy and I was never going to be slim and I’d need more than one surgery. He said I needed a full body lift. I asked if I […]
Angela's Story The ins and outs of Angela’s Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck with Dr Justin Perron, Brisbane November 4, 2016 - Trish Hammond: Great, well I’m here today with Angela, who’s in Brisbane. Angela just recently had a tummy tuck, which is abdominoplasty, and a breast reduction with Dr. Justin Perron up in Brisbane who operated from the Mater Hospital. We’re going to have a bit of a chat about it today. Thanks Angela, thanks for taking the time. Angela: No worries at all. Thank you. Trish Hammond: Lovely. Angie, tell us, first of all, why did you decide to have these 2 procedures done? What was it that made you think it was time? Angela: I’m a 40-year-old mum of twin boys that are now 19. After having the twins, I carried them at roughly … I was about 50 kilos at the time when I was carrying boys. Basically, they just wrecked my abdomen. I procrastinated for 19 years and decided that I would finally do something about it. It’s not great when you’re getting told that your boys are 19, and are you still pregnant? That’s not a great thing to be getting every day, so my abdomen was split roughly 10 to 11 centimetres and brought up underneath my solar plexus. Although everyone normally gets a little […]
Jo’s Story – circumferential body lift, brachioplasty, thigh lift, abdominoplasty and liposuction October 20, 2016 - For most of us, the idea of a 7 hour marathon on the operating table is a little (lot!) scary. However, in the hands of the right surgeon, and when you combine several different procedures to be performed in one go, it can absolutely be the best way to go. Jo, was brave enough to share her story with us. She had a circumferential body lift, brachioplasty, thigh lift, abdominoplasty and liposuction all in the one procedure. Jo is a 53 year old nurse whose story starts when she had a gastric sleeve in 2014 and lost 50kgs. Because of the massive weightloss Jo had heaps of excess skin. She says, “I had empty skin that exercise just didn’t get rid of. My arms bothered me the most – they were big and floppy. Also, my inner thighs were drooping down to my knees.” Making the Right Decision Jo says she initially tossed up going overseas for her surgery but never got around to organising it. One of the girls at her work had had surgery with Dr Mark Hanikeri, Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon based in Subiaco, WA, and so Jo decided to make an appointment with him. She […]
Vanessa's Mummy Makeover Mummy Makeover Muscle Repair – Vanessa’s Story August 11, 2016 - It’s the age old issue… when most women have children, more often than not, our bodies lose their shape and “perkiness”. Whilst it’s nothing to be ashamed of, many of us dream of getting back to our former glory, or at least getting close, and sometimes we need a bit of a helping hand. Vanessa, with the help of Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Mark Hanikeri from Subiaco in WA, achieved awesome results that any of you even considering one or more of the mummy makeover procedures should read and see. Vanessa says that after having her four beautiful children her body was desperate for some help, including muscle repair. Her family GP referred her to Dr Hanikeri. Vanessa says, “Dr Hanikeri was very open and honest, and made me feel very safe from the beginning. He was continually happy to answer any questions that I would think of. I was extremely confident and knew I was in good hands.” After her first consultation it was agreed she should return in a few months time when she’d reached her goal weight which would improve the overall final outcome. This is an important part of choosing your surgeon. It’s essential that you […]
Trish's Tummy Tuck My tummy tuck with Dr Craig Rubinstein, CSFW Hawthorn, Victoria July 12, 2016 - Eight weeks ago I had a multiple belt lipectomy, which is basically a tummy tuck – three little bits taken. I had this done with Dr Craig Rubinstein, from Cosmetic Surgery for Women. I found that I had a really quick recovery with this; it was an excellent surgery. The planning of it was something that I hadn’t even thought that we had to do. Basically, before Dr Rubinstein actually did the operation he spent almost an hour just actually marking me and seeing exactly what needed to be removed from where. I’d actually had a tummy tuck about 20 years ago. I put on weight and lost weight since then, so I had dog-ears and just wasn’t really happy with the way my body was looking. It’s something I’ve wanted for a long, long time. After my recovery, the last procedure I had, it took me a long time to recover, but after this recovery, I was actually … I can’t believe how quickly I recovered. I think that’s because the post-op care was so good. I was given probiotics and vitamins from Dr Rubinstein’s office as well, I was provided with the after care garments; it was just […]
Body Contouring Surgery Options with Dr Mark Hanikeri, Subiaco WA July 6, 2016 - Since the start of time, looking beautiful has been a desire of the people irrespective of culture, creed, area and status. To fulfil the desire to look beautiful, different products, cosmetics and surgical methods have been introduced all over the world. Surgical body contouring is one of those procedures that is very popular in today’s world. Like other parts of the world, surgical body contouring in Western Australia is very popular. There are numerous surgical procedures offered by surgeons such as Dr Mark Hanikeri in WA to shape your body; some of the most important ones are listed below. Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) Body Lift (Belt Lipectomy) Breast lift Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) The abdomen (or tummy area) is one of the first body parts that starts bulging well before the other parts start drooping. To shape the abdomen a procedure known as abdominoplasty is performed. An abdominoplasty involves excess tissues of the abdomen being removed to achieve a more toned shape. More importantly, if there is loose muscle underneath the skin, this is tightened to give a firmer, smaller waist. It is an anesthetic based procedure that is carried out under the supervision of a highly qualified surgeon. […]
Karen's Real Story Are multiple procedures for you? Check out Karen’s real story April 27, 2016 - I want to introduce another woman who has overcome many obstacles in life, and come out the other end intact, happy, and inspiring! I met Karen online one of our closed social media groups when I was having my own abdominoplasty surgery recently. She was a couple of weeks post-op; I was reaching out and sharing my surgery and experiences and so was she – we connected immediately. You know what it’s like – when you meet someone and they just ‘fit’, they feel like they’re part of your tribe. You’ve shared a similar journey. So let me share Karen’s story. At 125kg and at 36yrs old, Karen tried to lose weight with diet, exercise and obsessive compulsive bingeing (mmmmm I feel like I’m looking in a mirror here!). In 2010 she had a lapband, however because it was making her life a misery by not being able to eat, she had it removed in November 2013. She then had a gastric sleeve in March 2014. Over 6 years Karen lost about 35kgs (22kgs lost after the sleeve) and maintained a weight of about 89kgs for around 18 months. Although she still had a way to go, Karen decided she […]
Sheryl Sheryl’s Metamorphosis from Betrayal to Butterfly March 23, 2016 - Unfortunately, there are many women in bad marriages and relationships who put their own health and happiness second to everyone else’s and fall into a pit of self-despair and loathing. It takes courage to pull yourself out of such a deep hole and even more courage to tell others about your hardships and journey. Sheryl is one of these brave women and we are in awe of her and her ability to give such insight into her road to happiness, including losing a huge amount of weight and her subsequent abdominoplasty procedures. We heard about Sheryl through one of the amazing surgeons at Cosmetic Surgery for Women in Melbourne, Dr Craig Rubinstein from Hawthorn. Sheryl begins by telling us what it was like in her old body and her old life. “I was trapped in fat. I was in toxic marriage of 13 years where 7 of those years were full of betrayal, mistrust, deceit and utter annihilation for me as a woman. I would walk down the street and I would physically say to myself under my breath the word “inferior”. I felt totally inferior to every woman on the planet, with exception to the aged grandmothers that would […]
Abdominoplasty Abdominoplasty – Helping with Incontinence and Core Strength March 17, 2016 - Dr Graham Sellars, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon based in Wahroonga NSW, has performed hundreds of abdominoplasty procedures and helps us to clarify some of the reasons as to why you should, and should not, undergo an abdominoplasty. “An abdominoplasty is not and should not be seen as a substitute for weight loss or exercise routine. This is a point I want to reinforce to all patients. The procedure also cannot correct stretch marks and other similar problems.” When we think of the traditional tummy tuck surgery the motivations are usually due to excess skin from massive weight loss (MWL) or after bearing children. However, there are now other reasons you might consider having an abdominoplasty and some of them might surprise you. We look at these reasons below. Excess Skin/Fat This is what the majority of patients who undergo an abdominoplasty are there for. Whether it is from losing a large amount of weight, or because of stretched skin after pregnancy, no matter how hard you exercise or diet, if we have a large amount of stretched skin the only way to get rid of it is to have it cut off… or an abdominoplasty. The surgeon usually removes a […]
Medicare Industry Lobbies Medicare Re: Abdominoplasty March 3, 2016 - Many patients who have lost weight or have had their abdominal muscles stretched by previous pregnancies will be left with loose tissues surrounding the muscles in the abdomen. The lining of the rectus abdominus muscles (six pack muscles) are most commonly affected by this problem. Frequently patients present with symptoms such as bloating after meals, a visible abdominal bulge in their clothes despite often being a healthy body weight and chronic low back pain resistant to treatment by physiotherapy or chiropractors. In the past, the Federal Government has recognised the functional nature of these issues by supporting patients seeking correction of the problem with a Medicare item number that did not restrict these patients to fulfil specific criteria in order to access surgical correction. It is well recognised by surgeons who perform abdominoplasty surgery and patients who have received this surgery in the past that corrective surgery to tighten the rectus abdominus muscle fascia helps alleviate the symptoms associated with laxity and stretching of these tissues. In January 2016 the Medicare item number pertaining to abdominoplasty surgery was modified to include new qualifying criteria which limits the item number to patients who have lost enough weight to drop 5 BMI […]
Jamie's Mummy Makeover Kaiya’s Mummy Makeover Journey with Dr Gavin Sandercoe February 29, 2016 - So often, it’s easy to look at someone else and think they look amazing and should be happy with their body. However, this is not the way it works. We all have to be comfortable in our own skin, and just because someone might be super fit, does not mean they don’t have something they want to change about themselves. For some women having smaller breasts can often cause feelings of self-consciousness, and even if you have a partner who is happy with your body and your boobs you can still want more to feel more “voluptuous” or sexy! Kaiya is a woman who although she has a supportive and loving husband and family had always thought it would be awesome to have some more boobs! Kaiya shares, “I had always been unhappy with my ‘less than an A-cup’ sized breasts. I loved the size that I became when breastfeeding so it was my intention that once I was done having babies and breastfeeding, I would eventually have breast augmentation done. Shortly after my 4th baby’s first birthday I started to get back into my fitness pretty seriously. I was attempting to run 8+kms 3 times a week and doing short sessions […]
Dr Allan Kalus on Abdominoplasty Dr Allan Kalus – Changes to Abdominoplasty Medicare Cover February 24, 2016 - Trish: We’re here today with Dr. Allan Kalus from Avenue Plastic Surgery in Windsor, Victoria. We’re going to talk about the recent changes that have happened in Medicare with regards to abdominoplasty, tummy tuck, whatever you like to call it. Thank you so much for taking the time again today. Dr. Allan Kalus: It’s a pleasure Trish. Trish: Can you tell us what’s happened? Dr. Allan Kalus: Well Trish as you know, tummy tuck has been a very popular operation for many years, especially for women who have had two children or three children and they find they’ve got a lot of loose skin at the tummy and the muscles also have stretched. A lot of women become very self-conscious. They feel they can’t wear their normal clothes anymore. They can’t wear a bikini on the beach. Tummy tuck has been a very useful procedure where literally all the skin below the belly button gets removed together with any excess fat. The muscle gets tightened and then the skin gets pulled down and tightened, often with a little bit of liposuction as well. It’s called an abdominoplasty because really the whole abdomen is reshaped as part of a tummy tuck […]
Avenue Plastic Surgery Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Special Offer by Avenue Plastic Surgery February 4, 2016 - To assist patients who have been affected by the recent Medicare changes, we are excited to announce that Avenue Plastic Surgery have a limited Special Offer for Abdominoplasty Surgery. Due to their expertise in Day Surgery and as they are able to utilise their own Private Hospital, they are able to offer Abdominoplasty for an all inclusive special price:- Total Cost from $11,990 Specialist Plastic Surgeons (Their Surgeons are Fellows of The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and Members of The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons) – read more about Dr Allan Kalus. Fully Accredited Private Hospital Advanced Techniques with Minimal Downtime Day Surgery (Overnight Stay Available) Conditions Apply For more information on Avenue Plastic Surgery and their Abdominoplasty procedure click on this link. Call them on 03 9521 1777 for expert advice, to reserve a date or arrange a consult. TrishTrish is a plastic surgery blogger. She is passionate about wellbeing, health and beauty, and doesn't mind a little bit of 'help' from the amazing cosmetic and beauty procedures that are available today. Trish spends her days talking to women and men who are looking for suggestions and advice on procedures that are available to them. Cutting through the […]
What are the Changes to the Medicare Funding for Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty? January 27, 2016 - Will you be able to receive Medicare rebate for your tummy tuck surgery, taking into consideration the recent Medicare Item Number changes? We get together with Plastic Surgeon Dr Gavin Sandercoe from Bella Vista in NSW to try to answer that question for you. At the end of August we reported on the speculation that the funding for abdominoplasty would be revoked. A statement released from the Minister of Health on 28 December 2015 indeed confirmed that the Turnbull government is reviewing all 5,700 items on the Medicare Benefits Schedule and that includes many updates, new inclusions and old number cessations; including the tightening (excuse the pun) of patients’ access to rebates for tummy tucks. Dr Sandercoe says, “A key step in modern abdominoplasty procedures is repair of rectus muscle separation. Specialist Plastic Surgeons have had anecdotal reports of functional improvements in lower back pain and stress incontinence for years. In 2015, a group of Australian Plastic Surgeons began gathering data on the functional improvements after tummy tuck surgery and have been able to prove substantial improvement in pain and social disability scores. This data was provided to the National Department of Health during discussions regarding the use of the […]
Stephanie's Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift with Implants Stephanie’s Story – Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift with Implants October 7, 2015 - When you look at yourself in the mirror and are unhappy with what is looking back at you, it is hard to live your life to your full potential. After having children, it is a sad reality that often our bodies just don’t bounce back the way we’d like, and in some cases, our bodies are changed forever; and often it doesn’t matter how much exercise or diet we commit to. Fortunately, in today’s world, we have means by which to get a little help to get our bodies back to the way they were. Stephanie was one of these women who, after having her three beautiful boys, at the age of 42 underwent a tummy tuck and breast lift with implants. We ask Stephanie what the deciding factor was with making the decision to have surgery. “I look good for my age and I wanted to look on the outside, how I see myself on the inside, so it was part of completing my journey – feeling good about myself again. Since 2011, I had lost 46kg and everything was loose, wrinkly and empty. My breasts had gone from a DD to empty B cup after having my last […]
Dr Malcolm Linsell Interview Helping women get their bodies and confidence back September 4, 2015 - I love my kids… And I want my body back! Dr Linsell is a well respected Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon. Among other specialties Dr Linsell is known for his work with mothers wanting to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies as well as women over 35 who want to feel a whole lot better about themselves. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today. PSH: It’s interesting to think that at the same time the average age that women are choosing to have children is rising, that the cosmetic and plastic surgery industries are becoming more accessible and accepted in society than ever before. What do you see as being the most popular increasingly asked for procedure for you at the moment? Dr Linsell: You know it’s really interesting because you’re right, plastic surgery has become more socially acceptable and I think that’s one of the major reasons why women are seeking these sorts of procedures. The most common operation is still probably still breast augmentation. Liposuction is also common, and in my hands in particular is abdominoplasty because it’s something I’ve taken a real interest in over the last 25 years or so. I think the […]
Charlie Before & After Her Tummy Tuck It Was My Time, For Me To Put Myself First – Charlie’s Tummy Tuck Surgery August 31, 2015 - It’s a story so many of us can relate to. Having children and all of a sudden we lose our own lives to those little ones around us. Being a parent is one of the most wonderful things in the world, but it often means by default we put ourselves second and don’t find the time to look after ourselves as well as we should. Charlie had been dreaming of having a tummy tuck for years. She says, “I had wanted to have a tummy tuck for over 20 years, as the look of my tummy depressed me. Last year, I was turning 50; my children have all grown up now and I thought if I don’t do it now, I never will. The cost of raising three children alone always prohibited me. Then there were the weddings, 21sts, etc. I decided it was now my time!” Charlie’s story is a common one. However, so often many of us don’t actually get to the point of following through and making an appointment with a surgeon to discuss finer details. We asked Charlie how she found her surgeon, Dr Patrick Briggs. “He was so professional and courteous. He is my hero… […]
Is Medicare Revoking Tummy Tuck Funding? Part 2! – Item 30177 Is Medicare Revoking Tummy Tuck Funding? August 28, 2015 - Well, this topic is certainly stirring up some heated discussions and concerns. The speculation surrounding the proposed new Medicare item numbers relating to abdominoplasty or tummy tucks is gathering momentum as surgeons, practitioners and patients wrap their heads around the possible changes to be implemented on 1 November 2015. As we mentioned in our original article posted last week, it has been said that the rules will be changing with regards to who will be able to claim a rebate for abdominoplasty through Medicare. We want to be clear that although this proposal has not yet been signed off by the Federal Ministers for Health and Finance and is therefore not legislated, it is very likely to happen unless industry protest is heard and considered. There will be other plastic surgery item number changes as well, including some additional inclusions; it’s just that this particular exclusion relating to tummy tucks will affect a larger number of future patients. Tens of thousands of Australians undergo this procedure each year and that number is only growing. We, like all of you, look forward to the release of the new set of numbers to be released by the Medical Services Advisory Committee, however […]
Medicare Item no 30177 Revoked - Abdominoplasty Tummy Tuck Medicare Revoking Tummy Tuck Funding (Item 30177) August 20, 2015 - Yesterday we reported on our social media channels and groups that Medicare are revoking the item number for Abdominoplasty (30177). The rules are changing by the Department of Health regarding this item number, which means there will no longer be a subsidy for this procedure. We received an overwhelming number of questions and concerns from you with regards to this topic so thought that we’d do this blog to try to clear a few things up for you, as much as we can at this stage. Recently we posted a blog with a comprehensive list of which plastic surgery procedures were covered by Medicare, but Abdominoplasty will only be included in that list until the end of October. From 1 November 2015 the rules will change and patients will be unable to claim from Medicare for this procedure unless under extremely selective circumstances (ie. next to impossible). We understand this will affect many of you, so we spoke to one of our featured surgeons, well-respected Dr Gavin Sandercoe from Bella Vista in NSW and asked him a few questions that will hopefully clear up some confusion. The Hub: For those that have Private Health Insurance, will that insurance still cover […]
Katie's Tummy Tuck Katie’s Trifecta – My tummy tuck, thigh lift & lipo surgery with Dr Mark Hanikeri May 1, 2015 - Although Katie was never “really overweight”, she had wanted to have a tummy tuck for a number of years. Being 6 feet tall and finding it tricky to lose her little belly even with an active and healthy lifestyle, having children just reinforced Katie’s resolve and she decided to do some research and it led to Katie’s “Trifecta”, three in one surgery! Realising that word of mouth was usually the best way to get an idea of how good a surgeon was and what she could or should expect from the surgery, Katie joined online groups and started chatting with others who had already gone through the experience. She researched the procedures, different doctors and other patients’ experiences. It was around this time that Katie decided she wanted to have not just the tummy tuck but a thigh lift and some liposuction too. She thought it would be great if she could have all three surgeries done at the same time. It would save her a bit of money and a lot of recovery time, not to mention less time off work and time away from her kids. Katie says she consulted with a few doctors before finally settling on […]
Luke's Gynaecomastia Up Close and Personal with Luke about his gynecomastia March 31, 2015 - Most of our real stories tend to come from women, as the men who undergo surgery tend to be a little more cautious about sharing their experiences. Luke was brave enough to answer some questions and show us his amazing results from his mastectomy and tummy tuck. We think Luke looks great! What made you decide to go ahead and start with surgery (was there an aha moment? Or was it just – I had enough I am going to do this) I’ve been through a couple of bouts now. The first was to get some post weight loss sag taken care of in the form of a mastectomy and tummy tuck. There was an aha moment of sorts, as I had not heard the word gynecomastia until at my wits end with dieting and exercise, I called up a plastic surgeon out of desperation. I can’t remember his name (he was based in Nedlands) but he took one look and said that liposuction wasn’t the answer and that there wasn’t much he could do, and mentioned gynecomastia as a condition that I probably had. A quick round of googling and I realised that no amount of diet/exercise was going […]

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