Cosmetique Cosmetic Surgery Richmond, VIC

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  • With over 100 years of combined experience and home to some of Australasia’s most skilful and experienced Surgeons and practitioners, Cosmetique is considered one of Australia’s leading cosmetic surgery clinics. With locations in Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia Cosmetique offer expertise by leaders in their respective fields.

    “We are passionate about providing everyday Australians with exceptional cosmetic surgical services to enhance their body confidence and allow them to feel the way they deserve. Above all, we abide by the principles of professionalism and utmost care to ensure our patients feel the way they truly deserve to. Our most sought-after surgical treatments include breast surgery, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and liposuction. We pride ourselves on high patient satisfaction matched by exceptional outcomes.”


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    1. AvatarGizem Alkas Cosmetique Cosmetic Surgery Richmond, VIC
      Overall Rating:
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      We have had the most disgraceful experience and service with this clinic! My partner and I went to Cosmetique Richmond upon recommendation by a friend while our regular anti-wrinkle nurse was on leave at our regular clinic. It had been her first visit, but we have had treatments many times in the past. We went knowing our needs from past procedures. We booked our treatments in-confidence that we would have our anti-wrinkle concerns addressed. A decent level of service and professionalism, we thought, would be a given. It is a health-related procedure at the end of the day. It requires a certain level of training, care, honesty and expertise. What a letdown it was!

      We explained our unique issues and previous procedures in great detail – up to the amounts of injectables we had previously had due to our personal needs, like spoking. Regardless, the nurse insisted on a standard procedure and review because they were ‘not authorised’ to make a decision on injecting more or less product – it was a standard package of certain units. Of course, we knew we would need more product at a review, but that was okay at the time – we just assumed they were erring on the side of caution. Not at all! They refused to inject any more product at our review – even though we had spoking. When we complained and made an issue of it, they agreed to inject more if we paid more money. Throughout this journey, we discovered that they inject a substantially less amount of product than what is recommended to begin with to make more money on the sale. One of their nurses later confirmed this. We were advised that where the standard may be 50 units of Dysport for frown lines at other clinics, this clinic injects only 30 units at the same price to make more money. Refusing top-ups at a review is part of this process. Sadly, the nurses have no discretion or say in this process, even though they’re trained and they’re the customer facing professional!

      On the other hand, my partner’s experience was even more disgraceful! He was injected with the same amount of product as I was, and we have known since the beginning of time that males are VERY different to females. They almost always require more product due to other factors – yes, you guessed it, testosterone. So, he saw absolutely NO EFFECT! We went along to a review appointment and were told that he needs a whole new procedure and needs to pay a full new fee (even though it had only been two weeks since our initial procedure) because a review would just not do it for him.

      No-one at this clinic could explain why we needed to get a whole new procedure in two weeks (a review period) if he needed to pay for two from the beginning? Why didn’t they tell us in what should have been a consultation? All they said was that everything would be alright if we paid again and he underwent the same procedure again – this time without a review appointment. Of course, we did not go ahead with it! Thankfully were informed enough to know that the injection of anti-wrinkle product too frequently could trigger an immunity response where the product just doesn’t work anymore. It could be a threat to his health! Yet, no-one at this clinic was courteous (or responsible) enough really to advise – it was our regular nurse elsewhere that was an angel in checking-in. At the end of the day, even if this didn’t happen, the effect/results/experience would be wholly altered for him! Ultimately, we had a follow-up appointment with our regular nurse when she returned from leave and she evaluated the situation. Thankfully, she is much more trustworthy and actually cares about us!

      All in all, we had four appointments, including our reviews and feel it is just to draw the following conclusion. This business is unethical, deceptive and misleading of consumers to take advantage of their vulnerabilities and sensitive needs. An unfair, unprofessional and inhumane money-making business that is a disgrace to the industry. No wonder all the nurses we were consulted by have resigned and are now in other clinics – good on them! Would not recommend to my worst enemy!

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