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Long story short right.2011 375cc HP THAILANDBRILLIANT NO BRUSING MIN SWELLING BLOODY AWESOME (lost 10kg)2012 lost another 8kg lost breast tissue gained muscle slight2013 daughter born 6weeks early breech natural 2hrs. Boobs agony red raw rock solid ouch tried pump at times be crying… she was full body plaster she wud sleep on my chest hurt had listen heart beat or no sleepMay consult cosmetic surgeon oh states preeches stay home stay safe 20yrs experience bloody top bloody medical board person. Rah rah 4 days rushed me in for surgery 12.500 laterAfter being told anatheists provide item number after surgery ! And I had CC grade 3 double bubble sitting on nerve low um rippling … total shit annoying me after loosing baby weight.Anyway … had surgery June 6-9 one or other … I asked for my goal my desired happy looks my body right ? I got told no. 430 furry Brazilian, tried compromise .. APPRENTLY no can\’t fit won\’t work rip skin open type talk 3days later surgery after I bend backwards running like s chicken for this..: paying and blood test (getting accused was drug user like full on made so uncomfortable) surgery day. Draws a line on chest I get sneaky photo for my own record. Woke up oh we put 485cc uhp smooth soft in. Like huh? Ok cool thinking YES heaps better than what said but 10 days later I trying to flick towel around my body and pop rare feel drop to my knees my breast has a red spot swelling heat etf !! He says come in determain it\’s assault I\’m like dude chill. Listen to me …. cuz I took photo with my mobile which shows this as right then he says it\’s ur right rah rah like right I had the feeling I know but ok. So we strap my garmet diagonal across my chest free fall my new boobs for this naughty right . That\’s moved a whole 0.5cm my left … 3cm lower to be exact . Oh and it\’s effected my entire muscle I\’m left handed oh and it drives me insane by the feeling for sorry 2 year or so I desperate pled help he says here\’s tablets ur head I have body issues …No I now how really wonky boobs I never had before and I can\’t clerk lay my left touch the god damn thing it\’s changed. Y armpit to my right. The collarboneI\’ve had MRI I had ultrasound I\’ve had physio report.I get rejected by one due to what my emotion another said a physiologist cuz my anger about it but hay leave someone for 2years with a wonky breast that\’s so obvious I clothes I have to try pad it by 2 cup worth match my righfor yet then that\’s not round like the left so I have pad thatThe point I got revison asking for 550hp now knowing UHP I WANT MIN 570 for me to feel I\’m actually balance with my bottom half and to be that little bit bigger for the retreat side of side see I\’m already unhappy I didn\’t get to choose my size style nothing oh I\’m dual plane ? So my top miscle under arm feels fully retardd it goes pins needles drive me insane up th I w I will remove it myself SoonOh it heighten which I told this doctor Father\’s Day last year after sand dune accident at 50kms head in slams my passenger seat belt on across jest causing this massive weerid feeling under collarbone and etc butWhat do I know right its my body that it\’s effecting and life but he still said no it\’s not that bad … it\’s fucking 3cmI\’m begging for help I\’ve recently tried dr ahn again as she wanted me physio report my MRI is all clear APPRENTLY but I had ultrasound and the. All sudden this other surgeon I tried to see as I could be priority as if I see. A did be ready for surgery 2days after like finally I go over the top cuz I trying show every reason why I need this why have I been left with wonky tits I don\’t wear singlets. Brad are always uncomfortable and fuck I could. Doing more damage actually I am cuz a year ago I didn\’t feel this arm pain weakness or lack of fullness or just complete ugly my partner and I massive issues my daughter and me broke. I snap at her more so cuz the full u comfortable feeling is it right to leave someone like this to help them gain a body issue that. Never exist I just wanted to re pump what I lost by weight I lost 18kg who would t be happy… I went Thailand and it was better than here for revison. Now I have to take my child\’s future home away travel cuz I need to get surgery again.I\’m so mad I\’m so broken and I\’m sick of not being heard I want my correction ducking want my life back to start healing cuz I\’m missing g time play with my baby cuz my arm …

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