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AvatarNicola asked 5 years ago

I just read your bit in regards to medicare and breast surgery. I am wondering in regards to criteria that would need to be meet. I have gone from Dd down to a Aa cup a standard A cup does not fit me at all. I have given up and dont bother unless its summer. I have 2 young boys (almost 5 and almost 2) so their is no hope in my breasts returning as i lost them after expressing for 3 weeks with my oldest, they returned and provided my youngest with all he needed for 6 months but returned to flat :/ my friends 10year old daughter has bigger boobs than me already. I have scolliosis in my spine that is actually worse since they shriveled up and ran away. I had not had back pain since they grew at 13 years old and it actually relieved it all but now im suffering again with is aswell as they whole thing of people looking at me weard because i have no chest. We were contimplating going overseas but then heard horror stories about that, so have just left it. I would feel heaps more confident in myself if i had boobs as i would not have the back issues or low self esteem that it has caused.

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 5 years ago

Hi Nicola, we are about to publish an updated blog on when Medicare rebates are available for breast procedures so keep an eye out for that in the next day or two. Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to get rebates for breast procedures now, especially if they are for cosmetic purposes. I would definitely discourage you from considering having your plastic surgery procedure overseas. We hear horror stories all the time – and quite often these women end up spending more to have their issues fixed than what they think they are saving by having the surgery overseas. We also have some of the best plastic surgeons in Australia. Click this link to our directory and then click on the state and area that suits you best.

I would suggest having a consultation with at least two, if not three surgeons in order to find one you feel most comfortable with, and also to compare prices. Many great plastic surgeons are very reasonably priced, and many of them have “packages” for breast augmentation to help you know what you’re up for.
If you are interested in joining our Facebook Group – you might find it a great support as you go into your journey – just email me on [email protected].
All the best, Trish

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