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AvatarAnonymous asked 6 years ago

hi I’m 24 yrs old weight 89 kg and 165cm in height I’ve always been overweight I’ve been on every diet and diet pill you could think of and now my body will not except and diets or pills. I’ve always been depressed about my weight ! Can u please help direct me to a good doctor who will do it for me 

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PSH AdminPSH Admin Contributor answered 6 years ago

I had a lapband in 2009 on the Gold Coast. I lost 20kg and had it removed about 6 months ago as I was getting too much ‘throat burn’. Since then I started a weightloss program called “Cohens” and have lost an additional 10kgs. Check it out if you get a chance, it’s totally different to any weightloss program I’ve ever been on and it works!
If you are looking for weightloss surgery in Sydney, google ‘weightloss surgery sydney’ and you will find a list of Doctors, where you find one located nearest you. 
The only Sydney weightloss doctor that I have had dealings with is Dr Talbot, who is treating a family member at the moment. She is extremely happy with him.
Hope that helps.

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