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AvatarJess asked 4 years ago

Hi, I have just had sleeve surgery and looking into getting private health insurance now so that the 12month waiting period would have passed. I already know I will have an \”apron\” and already having skin issues with both arms and stomach.
Which is the best health insurance?
Does Medicare cover all of arms, thighs, stomach and breasts?
What is the Medicare numbers for these if so?
Do you know if any of these can come under early superannuation release?
How many procedures can be done at once?
I live in the Parramatta region in Sydney. Is there any surgeons that you could suggest?Thanks

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 3 years ago

Hi Jess, sorry for the delay in responding to your question. We suggest you need to shop around for the best health insurance to find one that suits what you are looking for. Make sure you read the fine print with regards to any plastic surgery procedures you might think you’re covered for (to make sure you will be covered when the time comes).
With regards to Medicare it is so much harder to get rebates for any plastic surgery procedures than what it used to be. Here is a great blog with more information on that, and here is another blog on the early release of superannuation that might interest you.
As for how many procedures can be performed at once it depends on which ones you are looking at, the surgeon you choose for your procedures, your individual circumstances (ie. health, etc.) and how much time you can have off work, etc. You really need to discuss this with the surgeon/s you consult with.

You have so many wonderful surgeons to choose from in Sydney. Here is a link to the Sydney plastic surgeons our directory. If you’re interested in joining our closed Facebook group you might find some great support or advice with regards to many of the things you’ve mention here.
Best of luck on your journey, Trish


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