Am I suitable for breast augmentation via fat transfer?

Q & A’sCategory: BreastAm I suitable for breast augmentation via fat transfer?
Lisa asked 11 months ago

I am 5’5”, 110 pounds and barely an A cup. I am currently researching breast augmentation via fat transfer – I’d be happy with somewhere between an A & B cup but I do not want implants at all. So far, one doctor I saw said I was too thin and didn’t have enough fat for the procedure. Another more experienced doctor said they could take fat from tummy, hips, thighs, back and it would be worth doing the procedure. But I imagine they are more focused on my breast result more than the lipo result. I am worried I will look skinnier after the lipo and that the breast fat will disappear over time, leaving me skinnier and just as flat. I don’t want to look skinnier or lose whatever curves I have. Comments?

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