Am I suitable for loose skin removal?

Q & A’sCategory: Surgical ProceduresAm I suitable for loose skin removal?
AvatarKacey asked 4 years ago

I’m not sure if this makes sense but how do you know if you have enough loose skin to get surgery? Like how much is “too much” fat on the belly area to not allow for “good” skin removal results. I’ve lost 30kg (current weight is 60kg, for reference) and kept it off for years now and have saggy unfilled breast tissue and loose tummy skin. I also know that there is still a decent amount of fat on my lower belly. I am happy at this weight and am not looking to lose anymore fat, but would like to get rid of the empty skin and sag. Is loose skin surgery an option for me? or no because I am not willing to lose anymore weight? I hope this makes sense, I’ve had no luck finding any info on this. Thanks in advance for any responses ?

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 4 years ago

Hi Kacey
I would say yes, but get a professional opinion from a plastic surgeon. You can find one on our directory of plastic surgeons. Click on their listing and check out real stories and articles about them. There’s lots that do skin removal surgery! Where are you located, we can help if you like.

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