Augmentation on remaining breast after reconstruction

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AvatarJudi Sinclair asked 6 years ago

Hi, I had a radical mastectomy on the left side at the age of 33. Eventually after getting the all clear I had reconstructive surgery , which involved an implant being inserted under the chest muscle. I had a reduction on the right side so as to even me up, as my breasts were quite large. 11 years on and my right breast really needs a lift or an implant as it no longer sits as neatly and perky as the implant.. would Medicare cover the cost of further surgery to my right breast.. I have even contemplated having it removed and just getting a matching implant…

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Dr Damian MarucciDr Damian Marucci Contributor answered 6 years ago

I am sorry to hear about the problems you’ve been having. Medicare recognises that breast reconstruction is an essential part of the treatment of breast cancer and that surgery often has to be performed on the “normal” breast to improve symmetry. The breast implant you have on the left side largely won’t change with time, but gravity and ageing will affect your right breast.
The short answer to your question is that Medicare will cover the costs of any further surgery to the right breast in order to improve your symmetry following your breast reconstruction. Medicare will also cover you if you decide to have the right breast removed and reconstructed like the left.
I hope this helps
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