Best breast lift surgeon in Sydney and lots of other questions

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AvatarCas asked 4 years ago

last yesr I had a consultation with a surgeon in manly in Sydney. I wasn’t quite aware that I needed to collect item numbers off of the surgeon, she had taken quite a few photos of my breasts, and informed me that from looking at my breasts and the fact that I had no weigh gain nor weight loss in my life that my breasts don’t have strong muscle tissue, if at all. I weigh 65 kgs, 169 cms tall and fit a c to a d cup. My breasts have never felt firm, they’ve always sagged quite horribly and feeling them feels like if you were to cut them open they’d just flow out with nothing but liquid.. I have been diagnosed with PCOS not too sure if that is a reason regarding my breasts being the way that they are. I am covered by HCF I have the highest health coverage available and I have been trying to figure out how much exactly this would cost to fix and what exactly would be covered under Medicare (and what I need to ask the next surgeon I see) so that I could be covered by some expenses. I have been putting it off as every surgeon I call they quote me over 20 thousand over the phone and I just don’t have that type of money. If there is any recommended surgeons that are good. Or if I was to go to a surgeon that is private would Medicare cover ? Such as mirshonik which I’ve gotten a referral to see. 
Would greatly appreciate any advise that I can get. 

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