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AvatarJackie asked 6 years ago

I have a really rare growth disorder (one side of my body stopped growing during puberty), as such my left breast has an ill-formed nipple (no actual nipple really just areola), and is about 3-4 sizes smaller than my R. I also cannt produce milk from my L very well – the lactation nurses never have seen what i have before. I once saw a plastic surgeon when i was 19 and i needed a reduction, lift and implants to make them symmetrical. Does the medicare rebates apply to the breast theyre working on? Also how does the public system work in getting this done – is there even one for people outside of cancer survivors?

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 6 years ago

Hi Jackie

There are medicare item numbers for many breast procedures if they are within certain guidelines which only the Doctor will be able to determine after seeing you. We assume there would be a very long wait time with the public system and don’t know to what extent they would go to. You would need to see a public plastic surgeon or a plastic surgeon who has an intermediate list at a public hospital. 
I hope this helps.

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