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AvatarNaomi asked 4 years ago

Hi , My daughter who is 20 has never developed breast tissue – completely flat chested. This concerns her highly. Does this fall into any category that medicare may cover implants due to tissue malformation?
It would be great for my daughter to feel normal compared to other females

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 4 years ago

Hi Naomi, Medicare only covers certain plastic surgery procedures and usually only if the procedure is classified as reconstructive (medically necessary) as opposed to purely cosmetic. Whilst we always advise you to consult a plastic surgeon who will better be able to identify your individual needs and situation, here is a link to a blog we wrote listing those plastic surgery procedures that have a Medicare Item Number.
It sounds as though your daughter might be a perfect candidate for a breast augmentation. As you didn’t specify your location here is a link to our directory of qualified and experienced plastic surgeons. We always suggest arranging a consult with two or more to compare prices, techniques and find someone you and your daughter feel comfortable with.
Best of luck, Trish


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