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AvatarAnonymous asked 8 years ago

Hi there, 
very interested in finding out if I am entitled to a rebate. I have had two children, oldest 5 youngest nearly 2, I have been left with saggy, and just ugly chest. I breast feed both for quite some time but struggled with the second. I have no confidence left in myself because of how they look. 
Im currently still a stay at home mum hoping to go back to work this year, 
i have Medicare, no private insurance though, 
im from New Zealand, have been a resident here for tax purposes since April 2010.
look foward to hearing back.
thabk you very much
claire reynolds.

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 8 years ago

I think I may have already responded to this, but here’s a recent article which may help.

Does Medicare Cover Plastic Surgery?


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