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AvatarJo asked 3 years ago

Hi. I’ve just had what I was hoping to be my final operation after breast reconstruction following a mastectomy. It’s been a four year journey and I’d love to put it all behind me and move on with my somewhat altered life and body. 
I had a diep flap reconstruction in April and a nipple reconstruction this week. The surgeon had told me he would either place a small implant or transfer fat into my remaining breast to balance the breasts, however just before surgery he stated that he neither had any implants nor the equipment to transfer fat. I’m pretty sure the fact that I’m a public patient is the reason for his unwillingness. 
Ive had a lumpectomy, a mastectomy, 6 months of chemotherapy, 24 sessions of radiation, countless appointments with oncologists, radiation oncologists, GP’s and I’ve been treated with compassion and dignity by all of the cancer professionals I’ve come across. 
After the diep flap reconstruction I rang my surgeon to inquire about after care as I hadn’t been given any at the hospital and was informed by his secretary that as I was a public patient he wouldn’t speak with me and I would have to call the hospital which I did but never received a call back. 
I called my surgeon several times begging for after care instructions but each time was told that he wouldn’t talk to me because I’m a public patient. 
Before I had my latest surgery I had a phone appointment with him and inquired as to what exactly he was going to and he told me he would put either a small implant or transfer fat into my remaining breast. 
I’m pretty sure that being a public patient I’ve got little recall in this situation however I don’t really know who to speak to regarding this situation. I’m feeling very upset, quite helpless and rather depressed about being treated with such disregard. I didn’t ask to have breast cancer, I didn’t want to lose my breast and have multiple surgeries and as I stated initially was hoping the whole thing would be over by now. 

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