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AvatarAR asked 6 years ago

After breast cancer surgery for lumpectomy. I had radiation which caused my right breast to become larger than the other I went from a size D to an E on one side. I feel lop sided. Does medicare cover to have it reduced to look symmetrical again. It is really beginning to get me down.

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 6 years ago

Hi AR, thank you for your enquiry.  It is getting harder and harder to receive a Medicare Rebate for a cosmetic breast reduction, however when the issue has been caused as a side effect from cancer you may possibly be able to get the rebate through the public hospital system.  We definitely suggest you consult with at least two plastic surgeons and discuss your individual circumstance with them as they will probably be able to guide you as to how you might be eligible for the rebate.  Whilst it is not guaranteed, we believe there may be an option for you to apply for the rebate in this case.
Best of luck with your journey and we hope you are fully recovered from the cancer.  If you’d like more information or for help to find a great surgeon near you, email me on [email protected].

Dr Gavin SandercoeDr Gavin Sandercoe Contributor answered 6 years ago

Medicare will cover a small amount of the costs to put an implant in your cancer/radiotherapy side. There will still be asymmetry compared to your normal side, but Medicare will not pay for different implants on either side (which is a better way to get symmetry). 
Good Luck
Dr Gavin Sandercoe

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