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AvatarShanti asked 5 years ago

I have had Spinal fusion, I need a breast reduction to help with chronic pain I have in my upper back, neck and shoulders.
I have a private health fund but still I am out of pocket at $7000/-
What can I do? there a surgeon who does not charge out of pocket here in Melbourne?..tq

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 5 years ago

Hi Shanti
I would be very surprised if you are able to find a surgeon that NoGaps breast reductions. In can be almost impossible to get a breast reduction performed in a public hospital (even with private health insurance). You might be able to find a surgeon that has a lower gap.
Here’s a link to Melbourne Plastic Surgeons.
Hope that helps.

TrishTrish Contributor answered 5 years ago

From Dr Niamh Corduff, Specialist Plastic Surgeon

No not as far as I know. The government schedule fee for the operation is so limited that it does not cover the costs of the surgeon to provide your care (rooms, wages, insurance, dressings) and unfortunately it means that there are out of pocket costs as a result.   The schedule fee is covered by Medicare and Private Health insurance.  There are moves to take breast reduction off the schedule in the near future as part of the Medicare review and so if she waits too long then there may be no subsidy at all.
Sad isn’t it.

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