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AvatarPeta Edwards asked 5 years ago

Hello i’m 34 years old and l wear size 16e. My boobs have sagged since l was 16 they have always been overly big. My whole nipple area has pointed downwards and one breast is more bigger usual. I have neck pain and l lean to my right side when l walk and my bra straps always slip off my shoulders and i get headaches alot. I need help on what do to?

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 5 years ago

Hi Peta, I understand completely. My breast reduction was the best thing I ever did. I understand how it can affect all areas of your life, and the associated pain. I suggest you consult with a plastic surgeon (or two or three to compare prices, and find one you feel comfortable with) near you, here’s a link to our directory, to look at your options. Medicare rebates are much harder now to get, however, discuss this with your surgeon as they are available on a case by case basis.
Best of luck on your journey, and I’d love to hear how you go. If you’re interested in becoming a part of our Facebook Group, a great bunch of supportive women where you might get some suggestions on surgeons, etc. please email me on [email protected].

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