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AvatarHelp! asked 6 years ago

Looking for hope. Please ? Will I ever have nice breasts. Is it possible. Should I not get my hopes up? Is it a case of once they’re f%#~€¥ they stay f%#<£€? I had a breast reduction at 14, I bottomed out leaving my nipples falling out of everything forever. At 28 I had another reduction with implants after massive weight loss. I got a couple of infections and again have bottomed out and all kinds of issues. Is there hope? Have you or someone you know ever gone from bad to bad to great? Or am I doomed and should just give up on the idea and move forward with life. It’s not the financial investment more so having to put my body through another recovery. I’m a little confused, scared & filled with doubts.

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Avatarmichelle androvitsaness Contributor answered 6 years ago

If I can recommend a surgeon in Melbourne at Cosmetic Surgery For Women, Mr Craig Rubinstein. He is truly a gift and I highly recommend you go see him for a consult. It\’s the best advice I can offer for you he will do his very best and he is amazing. I can promise you that. You shouldn\’t give up because he is hope and light. He is just truly a great surgeon and I am blessed to have met him.   

Dr Terrence ScampDr Terrence Scamp Contributor answered 6 years ago

So your body has been through a lot and the weight fluctuations are very damaging to the elasticity which never really gets back to the way it was . Your best chance of a good result will be if you firstly stabilise your weight at somewhere in the ideal range  [ BMI 20 -25 ]. Then the skin envelope can be adjusted to best fit the implant and the fold below the breast stabilised to prevent bottoming out again . It’s not unusual to need a number of procedures but try to get yourself as fit and healthy as you can to have the best chance of a good outcome .

Cheers, Terrence Scamp

TrishTrish Contributor answered 6 years ago

Hi Depending where you are located or prepared to travel to – you should see a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon. I had a breast reduction in 2011 with Dr Terrence Scamp on the Gold Coast and can vouch for him personally.  I have also recently had a revision tummy tuck with Dr Craig Rubinstein in Melbourne and can also express how happy I am with my results & recovery. Without a reconstructive surgeon seeing you at a consultation, it would be impossible to determine what you would need, but I am confident you can get a positive outcome with the right surgeon. Here’s a link to our directory of surgeons, if you need any help or to speak further, feel free to email me [email protected]. Hope that helps, Trish

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