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AvatarMaree asked 4 years ago

I have finally decided to take the plunge and look at getting a breast reduction after years of low self esteem, neck and back pain etc. I’m a bit concerned that I may not be able to afford the operation as I have heard that reductions cost more than augmentation. I have joined a private health fund to get my reduction and over the waiting period for hospital cover. How much approx out of pocket would I expect to be? Im in Brisbane.

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 4 years ago

Hi Maree, my breast reduction was the best money I ever spent. It completely changed my life and helped immensely with my neck and back pain, so I can relate to your situation.
If you are privately insured and qualify then you will get a significantly higher rebate for the procedure. You are still entitled to receive a rebate for breast reduction surgery from Medicare if medically necessary it’s just that this will be a limited amount. Before any rebates, expect to be out of pocket approximately 12k or greater and you can save at least 3-5k of this if privately insured. The cost of your reduction depends on the surgeon you choose – here’s a link to some great plastic surgeons in Brisbane. Make sure you consult with at least two or more surgeons to see which one you feel better with and also to compare pricing. Make sure you get an all inclusive cost so you don’t have any unexpected extras at the end.
Best of luck! Trish


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