Breast reduction for my mum, country Victoria (Mildura)

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AvatarAnonymous asked 7 years ago

My mother is in her mid 60’s and is 4’10 with FFcup breasts. She has been in pain from them for years and years and wishes to have a breast reduction.  She walks with a stoop, has deep indentations in her shoulders from the bra straps, terrible back and neck pain and is putting on weight as she can no longer get around as well as she used to. At night she must sleep in her bra and is uncomfortable at all times. She has been to see her GP about it and was told that there is no breast reductions in the public system. She lives in Mildura in rural Victoria and is on the pension so can not afford to go the private route.

Can you please tell me what her options are and if there is a plastic surgeon you would recommend her seeing. I have read online that Medicare covers some or all the costs depending on the situation and medical issues. Is this so and can you suggest an average price that she may have to pay out of pocket. Also what is the least invasive approach to this kind of surgery as she is older and I would not want her to be jeopardising her health. She  is becoming increasingly despondent about life due to her decreasing mobility and if I can give her some hope for treatment I know that can only help her outlook.

Thanks for your time

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 6 years ago

I had a breast reduction about 7 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did.  I, too, had back pain and associated issues with my breasts and I can relate to the issues your mother is having.
There is currently still a medicare item number for breast reduction, but it is very strict.  It does sound, however, that because of the debilitating affect it is having on your mother’s life, she may well be eligible.  The only way to know with her individual circumstances would be to see a plastic surgeon.  We always suggest consulting with at least two surgeons in order to get a price comparison, and also to ensure you find a surgeon that your mother feels comfortable with and that will fulfill her individual needs.  Prices vary for the procedure, but you can expect anywhere between $6-15K.
Here’s a link to our directory for Melbourne Plastic Surgeons – there are some really amazing surgeons based in Melbourne and I’m sure you can find the right one for your mum. Hope this helps. Best of luck, Trish

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