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AvatarAnonymous asked 6 years ago

My breasts have always been asymmetric. Recently i had a breast reduction and lift.Unfortunately not enough tissue was removed and i still find myself larger than what we agreed upon at my initial consult. Also a main faction is my breasts are still different sizes. The breast that is bigger now was also bigger prior to surgery and the surgeon was aware of this.I would have thought that it would be an obvious choice to remove more from that one at the 1st surgery. I have been back to my surgeon who is happy to do a revision surgery.However the surgeon has advised that the procedure they are going to use is liposuction this time. ( instead of the same procedures my initial breast reduction and lift). I am feeling really uncomfortable with this and not confident that this will fix my issue. Initially i was very confident in my surgeon, but now i find myself worried and anxious for the impending surgery. Can anyone help me to understand why liposuction would be the better choice (or not) than just having the surgery done again and removing more breast tissue from both the breasts and even more from the larger one. I just want to feel well informed.Any risks of liposuction would be great too.thank you in advance

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