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AvatarAnonymous asked 6 years ago

I am a 39 year old woman, mother of a 14 & 16 year old. Now separated after 21 years with the hubby.
I have not dated really since the separation 2011, embarrassed by my deflated and extremely flat and saggy breasts.
I’m on a single parent income, just wondering is there any way of getting implants at a reduced rate.
I would need a lift as well but due to keloid scaring this additional procedure will only cause more disfiguration of my already disfigured body.
I had 2 x emergency C sections and rectus sheath surgery which removed a large mass of endometriosis. As a result, I am disfigured in my lower abdominal area due to doctors not realigning my incisions correctly and keloid scaring.
It’s very depressing

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 6 years ago

Here’s an article which may be helpful regarding medicare and entitlements. Hope that helps.

Does Medicare Cover Plastic Surgery?



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