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AvatarCaroline Harrison asked 5 years ago

I am interested in purchasing the Deesse mask. I notice that it just covers the face and I was ideally looking for something that covers the neck also. Can you advise? Also, can this be used with a three pin plug as I will mainly be using it in the UK or does it come with an American plug? I would be looking to ship via Aramex couriers based in New York. They will then forward it on to my address in Bahrain, Middle East. It’s much cheaper than having it imported to the UK. What would the weight be for shipping purposes and please can you confirm costs. Sorry to ask so many questions. I’m struggling to find a distributor in the UK. Many thanks for your help. 

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 5 years ago

Hi Caroline
We are now only offering an LED mask (not the Deesse brand). Here’s a link to the new version. It comes with a US connection, but when you get to the UK you will have to buy an adaptor. It will run off the UK voltage without a problem. The weight is around than 2kg. Takes about 2 weeks to get to the US via Australia.
With regards to the neck area, I use mine on my neck too – I just lay it on there.

Hope that helps.


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