Can Aquamid be taken out?

Q & A’sCategory: Dermal FillersCan Aquamid be taken out?
AvatarAnonymous asked 5 years ago

About 9 years ago I was having collagen for lips and frown line when the nurse recommended a new filler called Aquamid. Since it was a 4 hour trip to see her, I was happy for a one of permanent solution.  It hasn’t been injected evenly and I can only presume this is because she administered it from the left. So the solution is down the ride side of my nose (the bridge towards my eye) and also there’s more in the left side of my lips than right. I am not too worried about the lips but the eye I am. Is there anyone who knows about the removal of aquamid? I have been in contact with her over the years and flew back several years ago when she injected Celeste into it to try and break it down, she also recommended pricking it with a pin and squeezing it out, which I tried, but nothing happened besides causing a scab. Can anyone help?

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