Can i get medicare help for breast englarment

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AvatarTam asked 4 years ago

I never had large breasts but after 3 children and breastfeeding them all, my youngest just turned 2 and I fed him until 16months. I now have been left with no breasts at all. It is humiliating, depressing and my self esteem has completely gone. I now don’t even need a 10a bra, I am flatter than the year 5 girls at my sons school. I feel like a pre-pubescent 7 year old. I am now a single mum and struggling to get by as it is there is no way I could ever come up with money for surgery on my own. Its all due to breastfeeding that I am now “flatter than a tac”  

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 4 years ago

Hi Tam, you are not alone! There are many women who are left with not much in the breast area after breastfeeding. There are also many of us who don’t have the money laying about to pay for a boob job, however there are other options for financing the surgery. Here’s a link to our finance page on our website to give you ideas of where you might find your funding for a breast augmentation.
Medicare don’t usually cover the cost of any purely aesthetic plastic surgery. Sometimes, if you have private health insurance, you may get some of the cost covered, but you’d have to talk to your insurer to see if you’re even covered. It might be worth having a consult with a qualified plastic surgeon to get their professional opinion – there might be a medical reason as to why Medicare might cover some of the cost. Unfortunately, even if you were to have Medicare cover some of the cost, it’s only a small percentage so you’d have to find finance for the majority of the cost of your procedure.
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