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AvatarAnonymous asked 6 years ago

i have injected the Anti-Wrinkle Injections on my forehead one months ago. however, wrinkles on the forehead are gone but i feel stress a lot on the forehead and eyebrow areas in terms of raising or moving the muscles properly. i feel like my right brows are not symmetrical with the left one and so be the cause i m having difficulties in viewing forward. while viewing straight forward , my eyes are feeling the brow hair and this sets me down not to watch so i have no confidence in presenting myself around on crowd.could the brow lift be the solution of it? may i be a candidate for a brow lift? what percentage of chances is that my issues will be solved and i become usual confident man. i am male of 26 years old. with best regards, your decent answers and caring spirit may become the carrier of my life. thank you

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 6 years ago

I was a bit unclear as to whether your question relates to the Anti-Wrinkle Injections you have had already? I have once had the experience of having Anti-Wrinkle Injections and my brow ‘dropped’ which gave me an appearance which I didn’t like. If this is the case, you will need to either see the practitioner you went to for your treatment, or basically wait for it to ‘wear off’.  I waited for it to wear off, and over the coming weeks started to look ‘normal’ again.
If your question relates to whether you would be a good candidate for a brow lift, your best course of action is to see a registered plastic surgeon for a physical consultation. He or she will be able to answer your question once they have been able to see you.
Hope that helps!


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