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AvatarErena Jar asked 6 years ago

Hi there,
i am intrested in 2 things, one being fat transfers to the lips, is this something you are able to assist with. 
Also fat transfers to the breast, I see you have these here, what is the avg price for this, and do you have any before and after pics

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 6 years ago

Hi Erena, Fat Transfer is certainly becoming more and more popular however not all plastic surgeons perform the procedure.
Prices vary from practitioner to practitioner so we always suggest having a consult with at least two to compare and to find the one you feel more comfortable with. I suggest you read this blog, and this one, to get some more information about fat transfer to the breast, which costs approximately $12,000 inclusive of hospital, anesthetist, etc. but again, as mentioned, this will vary from surgeon to surgeon. These two blogs will definitely give you a better insight as to what is involved.
Here is a great blog to give you a bit more on lip enhancement options including fat transfer.
Most surgeons have before and after pics on their website so make sure you check them out.

We’re in the process of actually writing a great blog on this exact topic, so keep an eye out in the near future for it!
Best of luck on your journey.

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