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Avatarsaid1986 Contributor asked 4 years ago

Hi doctor, can you please look at the photos i have attached of myself and please tell me in a professional viewpoint what is lacking in my face for facial harmony. I am looking to get cosmetic facial surgery to enhance my looks. I feel i have a long mid face and although whilst my jawline is good my face isn\’t very wide and i have a long mid face. What procedure do you think will bring more harmony to my face? Im thinking personally cheekbone implants as i have no bones or shape around the cheek area and i think this will give more shape to my face and take away the long mid face look? Your professional opinion is highly appreciated as i am planning surgery hopefully with you very soon based on what you think will bring more harmony to my face. Regards SaidIn reply to your question here are some links to some pictures of my face. I made an account here to reply back to you but it wouldnt let me log in and reply for some reason so i just resent this my apologies.Please put these links in your address bar at the top https://i.imgur.com/kF5h287.png
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TrishTrish Contributor answered 3 years ago

Hi, thank you for your question. We suggest you arrange a consultation with a plastic surgeon to discuss how they might be able to help you. You can express your concerns about your face and they will be able to suggest procedures/treatments that might get the results you want. Here is a link to our directory.
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