Has hyalase destroyed my native tissue?

Q & A’sCategory: Dermal FillersHas hyalase destroyed my native tissue?
AvatarAlex asked 3 years ago

I had voluma put into my nose 6 months ago and did not like the results. I have been told the maximum amount of filler I would have had was 1 syringe (the nurse did not document how much she put in). After nearly 7 sessions of hyalase, my nose is still not back to normal.  I can see the hyalase has dissolved a good amount of filler, but my nose is still wider and taller than my natural nose, and the tip not quite the right shape.
The practitioner has told me she can’t imagine there is any filler left, that perhaps it’s just inflammation, but I’m really scared I will never see my original nose again. The clinic is a very reputable one in Double Bay, Sydney and they have assured me repeatedly that the dosage they use with hyalase will not damage my native tissue.
I can’t understand why my nose is not back to baseline then. I was told the filler was “instantly dissolvable” and that’s all I was told when I agreed to the procedure, along with many reassurances I could always go back to baseline instantly. Will I ever see my original nose again? Please help!

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