Avatarabbey asked 5 years ago

I am 24 and have size 10G breasts (I know- what many probably dream of but not me) – they cause me a lot of back/shoulder pain and I just want smaller boobs so I don\’t have the problem anymore. I do have private health insurance but have my doubts that they\’d cover me. Is it ever possible to get a whole procedure done on medicare or will there always be thousands to pay even after it. Do people having a reduction usually have implants after? (like take away all the tissue and replace it with an implant?) any advice would be appreciated as if I want to get on a public waiting list it would good to be sooner rather than later…

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Dr Patrick BriggsDr Patrick Briggs Contributor answered 5 years ago

it is possible to have a breast reduction in a public hospital. Your GP would be able to refer you. Almost certainly the waiting list will be considerable. Were this to happen there would be no cost to you.

Dr Patrick Briggs

Dr Patrick Briggs is an internationally trained Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon based in Perth, Western Australia.

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