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Avatarkath asked 5 years ago

a few years ago I had surgery on my abdomen area it left me with nasty scaring it was a surgery mess up the dr went in cut my bowel sent me home I arrived back in terrible pain was rushed back in, recently I was told o loose weight due to my back is starting to act up my bowel was shortned and I wasn’t given well help in how to cope with it I had a colostomy for well over 9 months.
My question is now I am loosing weight its affecting the scars they are opening up and causing pain , someone said to look into having the exra skin removed once I reach my goal weight due to the pain its causing me due to the scars getting infected would medicare help with this seeing the scars happened because of a messed up operation as Iam so fed up with them bleeding and getting infected

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Dr Jayson OatesDr Jayson Oates Contributor answered 5 years ago

I am not sure if it is possible here, but it would help to have pictures.

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