How to get my books fixed whilst on a pension

Q & A’sHow to get my books fixed whilst on a pension
AvatarAnonymous asked 8 years ago

I am a single mum of three on a pension. How do I ever afford to have my boobad fixed? ? One is bigger than the other o have had extensive droopING after having mastidis with each of my pregnancies pLuz enlarged ducts die to the constipation which have left my breasts lumpy . I need to have my breasts fixed but truly would like to find a place that will cover me on medicare due to it being a medical non cosmetic reason for surgery or is there places that will let you pay it off weekly ??

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 8 years ago

Definitely time to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon. Your first step is to get a referral from a GP. Here’s a list of plastic surgeons around Sydney NSW.
Prepare your questions before your consultation so that all your needs are answered. Depending on your individual situation (which is determined at your consultation) you may be entitled to medicare rebate/s.
With regards to ‘paying it off’ this is one again something to discuss with your surgeon. If there are monies payable you may choose to start paying ‘instalments’ prior to surgery. Alternatively if you need there may be finance options available to you.

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