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TrishTrish Contributor asked 6 years ago

I am mother of two beautiful children, unfortunately i was unable to breast feed then due to mammary hypoplasia.
I always felt my breasts where a bit funny looking and ever understood why they didnt look like other girls breasts, it always made me feel down and upset, then i was diagnosed with Hypolasia and it kind of pushed me over the edge, i was depressed over the fact i couldnt provide milk for my children and that, well, i just look deformed. It’s gotten to the point that i can’t look at myself in the mirror without feeling like crying, or i hate shopping for clothes because i just feel so ugly. I am a plus sized girl and the only reason i have a small amount of breast is because i am large, and i hate this fact. I dont want to be overweight but i dont want to be completely flat chested. sorry about the long rant, but my question is, would Breast implants for hypolastic breasts be covered or partially covered by medicare. I live in QLD australia, i just cant afford several thousand dollars and my partner refuses to let me get the procedure if we would be that much out of pocket.
thank you so much for your time :)
kindest regards


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