I had a reduction 12 years ago, my nipples are perky, & my Brest are flat

Q & A’sCategory: BreastI had a reduction 12 years ago, my nipples are perky, & my Brest are flat
AvatarKrysten Tshudy asked 6 years ago

I had a reduction 14 years ago when I was 20 years old. I had my son at 32. I lost my baby weight fast and then some. I’m at my physical best. But my breasts are flat. I went from a full C to a low B. My nipples are still perky but my breast are flat. I use skin care products to tighten my skin, and to try to breakdown the scar tissue that is protruding between my breast. I can seem to get good enough results That make me feel more comfortable. This is having an effect on my confidence and sex life. Not to mention at my physical best, I feel worse then before. What would be the best procedure for me? And Will it cost over $10,000? 

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TrishTrish Contributor answered 6 years ago

Hi Krysten, There are so many surgical and non-surgical procedures available now to help with scars, excess skin and getting your boobs back. It’s hard to say how much it would cost to cover all the things you mention you are considering having done, so I would suggest the best thing to do is to have a consult with a plastic surgeon who does both non-surgical and surgical procedures (including boob jobs) so you can ask how they might help you. Many plastic surgeons have clinics that do the non-surgical so find one that you feel comfortable with, and who you think might be able to help with all of your concerns. Make sure you consult with at least two different surgeons/clinics in order to find one that is right for you.
We’d love to hear how you go, and even for you to share your story with us, as there are many women out there in a similar situation, especially after having kids. Also, keep in mind that Medicare are about to make some more changes when it comes to breast augmentation, so I’d look into the procedures you are looking at sooner rather than later in the case you might be eligible for Medicare rebates.
Here is a link to our directory for you to check out some plastic surgeons.
Best of luck on your journey,

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