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AvatarSaid asked 5 years ago

Hi doctor, can you please look at the photos i have attached of myself and please tell me in a professional viewpoint what is lacking in my face for facial harmony. I am looking to get cosmetic facial surgery to enhance my looks. I feel i have a long mid face and although whilst my jawline is good my face isn\’t very wide and i have a long mid face. What procedure do you think will bring more harmony to my face? Im thinking personally cheekbone implants as i have no bones or shape around the cheek area and i think this will give more shape to my face and take away the long mid face look? Your professional opinion is highly appreciated as i am planning surgery hopefully with you very soon based on what you think will bring more harmony to my face. Once i get a reply to this email i will send over some photos.Regards Said

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Dr Jayson OatesDr Jayson Oates Contributor answered 5 years ago

I am sorry – I don’t see any pictures. Maybe check to see if they loaded.

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