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Avatarvicky asked 6 years ago

Question posted on behalf of someone
who assesess the eligibility dr or the plastic surgeon?
i have lost 30 kilos and kept it off but can’t lose my hang of my tummy and need a tuck
i lost the weight 10 years ago pre kids and now i just had my second baby and want to get it done when he’s 12 months as I’m not having any more kids
it has nothing to do with pregnancy i had this problem before
does that mean I’m ineligible? as theres been pregnancies since?
i didnt get it fixed earlier as was waiting to have my family 1st
also how do i prove it? i have photos will that suffice-thanks

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Dr Gavin SandercoeDr Gavin Sandercoe Contributor answered 6 years ago

Hi Vicky
To qualify for the abdominoplasty item number, you need to prove weight loss of over 5 BMI points (30 kilos is enough), weight stable for more than 6 months, and skin fold issues that your GP can’t manage conservatively. If you have a sympathetic GP, the best way to get it through is to have them write a referral letter to your Specialist Plastic Surgeon stating the above items.
Pregnancies since your weight loss do not change your eligibility. It helps if your GP has your maximum weight on file somewhere.
If your GP can’t/won’t write that referral letter, then bringing your old photos and knowing your maximum weight will help your Specialist Plastic Surgeon tick the first criteria, but technically you will need to wait for 6 months for a 2nd weigh in at their rooms so that they can prove ‘weight stable for 6 months’. Some surgeons might be a bit more flexible on this one.
Good Luck
Dr Gavin Sandercoe

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