Malignant hyperthermia

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AvatarMimi asked 4 years ago

I have Malignant hyperthermia and are aware of the risks involved with general anaesthetics. Im looking for a surgeon with the facilities to accomidate this preferably in Brisbane for a breast augmentation

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Dr Justin PerronDr Justin Perron Contributor answered 4 years ago

Hi Mimi. Thanks for the question. As you are probably aware, malignant hyperthermia is a condition that causes a rapid rise in body temperature as a result of exposure to some anaesthetic gases. It can be life threatening if not identified and treated urgently. 
Fortunately, with patients who have a family history or known to have MH, there are other anaesthetic techniques that can be used to avoid expose to these gases. It’s safest to perform any of these operations in a hospital with an ICU, be first on the list, and to monitor the patients postoperatively to ensure no residual, or late effects. 
I’d be happy to discuss the possibility of an operation at any point if you wanted to contact my rooms.
Justin Perron

Dr Justin Perron

Dr Justin Perron is a Canadian born, Australian-trained Plastic and Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon. He keeps up to date with the latest trends in Plastic Surgery, and maintains current knowledge in this broad and diverse field.

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